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(edit) @635   13 years raasch mrun/mbuild/subjob adjustments for new Tsubama system at Tokyo …
(edit) @622   13 years raasch New: --- Optional barriers included in order to speed up collective …
(edit) @562   13 years raasch bugfixes for wrong netcdf/3.6.3 module, last revision 561, and setting …
(edit) @555   13 years raasch New: --- Changed: ------- Documentation for surface_heatflux in …
(edit) @544   13 years maronga adjustments for lcxt4
(edit) @508   14 years raasch bugfix in mbuild: remode_md was given a wrong value
(edit) @503   14 years raasch New: --- Changed: ------- combine_plot_fields is now directly called …
(edit) @493   14 years raasch New: --- Output in NetCDF4-format. New d3par-parameter …
(edit) @492   14 years maronga bugfix in the UTIL Makefile
(edit) @491   14 years maronga minor re-adjustments for lcxt4
(edit) @475   14 years raasch make options can be set in configuration file; bugfix for generating …
(edit) @437   14 years raasch script adjustements for lcxt5m
(edit) @407   14 years maronga humidity for non-flat topography implemented, re-adjustments for lcxt4
(edit) @367   14 years maronga adapted for machine lck
(edit) @366   14 years raasch speed optomizations +bugfix in init_ocean
(edit) @346   14 years raasch small updates
(edit) @305   14 years raasch bugfix in Makefile, default value of grid_matching changed to strict
(edit) @266   15 years raasch further updates concerning new dvr-features + documentation
(edit) @224   15 years letzel - mbuild: re-enable compilation more than once on lcmuk (as on other …
(edit) @221   15 years raasch new environment variable mpilib in configuration file, used by mrun, …
(edit) @215   15 years raasch precompilation mechanism completely revised: now one depository per …
(edit) @210   15 years raasch updates in dvr routines for new dvr version
(edit) @206   15 years raasch ocean-atmosphere coupling realized with MPI-1, adjustments in mrun, …
(edit) @201   15 years raasch property Rev set for mrun, build and subjob
(edit) @196   15 years raasch updates of scripts for mpt
(edit) @191   15 years raasch further adjustments and bugfixes for SGI system
(edit) @182   15 years raasch further mpi-version adjustments for sgi-ice
(edit) @181   15 years raasch bugfixes + adjustments for SGI ICE system
(edit) @169   15 years raasch property settings for scripts changed
(edit) @116   16 years raasch further preliminary updates concerning particle sorting and documentation
(edit) @83   16 years raasch New: --- Changed: ------- PALM can be generally installed on any …
(edit) @82   16 years raasch vorlaeufige Standalone-Version fuer Linux-Cluster
(edit) @75   17 years raasch preliminary update for changes concerning non-cyclic boundary conditions
(edit) @69   17 years raasch scripts are running under pdksh
(edit) @67   17 years raasch small adjustments for fimm
(edit) @66   17 years raasch Rev properties set fro scripts, small adjustments for RIAM, fimm …
(edit) @54   17 years raasch property Id set for most of all files, small bug in mbuild fixed
(edit) @40   17 years raasch documentation update for the new svn-based version and for 3.1c, …
(edit) @35   17 years raasch small bugfix in mbuild, subjob adjusted for RIAM machines
(edit) @29   17 years raasch Bugfix in mbuild
(edit) @28   17 years raasch Bugfix in mbuild
(edit) @27   17 years raasch Bugfixes in mrun and mbuild
(edit) @25   17 years raasch small changes to mbuild
(edit) @24   17 years raasch bugs removed from mbuild
(copy) @23   17 years raasch script names changed from *_new to normal
copied from palm/trunk/SCRIPTS/mbuild_new:
(edit) @22   17 years raasch compilation of utilities with mbuild, mrun_path replaced by PALM_BIN, …
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