Getting Help

This page walks you through the PALM help and support procedure. In order to ensure an efficient PALM support, we must ask you to carefully follow this instruction. Unfortunately, we can not provide any custom and personal help, if you have not followed this procedure. Please note that the support we offer is not funded and voluntarily provided by the PALM developers team. Response times will thus depend on our availability. Also note that we can provide free support for non-commercial users only unless you have a special cooperation agreement. Furthermore, we can only support you on problems directly related to PALM, but not for basic handling of linux operating systems, compiler installation and usage, etc..

1. FAQ

The first step on your way to receive help for your PALM related problem is a thorough reading of our frequently asked questions: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

2. Known bugs

The second step is a check of already known bugs. View known bugs

3. Ticket system

You either do not have an account or you are not logged in.

You need to be logged in on order to use get access to advanced support steps. In case you don't have an account yet and you are interested in using or just testing the code, please create an account using the register form. This account will give you access to the PALM repository and also allow you to login on this website, e.g. to submit support tickets, or to edit the wiki, if you have proper access permissions. As a registered user, you will also be informed about new PALM updates by email.

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