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(edit) @166   16 years steinfeld Wrong links in the PALM manual removed
(edit) @165   16 years letzel - added reference to wall_heatflux in description of topography_mode …
(edit) @160   16 years steinfeld Update of chapter 4.1 of the palm documentation
(edit) @153   16 years steinfeld Update for the plant canopy model
(edit) @148   16 years letzel Small bugfixes in the user_interface.
(edit) @144   17 years letzel User-defined spectra. Bugfix: extra '*' removed in user_statistics …
(edit) @140   17 years raasch versionnumber update
(edit) @138   17 years letzel Plant canopy model of Watanabe (2004,BLM 112,307-341) added.
(edit) @136   17 years letzel Inconsistencies concerning variable grid removed; comma removed in …
(edit) @135   17 years raasch bug concerning mixing length calculation in case of negative f …
(edit) @134   17 years letzel Redefine initial nzb_local as the actual total size of topography …
(edit) @132   17 years letzel Vertical profiles now based on nzb_s_inner; they are divided by …
(edit) @130   17 years letzel DVRP output modifications: - The user can now visualize user-defined …
(edit) @129   17 years letzel prognostic_equations include the respective wall_*flux in the …
(edit) @127   17 years letzel Further modifications of mrun for lctit. Updates to documentation: …
(edit) @116   17 years raasch further preliminary updates concerning particle sorting and documentation
(edit) @115   17 years letzel Some minor corrections of the documentation.
(edit) @114   17 years raasch preliminary updates for implementing buildings in poismg
(edit) @111   17 years raasch Update of version number and small changes before creating the next release
(edit) @108   17 years letzel - Improved coupler: evaporation - salinity-flux coupling for humidity …
(edit) @103   17 years raasch further preliminary changes concerning coupling
(edit) @102   17 years raasch preliminary version for coupled runs
(edit) @101   17 years raasch small changes in documentation and subjob
(edit) @97   17 years raasch New: --- ocean version including prognostic equation for salinity and …
(edit) @94   17 years raasch preliminary uncomplete changes for ocean version
(edit) @90   17 years raasch New: --- Calculation and output of user-defined profiles. New &userpar …
(edit) @89   17 years raasch further changes concerning user-defined profiles
(edit) @88   17 years raasch Preliminary update for user defined profiles (doc)
(edit) @87   17 years raasch Preliminary update for user defined profiles
(edit) @83   17 years raasch New: --- Changed: ------- PALM can be generally installed on any …
(edit) @82   17 years raasch vorlaeufige Standalone-Version fuer Linux-Cluster
(edit) @77   17 years raasch New: --- particle reflection from vertical walls implemented, …
(edit) @75   17 years raasch preliminary update for changes concerning non-cyclic boundary conditions
(edit) @72   17 years raasch preliminary changes for precipitation output
(edit) @62   17 years raasch Id string added to all html files
(edit) @61   17 years raasch further preliminary changes for revision 3.2
(edit) @57   17 years raasch preliminary update of further changes, advec_particles is not running!
(edit) @54   17 years raasch property Id set for most of all files, small bug in mbuild fixed
(edit) @48   17 years raasch preliminary version, several changes to be explained later
(edit) @47   17 years raasch small error removed from doc chapter 5.0
(edit) @46   17 years raasch updating parts of Marcus changes
(edit) @44   17 years raasch description of checkout procedure modified in chapter 5.0
(edit) @41   17 years raasch small changes to documentation
(edit) @40   17 years raasch documentation update for the new svn-based version and for 3.1c, …
(add) @5   17 years raasch html-documentation added
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