WP-S3: Model evaluation and user support

Goals of the project:

As part of this project, the central model evaluation for the target cities Berlin, Stuttgart, and Hamburg will be done. Furthermore, evaluation assistance will be given for modules B and C.

Tasks of the project:

The sub-project involves four working packages.

WP-S3.1: Continuation and completion of evaluation runs from phase 1 (VALM01-VALM04).

WP-S3.2: Evaluation of new scenarios and model features. This includes meso-scale nesting with ICON and WRF, the coupling with a traffic flow model, as well as several new precipitation components.

WP-S3.3: Creation of test scenarios for model developers. These are small, computationally inexpensive setups for automatic tests of newly developed code by the test-server.

WP-S3.4: Evaluation support for modules B and C. They get support for developing setups for evaluation runs and the interpretation of model results.

Project structure:

This work package is conducted at LUH.

PI: Prof. Dr. Siegfried Raasch.

Project scientists: Tobias Gronemeier, M.Sc., Omar El Guernaoui, M.Sc.


Evaluation setups and model results for the intensive observation periods during [UC]²-phase 1, as well as for new model components that will be developed during phase 2.

Progress so far:

The evaluation run for Berlin (winter IOP VALM01) is currently executing on the new HLRN-system in Berlin. The setup for the summer IOP (VALM02) is prepared and tested.







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