Status quo

The release candidate of PALM-4U was released October 2018. Visit

The release candidate includes the following new components:

  • Multi Agent System
  • RANS mode (TKE-epsilon closure)
  • Indoor climate and energy demand module
  • Emission module
  • Aerosol physics/chemistry (SALSA)
  • RANS-LES and RANS-RANS nesting
  • Biometeorology output
  • Virtual measurement module
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) for users from practice

The beta version of PALM-4U was released December 2017.

The beta version includes:

  • Energy balance solvers for building and paved surfaces
  • Radiative transfer within the urban canopy layer, including shadowing effects and multiple reflections between urban structures
  • Wall material model for heat transfer between atmosphere and building
  • Chemistry module for the transport and conversion of reactive species
  • Model self-nesting that allows to increase either model domain size or to focus on near-surface processes
  • Quasi-automatic external forcing by COSMO-DE model data
  • A Reynolds-averaged Navier Stokes (RANS) type turbulence parameterization can be used instead of LES to reduce computational costs

MOSAIK timeline

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