WP-S2: Development of a community model design

Goals of the project:

In order to guarantee the sustainability of PALM-4U, a community model governance structure will be developed in close cooperation with modules B and C, and with all relevant stakeholders from science and practice. The design and transfer of the model into the new structure is a core task of workpackage WP-S2.1. This action involves the establishment of steering committees and work groups for specific model components, and which shall guarantee a quality control of PALM-4U. This governance structure will be based on the structures established for other community models like COSMO or WRF. Within this framework, the LUH will play a central role and will, as a headquarter for PALM and PALM-4U, take on the hosting of the model (for scientific purposes). For practitioners, stable PALM-4U model releases, a graphical user interface, support material, and practice-oriented training courses will be provided by Module C partner GERICS (so-called PALM-4U workbench, WP1). The specifics of such a governance structure and official regulations, the realisation of this structure, and its linkage to the PALM-4U workbench are to be developed within this work package together with GERICS.

Tasks of the project:

WP-S2.1: Development of a sustainable community model structure for PALM-4U

WP-S2.2: Supervision of work packages WP-S1, WP-P1, and WP-I3

WP-S2.3: Development of new lectures and courses in urban climate and urban climate modelling

WP-S2.4: Support for graphical user interface development within module C

Project structure:

This work package is conducted at LUH in cooperation with partners of the [UC]² modules B and C.


DL1 (month 12): Concept for community model structure is developed

DL2 (month 18): Community model structure is established


The sustainable community model structure is designed and under review.






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