WP-S1: Coordination of MOSAIK-2 and internationalisation of PALM-4U

Goals of the project:

The first main task of work page WP-S1 is leading the MOSAIK-2 coordination office at the Leibniz University Hannover. Due to the high number of work packages and the diversity of cooperation activities between the work packages, a well-structured coordination will be an essential prerequisite in order to guarantee the successful realisation of the project.

Workpackage WP-S1.1 therefore includes the organisation and executing coordination of all other MOSAIK-2 work packages.

It involves the preparation and wrap-up of MOSAIK-2 internal meetings, protocolling, preparation of project reports, planning of publications, monitoring of the project‘s progress in the individual work packages of the MOSAIK-2 group, conflict management between the partners, and the support of the MOSAIK-2 leadership (Dr. Maronga, Prof. Dr. Raasch) by executing the decisions at coordination level. As the tasks in WP-S1.1 pop up during the project lifetime, we disclaim a detailed work plan. Also, the executive coordinatior will represent the MOSAIK-2 consortium at meetings and events of modules B and C. In addition, the coordination office is the central point of contact for the partners from modules B and C as well as for all inter-module activities (further coordination offices exist analoguous in Hamburg and Berlin), and for international scientists. The coordinator is taking care of coordination of international model intercomparison projects and support international partners to set up case studies using PALM-4U for selected cities.

The coordination office is basically responsible for all requests regarding the application of PALM-4U as well as the verification of cooperation opportunities with the MOSAIK-2 consortium and modules B and C. In order to establish PALM-4U internationally (WP-S1.2), it is planned to conduct case studies in the USA (Boston and New York City). Likewise there will be case studies for Helsinki, Finland, within the framework of MOSAIK-2 in which particularly winter conditions with snow cover and frozen water bodies will play an important role.

Tasks of the project:

WP-S1.1: Coordination of MOSAIK-2

WP-S1.2: Internationalisation

Project structure:

This work package will be conducted at LUH (PI: Dr. Björn Maronga). The coordination office is led by Alexandra Westbrink.



Progress so far:

The coordination office was installed at LUH. Prof. Dan Li (Boston University) was a guest scientist in Hannover in Spring 2020 and was preparing PALM-4U simulations for the Boston area.

First steps for the Urban Climate Model Intercomparison Project (UCMIP) were initialized in late 2021/early 2022.






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