Evaluation of PALM

PALM is evaluated for flow around buildings and obstacles according to the guideline VDI 3783 Part 9.

Fig 1: Evaluation protocol download

A complete description of the evaluation of PALM can be found here.

Test cases

All test cases were calculated with revision 4113 (included vdi_internal_controls.f90)

Test case Input files
all cases
a1-1 a1-1.zip
a1-2 a1-2.zip
a2 a2.zip
a3-2 a3-2.zip
a4-1 a4-1.zip
a4-2 a4-2.zip
a5-1 a5-1.zip
a5-2 a5-2.zip
b-1 b-1.zip
b-2 b-2.zip
b-3 b-3.zip
b-4 b-4.zip
b-5 b-5.zip
b-6 b-6.zip
b-7 b-7.zip
b-8 b-8.zip
b-9 b-9.zip
b-10 b-10.zip
b-11 b-11.zip
b-12 b-12.zip
c4 c4.zip
c5-1 c5-1.zip topography_nc
c5-2 c5-2.zip


Program for creating the building input data for the different test cases:

Program for creating input profiles of u and v for the different test cases:

Analysis routines

Test cases a1-1, a1-2, a2, a3-1, a3-2, c1: a1_a3.ncl

Test cases a4-1, a4-2, c2: a4.zip

Test cases a5, c3 a5_c3.zip

Test cases b-1 till b-12: b1_b12.zip

Test case c4: c4.2.zip

Test case c5: c5.zip

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