Hints for PALM-4U developers

Overview on PALM-4U revision control

Subversion svn is used for revision control of PALM, consequently, the development of the PALM-4U features will also be controlled via svn, centralized on one remote server (trac).

As drafted in Fig. 1, each PALM-4U feature shall be developed in its own svn branch, equipped with write permissions for each of this feature's developers. Subsequently listed svn branches have been created so far, and they are available under /palm/branches, only visible for developers with respective permissions:

Project Branch name Write permissions Read only
WP-M1 rans Gronemeier
WP-M2 nesting Sühring
mosaik_M2 Sühring
WP-M3 palm4u Kanani, Gronemeier, Sühring All WPs
WP-M4 ebsolver von Tils
WP-M5 radiation Salim, Schubert
WP-M6 indoorclimate Lang
WP-M7 chemistry (old), chem4palm (new) Banzhaf, Forkel, Khan, Russo Mona Kurppa (FMI)
WP-P1 agents Ward Fröhlich, Schrempf
WP-P2 biomet_p2 Fröhlich Schrempf, Ward
WP-P3 biomet_p3 Schrempf Fröhlich, Ward

Additionally, following developers have write permissions for all MOSAIK-related branches: Kanani, Ketelsen, Maronga, Raasch.

Please notify Farah Kanani-Sühring if permission needs to be granted for additional developers.

Overview of the possible combination of svn and git
Fig. 1: Draft of the revision control procedure for the PALM-4U development, applying svn and git.

Only tested feature parts should enter in the respective feature branch. If possible, revision control of local PALM-4U development is preferably done via git?.

Manual: How to work with the svn (git) branches

This presentation explains the basic steps on how to work with svn (git-svn).

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