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Animations contained on this page are examples from different projects that have been carried out by the PALM group at IMUK? in the past. Most sequences have been created with the PArallelized LES Model (PALM) using a distributed virtual reality software system (DSVR) for graphic output. In contrast with other graphic software, DSVR is parallelized and is running embedded in PALM (i.e. no graphic post-processing is done). This method avoids output of raw data (in the order of 10-100 GByte per timestep for large model runs). Instead, only graphic primitives are stored and replayed using streaming server technology. Depending on the available graphic hardware, also stereoscopic views can be created. For further details of DSVR see here. Recently we also started to create movies with NCL and VAPOR. Therefore we will extent this section in near future.

For each animation, a short description of the displayed scene and some general setup information for the respective model run are given.

All visualization data (images, movies) is protected by copyright.

Available movies in Gallery:

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