Automatic installer

The easiest way to install PALM is our automatic PALM installation script (beta). Please do the following:

  1. Make sure, you meet the requirements!
  2. Download the automatic installation script here.
  3. Open your terminal, go to your download directory and execute the script by typing bash palm_installer

The script will guide you through the installation process. Don't forget to load all required software modules (compile environment, MPI, NetCDF, FFTW, etc.) in advance, if applicable. The script can aid you with the installation of the RRTMG library if you append the option --rrtmg upon execution. As the installation script is still in beta, you may encounter problems. Please let us know, so we can further improve it.
Note: This script is currently not able to deal with batch systems. Only local installation and interactive MPI execution is possible. For batch system support please consolidate the advanced installation method.

If the automatic installer has run without problems, please switch to your working directory. You will find, that the default configuration and parameter files have been generated. You should see the default configuration file .palm.config.default. Furthermore, the parameter file JOBS/example_cbl/INPUT/example_cbl_p3d should also exist. This is a FORTRAN-NAMELIST file to define the simulation setup and to steer the PALM simulation.

In case of problems with the installation, please check the FAQ Installation Questions first.

Known problems

The installer may fail for various reasons, e.g. because of mismatches in the user's system configuration. Problems may appear if the user has installed more than one FORTRAN compiler, and/or if the NetCDF libraries have been generated with a different compiler than is used for compiling PALM. Furthermore, the automatic installer cannot be used on many larger computer systems where MPI executions can only be run via a batch system. In all these cases, the user has to setup the configuration file manually.

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