How to establish passwordless SSH login between two hosts

To ensure proper function of palmrun for remote jobs, passwordless login must be established in both directions, from the local to the remote host as well as from the remote to the local host! This is required by palmrun for carrying out several crucial tasks, e.g. for automatic submission of restart runs). Please carry out the following steps:

  1. From your local host login on your remote host and create a pair of private/public ssh-keys (replace <remote-username> and <remote-host> accordingly):
          ssh <remote-username>@<remote-host>
          ssh-keygen -t dsa
    Enter <return> for any query, until the shell-prompt appears again.
  1. On your remote host, define the public key as one of the authorized keys to access the system:
          cd ~/.ssh
          cat  >>  authorized_keys
  1. Copy the public key to the respective local host (replace <local-username> and <local-host> accordingly):
          ssh-copy-id -i <local-username>@<local-host>
  1. Repeat the first 3 steps vice versa starting from your remote host.

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