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(edit) @519   13 years raasch NetCDF4 support for particle data; special character allowed for …
(edit) @518   13 years heinze Bugfix concerning variable time_stride
(edit) @517   13 years heinze Changing some default settings
(edit) @516   13 years raasch last commit documented
(edit) @515   13 years raasch simple installation method documented and updated; bugfix for PGI …
(edit) @514   13 years heinze Bugfix concerning the plot of xy cross sections which have only one …
(edit) @513   13 years heinze Using the NCL scripts by means of the shell script palmplot
(edit) @510   13 years raasch test version of diffusivities.f90 from last revision removed
(edit) @509   13 years raasch last commit documented
(edit) @508   13 years raasch bugfix in mbuild: remode_md was given a wrong value
(edit) @506   13 years raasch last commit documented
(edit) @505   13 years raasch mrun modification for lckyoto
(edit) @504   13 years raasch last commit documented
(edit) @503   13 years raasch New: --- Changed: ------- combine_plot_fields is now directly called …
(edit) @497   13 years raasch missing information about parallel make in technical documentation added
(edit) @496   13 years raasch last commit documented
(edit) @495   13 years raasch Particle data for restart runs are only written if write_binary=true
(edit) @494   13 years raasch last commit documented; configuration example file for netcdf4 added
(edit) @493   13 years raasch New: --- Output in NetCDF4-format. New d3par-parameter …
(edit) @492   13 years maronga bugfix in the UTIL Makefile
(edit) @491   13 years maronga minor re-adjustments for lcxt4
(edit) @486   13 years raasch last commit documented
(edit) @485   13 years raasch ngp_p3d changed to 64 bit integer
(edit) @484   13 years raasch typo in file headers removed
(edit) @482   13 years raasch New: --- compare_palm_logs is additionally compiled with mbuild -u …
(edit) @481   13 years raasch file structure of technical documentation revised; documents …
(edit) @480   13 years raasch compare_palm_logs is now part of compiled utilities; slight change of …
(edit) @475   13 years raasch make options can be set in configuration file; bugfix for generating …
(edit) @464   13 years heinze Bugfix concerning the initialisation of var_mod in subsidence.f90
(edit) @449   13 years raasch branch revision comments from Marcus (rev 410) replaced by normal …
(edit) @448   13 years raasch test print* removed in header
(edit) @440   13 years raasch lckyoto admitted for mrun and subjob
(edit) @438   13 years raasch 2d-decomposition is default on Cray-XT machines
(edit) @437   13 years raasch script adjustements for lcxt5m
(edit) @431   13 years raasch small docu update
(edit) @430   13 years raasch bugfix concerning gradient_level indices in header
(edit) @426   13 years raasch further update of simple install method
(edit) @424   13 years raasch updates for simple install process
(edit) @421   13 years raasch a simple method for installing and running palm has been added
(edit) @420   13 years franke collision of cloud droplets has changed in advec_particles bugfixes in …
(edit) @419   13 years heinze delete ncl_preferences
(edit) @418   13 years heinze ncl_preferences is renamed .ncl.config.default
(edit) @416   13 years weinreis mrun and subjob modified for archiving
(edit) @415   13 years raasch fortran bugfix in subroutine cascade concerning dimension os MPI …
(edit) @414   13 years heinze Translation and adaption of the cloud physics documentation.
(edit) @413   13 years heinze Translation and adaption of the cloud_physics doumentation
(edit) @412   13 years raasch data asignments for dvrp arrays switched back to old settings due to …
(edit) @411   13 years heinze Large scale vertical motion (subsidence/ascent) can be applied to the …
(edit) @410   13 years letzel - reintegrate branch letzel/masked_output into trunk; new …
(edit) @407   13 years maronga humidity for non-flat topography implemented, re-adjustments for lcxt4
(edit) @405   13 years raasch some initial data assignments changed due to problems with gfortran …
(edit) @404   13 years raasch svn server address changed in online documentation
(edit) @403   13 years franke Bugfix in calculation of precipitation_rate
(edit) @402   13 years maronga bugfix: calculation of time-averaged surface-heatfluxes
(edit) @400   13 years letzel - Add lcsgih|b dataservers as local hosts, queue adjustments (subjob)
(edit) @399   13 years weinreis mrun and subjob modified for archiving and special1q
(edit) @398   13 years raasch bugfix: exchange of ghost points for prho included
(edit) @397   13 years raasch archiving on ICE enabled
(edit) @394   14 years heinze var_ts is replaced by dots_max
(edit) @392   14 years raasch New: --- Adapted for machine lck (mrun, mbuild, subjob) bc_lr/bc_ns …
(edit) @389   14 years raasch version 3.7 set in palm.f90
(edit) @388   14 years raasch in-situ AND potential density are calculated and used in the ocean version
(edit) @377   14 years raasch adjustments for openmp usage on sgi-ice
(edit) @376   14 years raasch bugfix concerning output of averaged 2d/3d quantities
(edit) @375   14 years heinze Bugfix in profiles.ncl concerning plots with logarithmic axis
(edit) @374   14 years raasch mrun adjustments for ice2 and for ssh calls of restart jobs
(edit) @372   14 years letzel - caurus admitted; optional qos feature hiprio on lcsgi (subjob) - …
(edit) @369   14 years raasch additional environment variable for mpt on ice2
(edit) @368   14 years maronga combined o/e output for lck added
(edit) @367   14 years maronga adapted for machine lck
(edit) @366   14 years raasch speed optomizations +bugfix in init_ocean
(edit) @364   14 years letzel - Bugfix: avoid zero division by km_neutral (production_e)
(edit) @362   14 years letzel - New: totalview on hice/bice also available for mvapich2 (mrun)
(edit) @359   14 years letzel - Bugfix for extended NetCDF files: In order to avoid 'data mode' …
(edit) @358   14 years heinze Bugfix in cross_sections.ncl concerning plot layers and vector plots fixed.
(edit) @357   14 years heinze Bugs concerning plotting of data with zu_xy1 as vertical coordinate fixed
(edit) @355   14 years letzel - Bugfix: to_be_resorted => s_av for time-averaged scalars …
(edit) @354   14 years maronga xy cross section output of sensible and latent heatflux is now available
(edit) @353   14 years heinze small adjustments of plotting area
(edit) @352   14 years raasch +option -e in subjob
(edit) @351   14 years heinze New parameter time_stride is in profiles.ncl available.
(edit) @350   14 years maronga small updates
(edit) @349   14 years maronga corrected parts of the documentation due to formatting problems
(edit) @348   14 years maronga bugfix for coupled restart runs
(edit) @347   14 years heinze profiles.ncl now plots initial profiles if available.
(edit) @346   14 years raasch small updates
(edit) @345   14 years heinze In case of restart runs without extension, initial profiles are not …
(edit) @344   14 years maronga documentation update for the coupling
(edit) @343   14 years maronga adjustments for lcxt4 and ibmy, allow user 2d xy cross section output …
(edit) @342   14 years heinze Plots of profiles appear in the order specified by the variable var.
(edit) @339   14 years raasch update of the dvr documentation
(edit) @338   14 years raasch small change in svn example file
(edit) @337   14 years raasch documentation for using dvr; bugfix for last revision
(edit) @336   14 years raasch several small bugfixes; some more dvrp changes
(edit) @335   14 years heinze error in formatting of the output of message
(edit) @333   14 years heinze bugfix in init_3_model concerning ngp_2dh_s_inner
(edit) @332   14 years raasch bugfix in check_parameters concerning ocean version
(edit) @331   14 years raasch mrun adjustment for coupled runs on ibmy
(edit) @329   14 years heinze Small change in formatting in message.f90. Bugfix in …
(edit) @328   14 years letzel - initializing_actions='read_data_for_recycling' renamed to …
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