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(edit) @145   16 years raasch second preliminary update for turbulent inflow
(edit) @131   16 years letzel Corrections to .mrun.config.default
(edit) @129   16 years letzel prognostic_equations include the respective wall_*flux in the …
(edit) @127   16 years letzel Further modifications of mrun for lctit. Updates to documentation: …
(edit) @126   16 years letzel Further adjustments for queues on lctit
(edit) @125   16 years raasch small bugfix in subjob
(edit) @123   16 years letzel Bugfix for mrun
(edit) @122   16 years letzel Adjustments to mrun and subjob for lctit
(edit) @118   16 years raasch preliminary adjustments for mrun and mbuild to tsubame
(edit) @116   16 years raasch further preliminary updates concerning particle sorting and documentation
(edit) @114   16 years raasch preliminary updates for implementing buildings in poismg
(edit) @113   16 years raasch job classes csoloh... added for hanni
(edit) @109   16 years letzel - Bugfix in surface_coupler - mrun: completely remove workaround on …
(edit) @108   16 years letzel - Improved coupler: evaporation - salinity-flux coupling for humidity …
(edit) @102   16 years raasch preliminary version for coupled runs
(edit) @101   16 years raasch small changes in documentation and subjob
(edit) @100   16 years raasch update of the default .mrun.config file
(edit) @97   16 years raasch New: --- ocean version including prognostic equation for salinity and …
(edit) @86   16 years raasch small bugfixes
(edit) @83   16 years raasch New: --- Changed: ------- PALM can be generally installed on any …
(edit) @82   16 years raasch vorlaeufige Standalone-Version fuer Linux-Cluster
(edit) @79   17 years raasch bugfix of last change
(edit) @78   17 years raasch new option -G for mrun to transfer global revision number to batch jobs
(edit) @76   17 years raasch changes for Neumann p conditions both at bottom and top
(edit) @75   17 years raasch preliminary update for changes concerning non-cyclic boundary conditions
(edit) @74   17 years raasch temporary change in mrun removed
(edit) @71   17 years raasch bugfixes in mrun
(edit) @69   17 years raasch scripts are running under pdksh
(edit) @68   17 years raasch small bug removed from last commit
(edit) @67   17 years raasch small adjustments for fimm
(edit) @66   17 years raasch Rev properties set fro scripts, small adjustments for RIAM, fimm …
(edit) @63   17 years raasch preliminary changes concerning update of BC-scheme
(edit) @61   17 years raasch further preliminary changes for revision 3.2
(edit) @54   17 years raasch property Id set for most of all files, small bug in mbuild fixed
(edit) @50   17 years raasch bubfix in mrun: user interface file was deleted when named …
(edit) @40   17 years raasch documentation update for the new svn-based version and for 3.1c, …
(edit) @36   17 years raasch default config file adjusted to new mbuild version
(edit) @35   17 years raasch small bugfix in mbuild, subjob adjusted for RIAM machines
(edit) @33   17 years raasch small modification to mrun
(edit) @32   17 years raasch Bugfix in mrun
(edit) @31   17 years raasch Bugfix in mrun
(edit) @30   17 years raasch Bugfix in mrun
(edit) @29   17 years raasch Bugfix in mbuild
(edit) @28   17 years raasch Bugfix in mbuild
(edit) @27   17 years raasch Bugfixes in mrun and mbuild
(edit) @26   17 years raasch mrun is using interpret_config.x for all machines
(edit) @25   17 years raasch small changes to mbuild
(edit) @24   17 years raasch bugs removed from mbuild
(edit) @23   17 years raasch script names changed from *_new to normal
(edit) @22   17 years raasch compilation of utilities with mbuild, mrun_path replaced by PALM_BIN, …
(edit) @21   17 years raasch empty lines in configuration file are allowed
(edit) @18   17 years raasch garbage remove from .mrun.config.default
(edit) @17   17 years raasch setting neck defaults in .mrun.config.default, DVRP_OUTPUT_LOCAL …
(edit) @14   17 years raasch dvrp library path adjusted for nech
(edit) @12   17 years raasch breva admitted for subjob
(edit) @9   17 years raasch test printing removed from mbuild
(edit) @8   17 years raasch bugfix mbuild
(edit) @6   17 years raasch some more installation and utility files added
(edit) @5   17 years raasch html-documentation added
(add) @1   17 years raasch Initial repository layout and content
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