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MOSAIK: Projects

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MOSAIK contains 15 work packages, including the project coordination (WP-C):

  • "M"-projects cover the development of the different components - e.g. surface energy budget, urban radiation, indoor climate - for the new urban climate model <model name>,
  • "D"-projects are responsible for data acquisition, preparation and management,
  • "P"-projects jointly develop a multi-agent model (MAM), enabling the determination of human comfort/stress, e.g. concerning temperature and UV-radiation.

Click on the work packages for a detailed description.

Work package Responsible Title PM
WP-C TP1 (LUH) Coordination, quality control, and contact to modules B and C 36
WP-M1 TP1 (LUH) Implementation and validation of turbulence parameterizations 36
WP-M2 TP1 (LUH) Large- and micro-scale nesting 36
WP-M3 TP1 (LUH) Benchmarking and internal validation 36
WP-M4 TP1 (LUH) Surface energy budget 36
WP-M5 TP2 (HUB) Urban radiation and building parameterization 36
WP-M6 TP3 (HO) Indoor climate and energy demand 36
WP-M7 TP4 (KIT), TP9 (FUB) Urban chemistry and air pollution 72
WP-D1 TP5 (DLR) Processing and preparation of surface data 20
WP-D2 TP6 (GEO-NET) Data management and user interface 36
WP-D3 TP7 (DWD) User-friendly software package to customize output from meso-scale models for forcing PACE, and application tudies 36
WP-D4 TP8 (IPS) Urban soil water content 36
WP-P1 TP1 (LUH) A multi-agent model for urban residents 36
WP-P2 TP7 (DWD) Evaluation of human thermal comfort/stress and planning adaptation possibilities in urban areas 36
WP-P3 TP1 (LUH) Actinic complex for the calculation of the biologically weighted UV exposure of humans 36

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