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    121206-10 Aug 2018, New York, USA ([[ | Conference website]])
     14* ''' Tobias Gronemeier, S. Raasch and E. Ng (2018):''' Effects of Unstable Stratification and Thermally Induced Circulation on City Ventilation obtained from LES with PALM - Are They Important for Air Ventilation Assessments?\\ Poster presentation\\
    1416* '''Kadasch, E. (2018):'''  A Mesoscale Interface for Initializing and Forcing the Urban Microscale Model PALM-4U.\\
    1618* '''Khan, B., F. Kanani-Sühring (presenting author, and in alphabetical order), S. Banzhaf, R. Forkel, K. Ketelsen, M. Kurppa, B. Maronga, M. Mauder, S. Raasch, E. Russo (2018):'''  Development and Application of an Online Coupled Chemistry Model Embedded in the Urban Microscale Model PALM-4U - First Results for Berlin, Germany.\\ Poster presentation ([attachment:Abstract_ICUC10_Khan_etal.pdf abstract])\\
     20* ''' Björn Maronga, S. Raasch, G. Groß, F. Kanani-Sühring, M. Sühring, S. Banzhaf, M. Belda, B. Büter, T. Esch, R. Forkel, D. Fröhlich, T. Gronemeier, W. Heldens, A. Hellsten, T. Lang, E. Kadasch, B. Khan, K. Ketelsen, P. Krč, H. Maamari, A. Matzarakis, M. Mauder, G. Meusel, M. Pallasch, D. Pavlik, J. Pfafferott, J. Resler, E. Russo, M. H. Salim, M. Schaap, C. Schneider, M. Schrempf, S. Schubert, G. Seckmeyer, H. Sieker, K. Trusilova, R. H. von Tils, S. Ward, and J. Zeidler (2018):''' Building-resolving large-eddy simulations for entire Berlin (Germany) – first results using the high-performance urban microscale model PALM-4U.\\ Oral presentation\\
     22* ''' Jaroslav Resler, J. Geletič, P. Krč, M. Belda, P. Juruš, N. Benešová, J. Lopata, O. Vlček, B. Maronga, F. Kanani, D. Damašková, K. Eben, P. Derbek, and M. H. Salim:''' An urban surface scheme for the urban microscale model PALM-4U - model development and first validation.\\ Oral presentation\\
    1824* '''Salim, M. and S. Schubert, C. Schneider, B. Maronga, J. Resler, P. Krč, F. Kanani, and M. Sühring (2018):'''  Parameterisation of radiative exchange in the urban microscale model PALM-4U: How much detail should we include?\\
     26* ''' Michael Schrempf, N. Thuns, K. Lange, F. Kanani-Sühring, and G. Seckmeyer:''' Vitamin D Weighted Exposure of Humans in Berlin (Germany) Calculated within the Urban Microscale Model PALM-4U.\\ Oral presentation\\
     28* ''' Matthias Suehring, T. Gronemeier, A. Hellsten, S. Raasch, and B. Maronga (2018):''' Application of an LES-LES Nesting to study Pollutant Dispersion in residential Areas using the urban microscale Model PALM-4U.\\ Poster presentation\\
     30* ''' Robert Harald von Tils (2018):''' Potential for the use of rainwater for evapotranspirative cooling of buildings and city quarters.\\ Oral presentation\\
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