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Status quo

The beta version of PALM-4U has been released December 2017. Visit

The beta version includes:

  • Energy balance solvers for building and paved surfaces
  • Radiative transfer within the urban canopy layer, including shadowing effects and multiple reflections between urban structures
  • Wall material model for heat transfer between atmosphere and building
  • Chemistry module for the transport and conversion of reactive species
  • Model self-nesting that allows to increase either model domain size or to focus on near-surface processes
  • Quasi-automatic external forcing by COSMO-DE model data
  • A Reynolds-averaged Navier Stokes (RANS) type turbulence parameterization can be used instead of LES to reduce computational costs

Following components require some further development, before they will enter the next release of PALM-4U:

  • Indoor climate module, predicting indoor temperature, energy demand, and waste heat
  • A multi-agent system for urban residents, allowing for biometeorological studies and escape scenarios
  • Analysis tools and direct output of biometeorological quantities

All components are under ongoing development and tuning. The next milestone is the delivery of both PALM-4U and Graphical User Interface (GUI) release candidates in project month 24.

MOSAIK timeline

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