Contributions to the PALM code since 1997

Year Feature Author(s)
March 1997 Start with code layout development Siegfried Raasch
May 1997 Start programming Siegfried Raasch
July 1997 Dynamic core and FFT-solver Siegfried Raasch
August 1997 Dry version finalized Siegfried Raasch
1999 Passive Lagrangian particles Siegfried Raasch
2000 Simple cloud physics (Kessler) Michael Schröter
2001 Multigrid-solver Jörg Uhlenbrock, Siegfried Raasch
2002 Cache optimization, 1D-decomposition optimized FFT-solver Klaus Ketelsen
2004 Non-cyclic boundary conditions Micha Gryschka, Siegfried Raasch
2005 NetCDF support Marc Rautenhaus, Siegfried Raasch
2005 First version of Lagrangian cloud droplets Yign Noh (concept), Siegfried Raasch
2007 Ocean option with salinity equation Siegfried Raasch
2007,2008 Topography Marcus Letzel, Siegfried Raasch, Matthias Sühring
2007,2008 Atmosphere-ocean coupling Marcus Letzel, Björn Maronga
2009 Wicker-Skamarock advection scheme Matthias Sühring
2012 Two-moment cloud micropyhsics scheme (Seifert & Beheng) Fabian Hoffmann
2012 Start with GPU-porting Siegfried Raasch
2013 Overlapping calculation/communication in FFT-solver Klaus Ketelsen
2014 Large-scale forcing and nudging Rieke Heinze, Lennart Böske
2014 Multigrid optimization Klaus Ketelsen
2014 Completely revised and optimised Lagrangian particle model with new data structure Klaus Ketelsen, Fabian Hoffmann
2015 Radiation and land surface model Björn Maronga
2016 Revised surface flux model Björn Maronga
2016 3d-nesting Antti Hellsten, Klaus Ketelsen, Siegfried Raasch
2016 (?) Anelastic approximation Helge Knoop
2017 Spin-up mechanism for land and urban surfaces Björn Maronga
2017 Revised topography representation and surface treatment Matthias Sühring
2018 Nesting in larger-scale models Matthias Sühring
2018 Enhanced two-moment cloud microphysics scheme Johannes Schwenkel
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