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(edit) @3901   4 years suehring Set green-fraction on buildings to zero for now, in order to avoid …
(edit) @3900   4 years suehring Bugfixes in initialization and STG
(edit) @3899   4 years monakurppa corrected the OpenMP implementation for salsa and some minor bugs in …
(edit) @3898   4 years suehring remove un-used variable
(edit) @3897   4 years suehring 2D output of emission fluxes in chemistry; revise check for multigrid …
(edit) @3896   4 years suehring Bugfix, wrong index used for accessing building_pars from PIDS
(edit) @3891   4 years suehring Bugfix in initialization of turbulence generator in case of restart …
(edit) @3890   4 years suehring Check if grid coarsening is possible on subdomain, in order to avoid …
(edit) @3889   4 years schwenkel bugfix for commit 3887
(edit) @3888   4 years hellstea bugfix in pmc_handle_communicator_mod
(edit) @3887   4 years schwenkel bugfix for chemistry_model_mod via introducing …
(edit) @3886   4 years suehring bugfixes: uninitialized variable in dry deposition; emission output
(edit) @3885   4 years kanani restructure/add location/debug messages
(edit) @3884   4 years Giersch id_recycling is only calculated in case of tubulent inflow
(edit) @3883   4 years hellstea Checks and error messages improved and extended. Number of variables …
(edit) @3882   4 years suehring Move definition of building-surface properties from declaration block …
(edit) @3881   4 years suehring Make level 3 initialization of urban-surfaces consistent to input data …
(edit) @3880   4 years knoop Moved chem_prognostic_equations into module_interface
(edit) @3879   4 years knoop Moved loop over chem_species into chem_boundary_conds_decycle
(edit) @3878   4 years knoop Added chem_non_transport_physics module interface to …
(edit) @3877   4 years knoop Added chem_actions module interface to chemistry_model_mod and moved …
(edit) @3876   4 years knoop Moved "photolysis_scheme", "chem_species" and "phot_frequen" to …
(edit) @3875   4 years knoop Implemented wtm_actions and moved respective module code into it
(edit) @3874   4 years knoop Implemented non_transport_physics module interfaces
(edit) @3873   4 years knoop Moved ocean_mode specific code from advec_ws to ocean_mod + …
(edit) @3872   4 years knoop Including last commit, salsa dependency for advec_ws removed
(edit) @3871   4 years knoop Moving prognostic equations of bcm into bulk_cloud_model_mod
(edit) @3870   4 years knoop Moving prognostic equations of bcm into bulk_cloud_model_mod
(edit) @3869   4 years knoop moving the furniture in the BCM around ;-)
(edit) @3868   4 years suehring More strict limitation of roughness length when it is in the order of …
(edit) @3867   4 years eckhard Fix 'kinds.mod0' build issue
(edit) @3866   4 years eckhard inifor: Use PALM's working precision; improved error handling, coding …
(edit) @3865   4 years monakurppa Bug fix in preprocessor directive netcdf
(edit) @3864   4 years monakurppa major changes in salsa: data input, format and performance - …
(edit) @3862   4 years banzhafs some formatting in deposition code of chemistry_model_mod
(edit) @3861   4 years maronga bugfix in radiation model (rad_lw_out_change_0)
(edit) @3860   4 years raasch check added, that it is not allowed to set option -b if the …
(edit) @3859   4 years maronga comments in radiation model updated, minor bugfix in palm_csd
(edit) @3858   4 years suehring Avoid local communication in offline nesting when it is not necessary
(edit) @3857   4 years knoop Introduced 1D arrays for horizontal grid dimensions
(edit) @3856   4 years suehring Bugfix in lsm_init in case no surface fractions are provided
(edit) @3855   4 years suehring In projection of non-building 3D objects onto numerical grid remove …
(edit) @3854   4 years suehring typo and print statement removed
(edit) @3851   4 years knoop Bufgix in palm_installer get-started message
(edit) @3850   4 years raasch debug configuration for HLRN-IV system added
(edit) @3849   4 years knoop Bugfix: added proper OpenACC support to disturb_field
(edit) @3848   4 years forkel some formatting
(edit) @3847   4 years suehring Adjust message-call for checks that are especially carried out locally.
(edit) @3846   4 years suehring Check for proper setting of dt_radiation
(edit) @3844   4 years suehring Bugfix in one of the checks
(edit) @3843   5 years pavelkrc Code review for radiation_model_mod.f90
(edit) @3842   5 years suehring remove redundant VTK netcdf option in postprocessor
(edit) @3841   5 years suehring In VTK postprocessor add suffix to indicate average data in VTK files
(edit) @3840   5 years knoop Moved ocean_prognostic_equations calls into module_interface
(edit) @3839   5 years moh.hefny fixing negative day situation when 1st day of month is used with spinup
(edit) @3838   5 years forkel some formatting and comments for chem_photolysis_mod.f90
(edit) @3837   5 years knoop Added module_interface for prognostic_equations
(edit) @3836   5 years raasch default config file for HLRN-IV system in Goettingen added
(edit) @3835   5 years kanani Formatting, clean-up, clarified/corrected comments (chem_modules)
(edit) @3834   5 years forkel removed forgotten ,nvar from USE chem_modules
(edit) @3833   5 years forkel removed USE chem_gasphase_mod from chem_modules, apply USE …
(edit) @3832   5 years raasch some routines instrumented with openmp directives, loop reordering for …
(edit) @3831   5 years forkel added nvar to USE chem_gasphase_mod - nvar will not be included in …
(edit) @3830   5 years raasch more uninitialized checks removed in gfortran default options
(edit) @3829   5 years raasch uninitialized checks removed in gfortran default options
(edit) @3828   5 years raasch further gfortran warnings activated on testserver, unused variables removed
(edit) @3827   5 years forkel some formatting and reordering of lines
(edit) @3826   5 years raasch unused variable removed
(edit) @3825   5 years raasch unused variable removed
(edit) @3824   5 years pavelkrc Code review of radiation_model_mod.f90
(edit) @3823   5 years raasch warnings will be interpreted as errors from now on in case of gfortran …
(edit) @3822   5 years hellstea Temporary increase of the vertical dimension of the parent-grid arrays …
(edit) @3821   5 years forkel fixed commas in lines 2215 abd 2232
(edit) @3820   5 years forkel renaming of get_mechanismname, do_emiss and do_depo, sorting in …
(edit) @3819   5 years hellstea Adjustable anterpolation buffer introduced on all nest boundaries
(edit) @3818   5 years pavelkrc Update reference results of test urban_environment_restart Change of …
(edit) @3817   5 years suehring Correct output coordinates for vertical surface-element data
(edit) @3814   5 years pavelkrc Rename conflicting variable names
(edit) @3812   5 years gronemeier Open binary surface output data within separate folder
(edit) @3807   5 years knoop Diasabed automati FFTW detection
(edit) @3806   5 years raasch bugfix: intent of dummy arguments changed to inout, additional check …
(edit) @3805   5 years raasch output format adjusted, unused variable removed
(edit) @3804   5 years hellstea Last commit documented
(edit) @3803   5 years hellstea Nesting anterpolation domain height reduced
(edit) @3802   5 years raasch unused variables removed, unused subroutines commented out, type …
(edit) @3801   5 years eckhard inifor: Read COSMO rotated pole from dataset, check if PALM domain …
(edit) @3800   5 years forkel added leading blanks to dummy statements
(edit) @3799   5 years forkel editing in kpp4palm: add statements for avoiding unused variables, …
(edit) @3798   5 years hellstea A bug fixed in lateral boundary interpolations
(edit) @3797   5 years forkel Modifications for OpenMP version by Klaus Ketelsen
(edit) @3796   5 years banzhafs Unused variables removed/taken care of from/in chemistry_model_mod
(edit) @3795   5 years eckhard Updated inifor build dependencies
(edit) @3794   5 years raasch unused variables removed
(edit) @3793   5 years raasch bugfix for suffix setting in utility makefile
(edit) @3792   5 years hellstea Interpolations improved. Large number of obsolete subroutines removed. …
(edit) @3791   5 years raasch 0.1 version of inifor script
(edit) @3790   5 years raasch first framework for an inifor script added
(edit) @3789   5 years forkel Removed unused variables from chem_gasphase_mod.f90
(edit) @3788   5 years banzhafs Removed unused variables from chem_emissions_mod
(edit) @3787   5 years raasch unused variables removed
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