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(edit) @3715   5 years suehring Revise check for saturation moisture
(edit) @3712   5 years kanani Formatting and clean-up (urban_surface_mod)
(edit) @3711   5 years knoop Introduced module_interface_init_checks for post-init checks
(edit) @3710   5 years suehring Check if building-, water-, pavement-, vegetation- and soil types are …
(edit) @3709   5 years suehring Undo bad commit in chemistry preprocessor (accidantly deleted files).
(edit) @3708   5 years hellstea Checks for parent / child grid line matching introduced
(edit) @3707   5 years suehring Fix bug in file-connection statement introduced with -r 3704
(edit) @3706   5 years suehring unused variables removed
(edit) @3705   5 years suehring last commit documented
(edit) @3704   5 years suehring Revision of virtual-measurement module and data output enabled. …
(edit) @3703   5 years knoop Updated user_interface_required_revision to r3703
(edit) @3702   5 years gronemeier bugfix: renamed thetav_t to vtheta_t (check_parameters.f90)
(edit) @3701   5 years knoop Added module switch for user_module. User module is enabled as soon as …
(edit) @3700   5 years knoop Moved user_define_netdf_grid into user_module.f90 Added module …
(edit) @3698   5 years suehring Fix bad commit in gasphase_preproc
(edit) @3697   5 years hellstea bugfix in child initialization in pmc_interface_mod
(edit) @3696   5 years suehring Bugfix in degrading the order of the advection scheme at non-cyclic …
(edit) @3695   5 years knoop Added palmtest build setup and testcase for CUDA-aware-MPI.
(edit) @3694   5 years knoop Bugfix: moved OpenACC specific cpp #endif , so cpu_log call is not …
(edit) @3693   5 years dom_dwd_user biometeorology_mod.f90: (C) renamed averageing switches from e.g. …
(edit) @3692   5 years suehring Add check for soil moisture higher than its saturation value
(edit) @3691   5 years suehring Add output of surface-parallel flow speed
(edit) @3690   5 years knoop Enabled OpenACC usage without using the cudaFFT library. Added …
(edit) @3689   5 years knoop Added multi-GPU capability when using OpenACC.
(edit) @3688   5 years maronga bugfixes in palm_csd
(edit) @3687   5 years knoop Moved all user routunes that are dependencies of the PALM core only, …
(edit) @3685   5 years knoop Some interface calls moved to module_interface + cleanup
(edit) @3684   5 years knoop Enabled module_interface_actions in time_integration and …
(edit) @3683   5 years knoop Added OpenACC test and PGI build setups
(edit) @3682   5 years knoop Extended palmtest to use custom MPI execution commands
(edit) @3681   5 years hellstea Major update of pmc_interface_mod
(edit) @3680   5 years knoop Added cpp-option netcdf to inifor
(edit) @3679   5 years knoop removed explicit .f90 file dependency in Makefile
(edit) @3678   5 years eckhard inifor: bugfix: avoid empty averaging regions, check if all input …
(edit) @3677   5 years moh.hefny update rad_lw_out according to radiation model used
(edit) @3676   5 years knoop Added comment with reference to PGI Compiler bug-ticket to the MERGE …
(edit) @3669   5 years maronga fix for last commit
(edit) @3668   5 years maronga removed most_methods circular and lookup. added improved version of …
(edit) @3667   6 years schwenkel Modified rrtmg input files check
(edit) @3665   6 years raasch dummy statements added to avoid compiler warnings about unused …
(edit) @3664   6 years forkel Replaced misplaced location message by @todo
(edit) @3663   6 years suehring update further profiles and timeseries
(edit) @3662   6 years suehring update profiles and timeseries for urban_environment test cases -- …
(edit) @3661   6 years suehring Split loops in advec_ws in order to reduce bit queries; Introduce new …
(edit) @3658   6 years knoop OpenACC: flow_statistics partly ported to GPU
(edit) @3657   6 years knoop OpenACC: cuda-aware-mpi in transpose and acc update async in …
(edit) @3656   6 years knoop Bigfix: added missing dependency random_function_mod to Makefile entry …
(edit) @3655   6 years knoop Bugfix: made "unit" and "found" intend INOUT in module interface …
(edit) @3654   6 years suehring Disable misplaced location message in chemistry_model_mod
(edit) @3653   6 years forkel parameter chem_mechanism added to &chemistry_parameters
(edit) @3652   6 years forkel Checks added for chemistry mechanism, parameter chem_mechanism added
(edit) @3651   6 years suehring Bugfix, restore OMP END PARALLEL block (accidantly remove in -r 3637)
(edit) @3650   6 years kanani Bugfix/additions to enable restarts with biometeorology …
(edit) @3649   6 years suehring Bugfix, initialize strings with intent(out) attribute, delete debug prints
(edit) @3648   6 years suehring Rename surface_output_mod into surface_data_output_mod, same with all …
(edit) @3647   6 years kanani Bugfix: add time_since_reference_point to IF clause for data_output …
(edit) @3646   6 years kanani Bugfix: replace simulated_time by time_since_reference_point where required
(edit) @3643   6 years knoop Bugfix: set found logical correct in chem_data_output_2d
(edit) @3642   6 years knoop Bugfix: prevent index out of bound error in radiation model
(edit) @3641   6 years knoop Small change to gust_mod interface data_output calls
(edit) @3639   6 years forkel Bug fix of rate of eq.2 in simple.eqn and derived mechanisms, update …
(edit) @3638   6 years forkel chemistry_model_mod: Added missing conversion factor fr2ppm for qvap
(edit) @3637   6 years knoop M Makefile
(edit) @3636   6 years raasch nopointer option removed
(edit) @3635   6 years knoop Added svn propset svn:keywords Id to gust_mod
(edit) @3634   6 years knoop OpenACC port for SPEC
(edit) @3633   6 years schwenkel your commit message
(edit) @3632   6 years kanani Fix for masked output, change default chemistry mechanism
(edit) @3631   6 years knoop removed testcases from INSTALL dir and modified …
(edit) @3630   6 years knoop Bugfix: changed ERROR STOP to STOP 1 as PGI currently can not handle it.
(edit) @3629   6 years maronga palm_csd improvements
(edit) @3628   6 years knoop Added RRTMG installation capability to automatic installer
(edit) @3623   6 years forkel removed inlined declaration of qvap and fakt - was forgotten for CBM4
(edit) @3622   6 years schwenkel Important bugfix in case of restart runs
(edit) @3620   6 years moh.hefny fix date and time and update 3d rad_lw_out
(edit) @3619   6 years suehring Add ASCII file for plant canopy to io-files
(edit) @3618   6 years eckhard inifor: Prefixed all INIFOR modules with inifor_ and removed unused …
(edit) @3616   6 years moh.hefny fix time variables during solar positions calc
(edit) @3615   6 years raasch bugfix for last commit: abort replaced by inifor_abort
(edit) @3614   6 years raasch unused variables removed, abort renamed inifor_abort to avoid …
(edit) @3613   6 years eckhard inifor: Average initial profiles over the PALM, not the geostrophic, region
(edit) @3611   6 years banzhafs chem_emissions_mod and chem_modules update to comply PALM coding rules
(edit) @3609   6 years suehring Further correction in initialization of surfaces in cyclic-fill case
(edit) @3608   6 years suehring Bugfix in initialization of surfaces in cyclic-fill case + bugfix in …
(edit) @3607   6 years suehring Output of radiation-related quantities migrated from …
(edit) @3606   6 years forkel bug fix for machanisms simple and simplep
(edit) @3602   6 years sward document_changes from previous commit
(edit) @3601   6 years sward Added check for missing NAVIGATION_DATA input file
(edit) @3600   6 years banzhafs chemistry_model_mod code update to comply PALM coding rules
(edit) @3597   6 years maronga revised calculation of near surface air potential temperature
(edit) @3593   6 years kanani Bugfix for missing array allocation (biometeorology_mod), remove …
(edit) @3592   6 years suehring Determine number of coupled arrays dynamically
(edit) @3590   6 years forkel A few updates and corrections in Readme file
(edit) @3589   6 years suehring Remove erroneous UTF encoding; last commit documented
(edit) @3587   6 years sward Added MAS substep time to agent output
(edit) @3586   6 years forkel Changed character length of name in species_def and photols_def to 15
(edit) @3585   6 years forkel Comments in all chem_gasphase_mod.kpp, add def_salsagas/*.f90, removed …
(edit) @3582   6 years suehring Merge branch salsa with trunk
(edit) @3581   6 years schwenkel Disable lcm test case
(edit) @3580   6 years schwenkel added test cases
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