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(edit) @3159   3 years sward Added multi agent system
(edit) @3157   3 years maronga added local free convection velocity scale in calculation of …
(edit) @3156   3 years knoop Bugfix: replaced usage of the pt array with the surf%pt_surface array …
(edit) @3155   3 years knoop Bugfix: replaced usage of the pt array with the surf%pt_surface array …
(edit) @3152   3 years suehring Further adjustments for surface structure
(edit) @3151   3 years raasch output of PALM code revision number in palmrun header, some …
(edit) @3149   3 years maronga correct accidental commit
(edit) @3148   3 years maronga last commit documented
(edit) @3147   3 years maronga last commit documented
(edit) @3146   3 years maronga major bugfix in calculation of Obukhov length and subsequent handling …
(edit) @3145   3 years gronemeier Use MOST for km only in RANS mode
(edit) @3143   3 years maronga modified calculation of surface resistance in land surface scheme
(edit) @3142   3 years suehring Bugfix in referencing buildings on orography top; minor bugfix for …
(edit) @3139   3 years Giersch Bugfix in calculation of alpha_attack and Bugfix for restarts in …
(edit) @3138   3 years maronga bugfix for sea surfaces with constant_roughness = .F.
(edit) @3137   3 years maronga minor bugfix in radiation model
(edit) @3136   3 years suehring Limit roughness for heat and moisture in case it exceeds the …
(edit) @3135   3 years gronemeier Bugfix: add +1 to c_3 according to Sogachev et al. (2012)
(edit) @3133   3 years maronga bugfix for last commit
(edit) @3132   3 years raasch create consistent error messages in case of failed restarts, check …
(edit) @3131   3 years gronemeier update run control of test case
(edit) @3130   3 years gronemeier calculate km according to MOST within the surface layer
(edit) @3129   3 years gronemeier merge with branch rans: update of rans mode and data output
(edit) @3127   3 years maronga bugfix for high vegetation surface temperatures
(edit) @3126   3 years gronemeier bugfix for pgi compiler: assign value of c_0 directly to variable …
(edit) @3123   3 years suehring Correct working precision for REAL and INTEGER numbers
(edit) @3122   3 years maronga bugfix in radiation model that inhibited surface reflections
(edit) @3121   3 years gronemeier consider wall function for Km within production_e_init
(edit) @3120   3 years gronemeier implementation of dynamic sgs model
(edit) @3118   3 years knoop Bugfix: palm_find_lowest_available_error_number is now able to find …
(edit) @3117   3 years maronga bugfixes in RRTMG interface
(edit) @3116   3 years suehring Output of radiation terms at surface
(edit) @3115   3 years suehring Separate bridges as 3D building objects from normal surface-mounted …
(edit) @3107   3 years suehring Bugfix, missing index for dz
(edit) @3106   3 years suehring Slightly revise check for input of surface_fraction
(edit) @3103   3 years suehring Reference lowest terrain height to zero level; new check for negative …
(edit) @3091   3 years suehring Limit aerodynamic resistance at vertial building walls; check for …
(edit) @3089   3 years suehring Revise call for message routine in case of local data inconsistencies
(edit) @3086   3 years gronemeier bugfix: set standard value for rans_const_sigma
(edit) @3084   3 years gronemeier bugfix: limit increase of dt_3d only in case of RANS mode
(edit) @3083   3 years gronemeier merge with branch rans
(edit) @3069   3 years witha Initialization of some arrays changed
(edit) @3068   3 years Giersch Warning message related to vertical grid stretching has been added, …
(edit) @3067   3 years suehring Remove write statements
(edit) @3066   3 years Giersch Error messages related to the new vertical grid stretching revised, …
(edit) @3065   3 years Giersch New vertical stretching procedure has been introduced
(edit) @3058   3 years raasch bugfix: wrong error number in r3057 revised
(edit) @3057   3 years raasch bugfix: check that nz is even in case that optimized multigrid is used
(edit) @3056   3 years Giersch Bugfix in case of restarts using cyclic fill
(edit) @3055   3 years suehring Bugfix, initialization of surface elements also in case of restart …
(edit) @3054   3 years gronemeier bugfix: force MPI abort if errors occur while reading bld heights from …
(edit) @3053   3 years suehring Revise checks for relative surface fractions of vegetation, pavement …
(edit) @3052   3 years raasch Do not open FORTRAN binary files in case of parallel netCDF I/O
(edit) @3051   3 years suehring Speed-up NetCDF input; Revise NetCDF-input routines and remove input …
(edit) @3049   3 years Giersch Revision history corrected
(edit) @3048   3 years gronemeier add variable description
(edit) @3046   3 years Giersch Remaining error messages revised, comments extended
(edit) @3045   3 years Giersch Code adjusted according to coding standards, renamed namelists, error …
(edit) @3044   3 years gronemeier add missing variable descriptions
(edit) @3043   3 years raasch check for setting of fast_io_catalog, update of default …
(edit) @3042   3 years schwenkel Changed the name specific humidity to mixing ratio
(edit) @3041   3 years gronemeier Add read of global attributes of static driver
(edit) @3040   3 years schwenkel Changed the name specific humidity to mixing ratio
(edit) @3039   3 years schwenkel bugfix for lcm with grid stretching
(edit) @3038   3 years gronemeier updated variable description
(edit) @3037   3 years gronemeier renamed input dimension "depth" to "zsoil"
(edit) @3036   3 years gronemeier renamed input variables according to UC2 data standard
(edit) @3035   3 years schwenkel Add option to initialize warm air bubble close to surface
(edit) @3034   3 years raasch bugfix: check that initializing_actions has been set
(edit) @3033   3 years raasch keyword correction
(edit) @3032   3 years raasch keyword correction
(edit) @3031   3 years knoop Initial structure of the TESTS directory added (WIP).
(edit) @3030   3 years raasch variable if renamed ivar
(edit) @3029   3 years raasch bugfix: close unit 151 instead of 90
(edit) @3028   3 years knoop added separate size specification for log_point and log_point_s
(edit) @3027   3 years knoop Added awesome lowest available log_piont index finder script
(edit) @3026   3 years schwenkel Changed the name specific humidity to mixing ratio
(edit) @3025   3 years raasch -T option not required for interactive runs (tasks per node = total …
(edit) @3024   3 years knoop Added awesome lowest available error number finder script
(edit) @3022   3 years suehring Revise recent bugfix in nested runs at left and south boundary; bugfix …
(edit) @3021   3 years maronga bugfixes for nested runs
(edit) @3020   3 years hellstea Bugfix in pmci_define_loglaw_correction_parameters
(edit) @3019   3 years maronga disabled suspicious MPI_BARRIER, speed-up of NetCDF input
(edit) @3016   3 years Giersch Dollar sign added before Id; Revised structure of reading svf data …
(edit) @3014   3 years maronga series of bugfixes
(edit) @3013   3 years Giersch revision history updated
(edit) @3012   3 years Giersch To avoid jumps while plotting w-profiles w level nzt+1 is set to w …
(edit) @3011   3 years schwenkel removed redundant if statement
(edit) @3010   3 years Giersch The copying of spectra and time series output from temporary folder to …
(edit) @3004   3 years Giersch precipitation_rate removed, further allocation checks for data output …
(edit) @3003   3 years Giersch Bugfix: W* and Z_I in the first line of the run control file of …
(edit) @3001   4 years suehring Bugfix, replace MERGE function by an if-condition in the anterpolation …
(edit) @2997   4 years suehring Mask topography grid points in anterpolation.
(edit) @2995   4 years Giersch Bugfixes related to spinup and radiation model
(edit) @2993   4 years raasch bugfix of r2990
(edit) @2990   4 years raasch bugfix: temporary SOURCES_FOR_RUN_CATALOG now created in …
(edit) @2984   4 years hellstea Bugfix in the log-law correction initialization and removal of the …
(edit) @2983   4 years suehring Revise limitation of wall-adjacent velocity in spinup
(edit) @2980   4 years suehring Improvement for spinup checks concering consistency in nesting mode
(edit) @2978   4 years schwenkel Bugfix in particle analyze tool
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