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(edit) @3248   4 years sward Minor format changes
(edit) @3247   4 years sward parin_fail_message now also outputs the line number at which namelist …
(edit) @3246   4 years sward Added error handling for wrong input parameters
(edit) @3245   4 years knoop Bugfix: wrong use of surf_lsm_h changed to surf_usm_h
(edit) @3241   4 years raasch various changes to avoid compiler warnings (mainly removal of unused …
(edit) @3240   4 years Giersch Bufgix for an error message in case of restarts and user-defined profiles
(edit) @3236   4 years raasch host identifier in header output renamed config. identifier, …
(edit) @3235   4 years sward Bugfix in MAS output, added related messages, reworked MAS cpu logging
(edit) @3234   4 years schwenkel The increase of dots_num in case of radiation or land surface model …
(edit) @3233   4 years schwenkel Adapted for the use of cloud_droplets
(edit) @3232   4 years raasch references to mrun replaced by palmrun, and updated
(edit) @3231   4 years schwenkel Bugfix for microphysic scheme = saturation_adjustment
(edit) @3230   4 years schwenkel Bugfix in radiation_constant_surf
(edit) @3229   4 years sward Bugfix: maximum time per log point now includes PE0
(edit) @3226   4 years suehring Bugfixes in calculation of sky-view and canopy-sink factors
(edit) @3225   4 years kanani Correct revision messages of last commit
(edit) @3224   4 years kanani Fix for progress bar, minor changes
(edit) @3223   4 years suehring Bugfix for last commit
(edit) @3222   4 years suehring Introduction of addtional surface variables indicating type and name …
(edit) @3217   4 years suehring Revise calculation of index bounds for array index_list, prevent …
(edit) @3216   4 years sward Bugfix for gfortran: reordering of type definitions
(edit) @3215   4 years suehring changes for commit 3209 documented
(edit) @3210   4 years sward Minor bugfix in agent_preprocessing
(edit) @3209   4 years suehring Additional namelist parameter to switch on/off the nesting of chemical …
(edit) @3208   4 years sward Renamed nav_mesh to agent_preprocessing and added it to palmbuild
(edit) @3207   4 years schwenkel Minor bugfix for sgs-velocities in case of cloud droplets
(edit) @3206   4 years raasch configuration file with debug options for Intel added
(edit) @3205   4 years raasch Intel compiler options revised in configuration files
(edit) @3204   4 years raasch additional check for nz
(edit) @3203   4 years suehring Revise bulk parameter for emissivity at ground-floor level
(edit) @3202   4 years Giersch Unix-Shell in palmplot script has been changed from ksh to bash
(edit) @3201   4 years sward Added missing preprocessor directive, corrected default value for restarts
(edit) @3200   4 years suehring Missing pre-processor directive
(edit) @3199   4 years raasch module_commands and login_init_cmd in config files have been modified
(edit) @3198   4 years sward Added MAS end time, used time_since_reference_point, corrected …
(edit) @3197   4 years knoop Bugfix: corrected name of file "palm2doxygen.config"
(edit) @3196   4 years maronga set maximum value for aerodynamic resistance over horiztonal surfaces
(edit) @3193   4 years witha Updated config files for ForWind? cluster EDDY
(edit) @3189   4 years Giersch Interpolation to particle position revised, indent revised, bugfix in …
(edit) @3187   4 years sward Reworked agent pathfinding and modified output
(edit) @3186   4 years suehring Mask topography while imposing inflow perturbations at the boundaries; …
(edit) @3184   4 years suehring Bugfix in setting of passive scalar and chemistry top boundary condary …
(edit) @3183   4 years suehring last commit documented
(edit) @3182   4 years suehring New Inifor features: grid stretching, improved command-interface, …
(edit) @3178   4 years suehring Revise concept for calculation of radiative temperature
(edit) @3176   4 years suehring Major bugfix in calculation of ol and ts at building roofs; bugfix in …
(edit) @3175   4 years suehring Bugfix for commit 3172
(edit) @3174   4 years Giersch Bugfix in reading NAMELIST user_parameters, bugfix in wind turbine …
(edit) @3173   4 years suehring Further revision of 2D surface output for radiation and chemistry …
(edit) @3172   4 years suehring temporal work-around for calculation of effective radiative surface …
(edit) @3170   4 years suehring Bugfix in radiation forcing in case of RRTMG; further bugfix in output …
(edit) @3168   4 years sward Updated NetCDF variable names
(edit) @3167   4 years suehring Bugfix, missing dependencies for multi-agent model
(edit) @3165   4 years sward Added agent ID output
(edit) @3163   4 years witha Updated/added config files for ForWind? cluster EDDY
(edit) @3162   4 years Giersch Default value of dz_max has changed to a more uncommon value of 999. …
(edit) @3161   4 years maronga increased roughness lengths for asphalt
(edit) @3160   4 years sward Changed C_SIZEOF to STORAGE_SIZE
(edit) @3159   4 years sward Added multi agent system
(edit) @3157   4 years maronga added local free convection velocity scale in calculation of …
(edit) @3156   4 years knoop Bugfix: replaced usage of the pt array with the surf%pt_surface array …
(edit) @3155   4 years knoop Bugfix: replaced usage of the pt array with the surf%pt_surface array …
(edit) @3152   4 years suehring Further adjustments for surface structure
(edit) @3151   4 years raasch output of PALM code revision number in palmrun header, some …
(edit) @3149   4 years maronga correct accidental commit
(edit) @3148   4 years maronga last commit documented
(edit) @3147   4 years maronga last commit documented
(edit) @3146   4 years maronga major bugfix in calculation of Obukhov length and subsequent handling …
(edit) @3145   4 years gronemeier Use MOST for km only in RANS mode
(edit) @3143   4 years maronga modified calculation of surface resistance in land surface scheme
(edit) @3142   4 years suehring Bugfix in referencing buildings on orography top; minor bugfix for …
(edit) @3139   4 years Giersch Bugfix in calculation of alpha_attack and Bugfix for restarts in …
(edit) @3138   4 years maronga bugfix for sea surfaces with constant_roughness = .F.
(edit) @3137   4 years maronga minor bugfix in radiation model
(edit) @3136   4 years suehring Limit roughness for heat and moisture in case it exceeds the …
(edit) @3135   4 years gronemeier Bugfix: add +1 to c_3 according to Sogachev et al. (2012)
(edit) @3133   4 years maronga bugfix for last commit
(edit) @3132   4 years raasch create consistent error messages in case of failed restarts, check …
(edit) @3131   4 years gronemeier update run control of test case
(edit) @3130   4 years gronemeier calculate km according to MOST within the surface layer
(edit) @3129   4 years gronemeier merge with branch rans: update of rans mode and data output
(edit) @3127   4 years maronga bugfix for high vegetation surface temperatures
(edit) @3126   4 years gronemeier bugfix for pgi compiler: assign value of c_0 directly to variable …
(edit) @3123   4 years suehring Correct working precision for REAL and INTEGER numbers
(edit) @3122   4 years maronga bugfix in radiation model that inhibited surface reflections
(edit) @3121   4 years gronemeier consider wall function for Km within production_e_init
(edit) @3120   4 years gronemeier implementation of dynamic sgs model
(edit) @3118   4 years knoop Bugfix: palm_find_lowest_available_error_number is now able to find …
(edit) @3117   4 years maronga bugfixes in RRTMG interface
(edit) @3116   4 years suehring Output of radiation terms at surface
(edit) @3115   4 years suehring Separate bridges as 3D building objects from normal surface-mounted …
(edit) @3107   4 years suehring Bugfix, missing index for dz
(edit) @3106   4 years suehring Slightly revise check for input of surface_fraction
(edit) @3103   4 years suehring Reference lowest terrain height to zero level; new check for negative …
(edit) @3091   4 years suehring Limit aerodynamic resistance at vertial building walls; check for …
(edit) @3089   4 years suehring Revise call for message routine in case of local data inconsistencies
(edit) @3086   4 years gronemeier bugfix: set standard value for rans_const_sigma
(edit) @3084   4 years gronemeier bugfix: limit increase of dt_3d only in case of RANS mode
(edit) @3083   4 years gronemeier merge with branch rans
(edit) @3069   4 years witha Initialization of some arrays changed
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