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(edit) @2768   6 years kanani Added parameter check, reduced line length, some formatting
(edit) @2767   6 years knoop Added _static and _dynamic file-support to palmtest
(edit) @2766   6 years kanani Removal of chem directive, plus minor changes
(edit) @2765   6 years maronga major bugfix in calculation of aerodynamic resistance for vertical …
(edit) @2764   6 years gronemeier Bugfix: remove duplicate SAVE statements
(edit) @2762   6 years raasch file connection file is taken by default from trunk/SCRIPTS
(edit) @2759   6 years suehring Major bugfix in horizontal diffusion of all scalar quantities at …
(edit) @2758   6 years suehring Bugfix, no initial masking of wind velocity at first prognostic grid …
(edit) @2756   7 years suehring Fill values for 3D data output of chemical species introduced
(edit) @2753   7 years suehring Tile approach for spectral albedo implemented.
(edit) @2751   7 years knoop Temporally removed ex_lsm_clearsky testcase due to unresolved NetCDF Error
(edit) @2750   7 years knoop reduced linelength to meet Fortran standard 132 collumns line width
(edit) @2749   7 years raasch bugfix for BININ file connection statement
(edit) @2747   7 years suehring Bugfix, topography is rounded to the nearest discrete grid level
(edit) @2746   7 years suehring Read information from statitic driver for resolved vegetation …
(edit) @2743   7 years suehring In case of natural- and urban-type surfaces output surfaces fluxes in W/m2
(edit) @2742   7 years suehring Output of surface temperature tsurf* at urban- and natural-type surfaces
(edit) @2737   7 years kanani Removed unused variables t_surf_whole…
(edit) @2735   7 years suehring Output of resistance also urban-type surfaces
(edit) @2733   7 years raasch some old files which are not required any more have been removed
(edit) @2732   7 years raasch bugfix: keyword Rev set for scrpts palmrun and palmbuild
(edit) @2731   7 years suehring Enable vectorization by splitting the k-loop
(edit) @2729   7 years maronga input of deep soil temperature separated from prognostic soil temperature
(edit) @2728   7 years maronga adjustments in spinup mechanism
(edit) @2726   7 years kanani Exclude spinup time from progress bar
(edit) @2725   7 years kanani Updated ex_lsm_clearsky_rc
(edit) @2724   7 years maronga some changes in spinup mechanism and additional check in land surface model
(edit) @2723   7 years maronga bugfixes for spinup mechanism to work with lsm+usm+radiation
(edit) @2720   7 years kanani update of palm version
(edit) @2719   7 years maronga bugfix for last commit
(edit) @2718   7 years maronga deleting of deprecated files; headers updated where needed
(edit) @2717   7 years kanani svn propset on palmrungui file
(edit) @2716   7 years kanani Correction of "Former revisions" section
(edit) @2715   7 years raasch last commit documented
(edit) @2714   7 years raasch bugfix: variable cycle explicitly interpreted with 10 as the number base
(edit) @2713   7 years raasch bugfix for file connection statement
(edit) @2712   7 years kanani Formatting and clean-up of vertical_nesting_mod
(edit) @2711   7 years suehring Subroutine renamed in order to avoid some double naming
(edit) @2710   7 years suehring changes documented
(edit) @2709   7 years suehring Bugfixes in CFL check; non-allocated array used in 1D decomposition
(edit) @2707   7 years suehring changes documented
(edit) @2706   7 years suehring Bugfixes in radiation and restarts in LSM
(edit) @2705   7 years maronga minor bugfix for restarts
(edit) @2703   7 years maronga workaround to keep aerodyn. resistances positive in urban surface model
(edit) @2701   7 years suehring changes from last commit documented
(edit) @2700   7 years suehring Bugfix, missing initialization of surface attributes in case of …
(edit) @2699   7 years kanani Adjustment of chemistry gasphase preprocessor
(edit) @2698   7 years suehring Particle reflections at downward-facing walls; revision of particle …
(edit) @2697   7 years kanani Bugfix: missing dependencies in Makefile
(edit) @2696   7 years kanani Merge of branch palm4u into trunk
(edit) @2693   7 years raasch replacement of variables in configuration file is done in a more …
(edit) @2690   7 years knoop moved from automatic installer to trunk
(edit) @2689   7 years Giersch Bugfix in if query.
(edit) @2688   7 years Giersch Error message PA0476 added. Bugfix in case of coupled runs.
(edit) @2674   7 years suehring Bugfix in output conversion of resolved-scale momentum fluxes in case …
(edit) @2670   7 years raasch test printouts removed
(edit) @2669   7 years raasch file attributes and activation strings in .palm.iofiles revised, file …
(edit) @2663   7 years suehring Bugfix, wrong coarse-grid index in init_tkefactor used.
(edit) @2644   7 years raasch further bugfix for r2636 (wrong datatype used for allocation)
(edit) @2639   7 years raasch bugfix for r2638: switchback to palmrun r2636
(edit) @2638   7 years raasch bugfix for cases with constant top momentumflux
(edit) @2636   7 years raasch bugfix for reading required for parrallel random number generator
(edit) @2632   7 years schwenkel bugfix in write statement
(edit) @2630   7 years schwenkel enable particle advection with grid stretching and some formatation …
(edit) @2629   7 years schwenkel enable particle advection with grid stretching and some formatation …
(edit) @2628   7 years schwenkel enable particle advection with grid stretching and some formatation …
(edit) @2618   7 years suehring Reorder calls for initializing surface quantities and give example of …
(edit) @2617   7 years suehring Avoid that the mean reference state in buoyancy term does not become zero
(edit) @2610   7 years raasch use of wildcards in file connection statements enabled, bugfix in …
(edit) @2609   7 years schwenkel Integrated subroutine pack_and_sort into lpm_sort_in_subboxes
(edit) @2608   7 years schwenkel Inital revision of diagnostic_quantities_mod allows unified …
(edit) @2606   7 years schwenkel Modified particle box location and further changes in particle model
(edit) @2605   7 years raasch input files are not sent with remote batch job file any more
(edit) @2604   7 years schwenkel last commit documented
(edit) @2602   7 years hellstea Bug fixes and cleaning up in pmc_interface_mod
(edit) @2601   7 years scharf added emissivity to radiation namelist
(edit) @2600   7 years raasch small changes concerning r2599, cycle number are now three digits wide
(edit) @2599   7 years hellstea i/o grouping update for nested runs
(edit) @2583   7 years knoop Bugfix: reverted MPI_Win_allocate_cptr introduction in last commit
(edit) @2582   7 years hellstea pmc bugfix and gfortran workaround
(edit) @2579   7 years knoop palmtest now testing for multiple cpu-setups
(edit) @2576   7 years Giersch Bugfixes for restart runs
(edit) @2575   7 years maronga bugfix in radiation model and improvements in land surface scheme
(edit) @2574   7 years Giersch Bugfix: Increased length of the character string * end *
(edit) @2573   7 years scharf commit documented
(edit) @2572   7 years scharf bugfixes in lsm_last_actions
(edit) @2569   7 years kanani Removed redundant code in boundary_conds
(edit) @2566   7 years raasch palmrun adjusted for grid engine batch systems, informative messages …
(edit) @2564   7 years Giersch Bugfix: Variable wind_turbine changed to module control_parameters
(edit) @2563   7 years Giersch Restart runs with the usage of the wind turbine model are possible …
(edit) @2559   7 years gronemeier added netcdf output files to list of input files for restarts
(edit) @2556   7 years scharf updated ex_lsm_clearsky
(edit) @2554   7 years raasch in some configuration files have been removed from comment lines
(edit) @2553   7 years Giersch Changed programming style and bugfixes
(edit) @2551   7 years raasch TEMPDIR added as replacement string to be used in batch directives
(edit) @2550   7 years boeske enable simulations with complex terrain
(edit) @2549   7 years knoop enabled nesting file connection statements on default in .palm.oifiles
(edit) @2548   7 years schwenkel Bugfix for r2547
(edit) @2547   7 years schwenkel extended by cloud_droplets option
(edit) @2544   7 years maronga introduced new module date_and_time_mod
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