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(edit) @4843   18 months raasch local namelist parameter added to switch off the module although the …
(edit) @4808   19 months eckhard Small error handling improvements - Added offending height values to …
(edit) @4790   20 months eckhard inifor: Validate netCDF dimensions of COSMO input files
(edit) @4756   20 months eckhard inifor: Fixed an error in surface pressure extrapolation
(edit) @4715   21 months eckhard inifor: Make LODs for top boundary conditions consistent with PALM
(edit) @4714   21 months eckhard inifor: Fixed off-by-one indexing error for profile quantities
(edit) @4675   22 months eckhard Support for homogeneous (domain-averaged) boundary conditions and soil …
(edit) @4659   22 months eckhard inifor: Support for COSMO cloud water and precipitation
(edit) @4569   2 years eckhard Removed unused variable
(edit) @4568   2 years eckhard Handle COSMO soil data with and without additional surface temperature
(edit) @4553   2 years eckhard Fixed domain extend check, readablity and documentation improvements
(edit) @4538   2 years eckhard inifor: Fix issue where --elevation/-z option was ignored, make it …
(edit) @4523   2 years eckhard fixed constant-density pressure extrapolation, respect integer working …
(edit) @4499   2 years eckhard bugfix for explicit loop in 'reverse' subroutine, updated test suite
(edit) @4481   2 years maronga Bugfix for copyright updates in document_changes; copyright update …
(edit) @4475   2 years gronemeier bugfixes/changes to INIFOR: - c: revise output format in routine …
(edit) @4074   3 years eckhard inifor: Changed initialization mode from 'volume' to 'profile'
(edit) @4019   3 years eckhard inifor: bugfix: Fix wrong z_top height with gfortran -O2/-O3
(edit) @3997   3 years eckhard inifor: Read origin_z from static driver if given; alert user to warnings
(edit) @3867   3 years eckhard Fix 'kinds.mod0' build issue
(edit) @3866   3 years eckhard inifor: Use PALM's working precision; improved error handling, coding …
(edit) @3802   3 years raasch unused variables removed, unused subroutines commented out, type …
(edit) @3801   3 years eckhard inifor: Read COSMO rotated pole from dataset, check if PALM domain …
(edit) @3785   3 years eckhard inifor: Removed unused variables, improved coding style
(edit) @3779   3 years eckhard inifor: bugfix: Fixes issue #815 with geostrophic wind profiles
(edit) @3765   3 years eckhard inifor: bugfix: added change missing form last commit
(edit) @3764   3 years eckhard inifor: bugfix: removed dependency on radiation input files
(edit) @3716   3 years eckhard inifor: bugfix: removed dependency on soilmoisture input files; added …
(edit) @3680   3 years knoop Added cpp-option netcdf to inifor
(edit) @3678   3 years eckhard inifor: bugfix: avoid empty averaging regions, check if all input …
(edit) @3618   4 years eckhard inifor: Prefixed all INIFOR modules with inifor_ and removed unused …
(edit) @3615   4 years raasch bugfix for last commit: abort replaced by inifor_abort
(edit) @3614   4 years raasch unused variables removed, abort renamed inifor_abort to avoid …
(edit) @3613   4 years eckhard inifor: Average initial profiles over the PALM, not the geostrophic, region
(edit) @3557   4 years eckhard inifor: Updated documentation
(edit) @3537   4 years eckhard inifor: COSMO-D2 support
(edit) @3534   4 years raasch inifor integrated in build mechanism, some bugfixes in inifor to avoid …
(edit) @3456   4 years eckhard inifor: Removed surface forcing and internal arrays from netCDF output
(edit) @3447   4 years eckhard inifor: Renamed source files for compatibilty with PALM build system
(edit) @3401   4 years eckhard inifor: Re-compute geostrophic winds every time step
(edit) @3396   4 years eckhard inifor: Re-add lost files
(edit) @3395   4 years eckhard inifor: Added computation of geostrophic winds from COSMO input
(edit) @3262   4 years eckhard Removed unnecessary file check
(edit) @3183   4 years suehring last commit documented
(edit) @3182   4 years suehring New Inifor features: grid stretching, improved command-interface, …
(edit) @2718   4 years maronga deleting of deprecated files; headers updated where needed
(add) @2696   5 years kanani Merge of branch palm4u into trunk
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