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(edit) @3646   3 years kanani Bugfix: replace simulated_time by time_since_reference_point where required
(edit) @3636   3 years raasch nopointer option removed
(edit) @3634   3 years knoop OpenACC port for SPEC
(edit) @3550   3 years gronemeier calculate diss production same in vector and cache optimization; move …
(edit) @3545   3 years gronemeier removed debug output; removed rans_mode from namelist; altered order …
(edit) @3430   3 years maronga added support for buildings with dynamic sgs model
(edit) @3398   3 years knoop Refactored production_e and production_e_ij (removed code redundancy)
(edit) @3386   3 years gronemeier renamed tcm_prognostic to tcm_prognostic_equations
(edit) @3385   3 years knoop Bugfix: replaced a wrong usage of "surf_lsm_h" with the correct …
(edit) @3361   3 years knoop Introduced global constant rd_d_rv=0.622
(edit) @3359   3 years knoop Restructured loops and ifs in production_e to ease vectorization on GPUs
(edit) @3300   3 years gronemeier bugfix: rename of variable
(edit) @3299   3 years gronemeier removed global array and call of function MAXLOC; updated include …
(edit) @3294   3 years raasch modularization of the ocean code
(edit) @3274   3 years knoop Modularization of all bulk cloud physics code components
(edit) @3245   3 years knoop Bugfix: wrong use of surf_lsm_h changed to surf_usm_h
(edit) @3241   3 years raasch various changes to avoid compiler warnings (mainly removal of unused …
(edit) @3183   3 years suehring last commit documented
(edit) @3182   3 years suehring New Inifor features: grid stretching, improved command-interface, …
(edit) @3145   3 years gronemeier Use MOST for km only in RANS mode
(edit) @3130   3 years gronemeier calculate km according to MOST within the surface layer
(edit) @3129   3 years gronemeier merge with branch rans: update of rans mode and data output
(edit) @3121   3 years gronemeier consider wall function for Km within production_e_init
(edit) @3120   3 years gronemeier implementation of dynamic sgs model
(edit) @3086   3 years gronemeier bugfix: set standard value for rans_const_sigma
(edit) @3083   3 years gronemeier merge with branch rans
(edit) @3045   3 years Giersch Code adjusted according to coding standards, renamed namelists, error …
(edit) @3014   3 years maronga series of bugfixes
(edit) @3004   3 years Giersch precipitation_rate removed, further allocation checks for data output …
(edit) @2938   3 years suehring Nesting in RANS-LES and RANS-RANS mode enabled; synthetic turbulence …
(copy) @2918   3 years gronemeier moved initialization of mixing length to turbulence_closure_mod; …
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