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(edit) @557   13 years weinreis bugfix message string in set_mask_locations
(edit) @496   14 years raasch last commit documented
(edit) @495   14 years raasch Particle data for restart runs are only written if write_binary=true
(edit) @484   14 years raasch typo in file headers removed
(edit) @482   14 years raasch New: --- compare_palm_logs is additionally compiled with mbuild -u …
(edit) @389   14 years raasch version 3.7 set in palm.f90
(edit) @234   15 years raasch updating version number and rc-file
(edit) @226   15 years raasch preparations for the next release
(edit) @215   15 years raasch precompilation mechanism completely revised: now one depository per …
(edit) @206   15 years raasch ocean-atmosphere coupling realized with MPI-1, adjustments in mrun, …
(edit) @198   15 years raasch file headers updated for the next release 3.5
(edit) @197   15 years raasch further adjustments for SGI and other small changes
(edit) @164   16 years raasch optimization of transpositions for 2D decompositions, workaround for …
(edit) @114   16 years raasch preliminary updates for implementing buildings in poismg
(edit) @110   16 years raasch New: --- Allows runs for a coupled atmosphere-ocean LES, coupling …
(edit) @108   17 years letzel - Improved coupler: evaporation - salinity-flux coupling for humidity …
(edit) @102   17 years raasch preliminary version for coupled runs
(edit) @97   17 years raasch New: --- ocean version including prognostic equation for salinity and …
(edit) @90   17 years raasch New: --- Calculation and output of user-defined profiles. New &userpar …
(edit) @83   17 years raasch New: --- Changed: ------- PALM can be generally installed on any …
(edit) @77   17 years raasch New: --- particle reflection from vertical walls implemented, …
(edit) @75   17 years raasch preliminary update for changes concerning non-cyclic boundary conditions
(edit) @70   17 years raasch bugs fixed for particle code and bc-scheme
(edit) @57   17 years raasch preliminary update of further changes, advec_particles is not running!
(edit) @4   17 years raasch Id keyword set as property for all *.f90 files
(edit) @3   17 years raasch RCS Log replace by Id keyword, revision history cleaned up
(add) @1   17 years raasch Initial repository layout and content
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