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(edit) @1682   9 years knoop Code annotations made doxygen readable
(edit) @1323   10 years raasch last commit documented
(edit) @1322   10 years raasch REAL functions and a lot of REAL constants provided with …
(edit) @1321   10 years raasch last commit documented
(edit) @1320   10 years raasch ONLY-attribute added to USE-statements, kind-parameters added to all …
(edit) @1310   10 years raasch update of GPL copyright
(edit) @1093   11 years raasch last commit documented
(edit) @1092   11 years raasch unused variables remove from several routines
(edit) @1037   12 years raasch last commit documented
(edit) @1036   12 years raasch code has been put under the GNU General Public License (v3)
(edit) @484   14 years raasch typo in file headers removed
(edit) @226   15 years raasch preparations for the next release
(edit) @225   15 years raasch bugfixes concerning cpu time measurements and calculation of spectra …
(edit) @83   17 years raasch New: --- Changed: ------- PALM can be generally installed on any …
(edit) @82   17 years raasch vorlaeufige Standalone-Version fuer Linux-Cluster
(edit) @4   17 years raasch Id keyword set as property for all *.f90 files
(edit) @3   17 years raasch RCS Log replace by Id keyword, revision history cleaned up
(add) @1   17 years raasch Initial repository layout and content
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