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(edit) @3727   4 years gronemeier New: surface output available in NetCDF format (Makefile, …
(edit) @3700   4 years knoop Moved user_define_netdf_grid into user_module.f90 Added module …
(edit) @3687   4 years knoop Moved all user routunes that are dependencies of the PALM core only, …
(edit) @3685   4 years knoop Some interface calls moved to module_interface + cleanup
(edit) @3684   4 years knoop Enabled module_interface_actions in time_integration and …
(edit) @3679   4 years knoop removed explicit .f90 file dependency in Makefile
(edit) @3656   4 years knoop Bigfix: added missing dependency random_function_mod to Makefile entry …
(edit) @3648   4 years suehring Rename surface_output_mod into surface_data_output_mod, same with all …
(edit) @3637   4 years knoop M Makefile
(edit) @3634   4 years knoop OpenACC port for SPEC
(edit) @3579   4 years suehring Bugfix in initialization of synthetic turbulence generator and …
(edit) @3569   4 years kanani Fix for biomet output (ticket:757), merge of uv_exposure into …
(edit) @3525   4 years kanani Changes related to clean-up of biometeorology (by dom_dwd_user)
(edit) @3522   4 years suehring Sampling of variables extended in virtual measurement module
(edit) @3494   4 years suehring Surface output revised and some bugs are fixed + new post-processing …
(edit) @3474   4 years kanani Add netcdf input for uv exposure model (netcdf_data_input_mod, …
(edit) @3473   4 years suehring Bugfix for previous commit
(edit) @3472   4 years suehring module for virtual measurements added (in a preliminary state); new …
(edit) @3469   4 years kanani Implement indoor climate and energy demand model
(edit) @3467   4 years suehring Branch salsa @3446 re-integrated into trunk
(edit) @3458   4 years kanani Reintegrated fixes/changes from branch chemistry
(edit) @3448   4 years kanani Implementation of human thermal indices (from branch biomet_p2 at r3444)
(edit) @3436   4 years gronemeier bugfix: add dependencies to user_data_output_mask
(edit) @3435   4 years gronemeier new: terrain-following masked output; bugfixes: increase vertical …
(edit) @3421   4 years gronemeier new surface-data output; renamed output variables (pt to theta, …
(edit) @3381   4 years raasch spin-up cooling for ocean surface implemented, see new parameter …
(edit) @3355   4 years knoop removed calc_radiation.f90 and related cloud_top_radiation namelist …
(edit) @3347   4 years suehring Offline nesting revised and separated from large_scale_forcing_mod; …
(edit) @3337   4 years kanani reintegrate branch resler to trunk
(edit) @3322   4 years kanani Minor formatting, clean-up
(edit) @3298   4 years kanani Merge chemistry branch at r3297 to trunk
(edit) @3294   4 years raasch modularization of the ocean code
(edit) @3274   4 years knoop Modularization of all bulk cloud physics code components
(edit) @3235   4 years sward Bugfix in MAS output, added related messages, reworked MAS cpu logging
(edit) @3167   4 years suehring Bugfix, missing dependencies for multi-agent model
(edit) @3159   4 years sward Added multi agent system
(edit) @3130   4 years gronemeier calculate km according to MOST within the surface layer
(edit) @3129   4 years gronemeier merge with branch rans: update of rans mode and data output
(edit) @3083   4 years gronemeier merge with branch rans
(edit) @2963   5 years suehring Minor revision of static input file checks, bugfix in initialization …
(edit) @2955   5 years suehring Revise topography filter; extend checks for consistent setting of …
(edit) @2938   5 years suehring Nesting in RANS-LES and RANS-RANS mode enabled; synthetic turbulence …
(edit) @2934   5 years suehring Synchronize parent and child model after initialization and spinup …
(edit) @2921   5 years Giersch further inipar parameter has been added to restart data, bugfix in …
(edit) @2918   5 years gronemeier moved initialization of mixing length to turbulence_closure_mod; …
(edit) @2912   5 years knoop Added gust module interface calls to restart data modules
(edit) @2894   5 years Giersch Reading/Writing? data in case of restart runs revised
(edit) @2847   5 years knoop Changed Makefile format and enforced sorting
(edit) @2817   5 years knoop Preliminary gust module interface implemented
(edit) @2802   5 years thiele Bugfix for r2801, Makefile updated
(edit) @2773   5 years suehring Nesting for chemical species implemented; Bugfix passive scalar …
(edit) @2718   5 years maronga deleting of deprecated files; headers updated where needed
(edit) @2716   5 years kanani Correction of "Former revisions" section
(edit) @2697   5 years kanani Bugfix: missing dependencies in Makefile
(edit) @2696   5 years kanani Merge of branch palm4u into trunk
(edit) @2608   5 years schwenkel Inital revision of diagnostic_quantities_mod allows unified …
(edit) @2600   5 years raasch small changes concerning r2599, cycle number are now three digits wide
(edit) @2599   5 years hellstea i/o grouping update for nested runs
(edit) @2576   5 years Giersch Bugfixes for restart runs
(edit) @2563   5 years Giersch Restart runs with the usage of the wind turbine model are possible …
(edit) @2544   5 years maronga introduced new module date_and_time_mod
(edit) @2371   5 years kanani Corrected dependencies for vertical_nesting_mod
(edit) @2370   5 years raasch dependency bugfix for synthetic_turbulence_generator
(edit) @2365   5 years kanani Vertical nesting implemented (SadiqHuq?)
(edit) @2359   5 years hellstea Minor bugfix in nesting initialization
(edit) @2339   5 years gronemeier corrected timestamp in header
(edit) @2338   5 years gronemeier modularized 1d model
(edit) @2320   5 years suehring large-scale forcing and nudging modularized
(edit) @2318   5 years suehring get topograpyhy top index via function call
(edit) @2317   5 years suehring get topograpyh top index via function call
(edit) @2296   5 years maronga added new spinup mechanism for surface/radiation models
(edit) @2269   5 years suehring Enable restarts with USM with different number of PEs; some bugfixes …
(edit) @2263   5 years schwenkel Implemented splitting and merging algorithm
(edit) @2259   5 years gronemeier Implemented synthetic turbulence generator
(edit) @2256   6 years suehring change default value of zeta_min; enable scalar/heat/water-fluxes at …
(edit) @2238   6 years suehring Further bugfixes in Makefile; remove unnecessary module load in init_pegrid
(edit) @2237   6 years suehring Bugfixes in Makefile and land_surface_model_mod
(edit) @2233   6 years suehring last commit documented
(edit) @2232   6 years suehring Adjustments according new topography and surface-modelling concept …
(edit) @2176   6 years knoop Bugfix: update example_cbl_rc for installation reference
(edit) @2131   6 years raasch last commit documented
(edit) @2130   6 years raasch bugfix: in case of nested runs the stop condition in case of too small …
(edit) @2119   6 years raasch last commit documented
(edit) @2118   6 years raasch all OpenACC directives and related parts removed from the code
(edit) @2051   6 years gronemeier last commit documented
(edit) @2050   6 years gronemeier Implement turbulent outflow condition
(edit) @2008   6 years kanani last commit documented
(edit) @2007   6 years kanani changes in the course of urban surface model implementation
(edit) @1999   6 years knoop last commit documented
(edit) @1998   6 years knoop Bugfix: netcdf_interface was missing in Makefile dependency list for …
(edit) @1987   6 years gronemeier last commit documented
(edit) @1986   6 years gronemeier Bugfix: check if output can be opened in newly created directory
(edit) @1976   6 years maronga further modularization of land surface model (2D/3D output and restart …
(edit) @1973   6 years maronga last commit documented
(edit) @1972   6 years maronga further modularization of land surface model (2D/3D output and restart …
(edit) @1958   6 years suehring last commit documented
(edit) @1957   6 years suehring flight module added
(edit) @1947   6 years suehring last commit documented
(edit) @1946   6 years suehring Bugfix dependency init_grid on advec_ws
(edit) @1939   6 years hellstea last commit documented
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