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(edit) @858   11 years suehring default compiler on ibmh changed
(edit) @848   11 years raasch mrun tasks_per_node divisor check not for lcflow
(edit) @847   11 years raasch mrun -T option not obligatory for lcflow
(edit) @841   11 years maronga further adjustments and bugfixes for the namelist file check
(edit) @838   11 years raasch case -s WP removed from mrun
(edit) @837   11 years raasch info for mrun-option -s updated
(edit) @827   11 years heinze allow plotting of data with very small time increments
(edit) @824   11 years raasch preliminary checkin of new curvature/solution effects on droplet growth
(edit) @823   11 years maronga bugfix for namelist file check (mrun)
(edit) @821   11 years maronga bugfix in mrun (queue was not properly set, bigq not available on ice1)
(edit) @818   11 years maronga bugfix: namelist file check now possible for topography and …
(edit) @817   11 years raasch unnecessary file connection statement for particles removed
(edit) @815   11 years maronga namelist file check temporary disabled (bugs)
(edit) @814   11 years suehring adjustment for ibmh
(edit) @813   11 years suehring .mrun.confic.ibmh added
(edit) @811   11 years maronga bugfix in mbuild (utility compilation), bugfix in mrungui
(edit) @807   11 years maronga new utility check_namelist_files implemented
(edit) @800   11 years franke last commit documented
(edit) @799   11 years franke Implementation of Wang collision kernel and bugfix for calculation of …
(edit) @796   11 years maronga last commit documented
(edit) @795   11 years maronga added Id tag to img2video
(edit) @794   11 years maronga last commit documented
(edit) @793   11 years maronga GUI for mrun added
(edit) @789   11 years raasch adjustments for lcsgih/lcsgib queues
(edit) @784   11 years raasch Bugfix for make options setting (-j)
(edit) @783   11 years heinze Bugfix in the setting of font_size_legend in profiles.ncl
(edit) @782   11 years heinze Bugfix concerning setting of font size in legends.
(edit) @776   11 years heinze Bugfixes: increase of binary_version due to output of lpt_av, …
(edit) @770   11 years heinze Correction of typo in cross_sections.ncl
(edit) @769   11 years heinze Bugfixes in case of plot of t=0h and plot of topography zusi/zwwi possible
(edit) @759   11 years raasch New: --- The number of parallel I/O operations can be limited with …
(edit) @758   11 years heinze Bugfixes for NCL scripts timeseries.ncl and cross_sections.ncl …
(edit) @757   11 years helmke mrun-adjustment of the path at IMUK
(edit) @755   11 years witha adapted for lcflow (ForWind? cluster in Oldenburg)
(edit) @754   11 years raasch debug block added to hlrn config file
(edit) @753   11 years raasch compiler version adjusted
(edit) @752   11 years suehring Just a workaround for PALM-Seminar
(edit) @751   11 years suehring Bugfix in path
(edit) @750   11 years suehring Changed netcdf version.
(edit) @749   11 years raasch host inferno admitted
(edit) @748   11 years raasch workaround on lcsgi in order to avoid appends to file …
(edit) @746   11 years letzel - 'wiki' inserted into weblink path to error message database …
(edit) @741   11 years raasch bugfix for local append of output files with suffix (.nc)
(edit) @740   11 years raasch HLRN access via hicegate0 (
(edit) @739   11 years raasch hicegate0 added
(edit) @738   11 years raasch extension for impi library and adjustments for HLRN access
(edit) @735   11 years raasch options updated for configuration file
(edit) @734   11 years raasch options updated for configuration file
(edit) @733   11 years raasch options updated for configuration file
(edit) @731   12 years heinze Bugfix in NCL script profiles.ncl concerning vertical grid spacing
(edit) @721   12 years maronga Bugfix in MRUN for runs with mpt
(edit) @718   12 years gryschka corrected typing error in lckordi
(edit) @717   12 years gryschka added lckordi
(edit) @696   12 years raasch adjustments for openmp usage on ibmkisti (mrun, subjob); …
(edit) @693   12 years raasch New: --- adjustments for ibmkisti (pres, batch_scp, mbuild, mrun, …
(edit) @691   12 years maronga Bugfix for precursor atmosphere/ocean runs, re-adjustments for lcxt4
(edit) @683   12 years raasch New: --- optional exchange of ghost points in synchronous mode via …
(edit) @678   12 years raasch New: --- further adjustments on Tsubame and concerning openMP usage …
(edit) @670   12 years gryschka last commit documented
(edit) @669   12 years gryschka last commit documented
(edit) @635   12 years raasch mrun/mbuild/subjob adjustments for new Tsubama system at Tokyo …
(edit) @624   12 years heinze Calculation of q*2 added
(edit) @622   12 years raasch New: --- Optional barriers included in order to speed up collective …
(edit) @597   12 years maronga bugfixes in img2video
(edit) @594   12 years heinze Enable plot of profiles when data is of kind double in case of no_files > 1
(edit) @593   12 years heinze Bugfix: enable plot of combined profiles when data is of kind double
(edit) @592   12 years helmke last commit documented
(edit) @591   12 years helmke remove print command in read_var_list
(edit) @586   12 years maronga added the posprocessing tool img2video
(edit) @585   12 years heinze Bugfix: enable plot of data if it is of kind double instead of kind float
(edit) @582   12 years heinze UserGuide_for_NCL_scripts deleted
(edit) @566   12 years heinze Formatting of all NCL scripts. Items of .ncl.config are re-sorted and …
(edit) @562   12 years raasch bugfixes for wrong netcdf/3.6.3 module, last revision 561, and setting …
(edit) @555   12 years raasch New: --- Changed: ------- Documentation for surface_heatflux in …
(edit) @552   12 years raasch new variabe project account in PBS-statements for lcxt4
(edit) @551   12 years maronga update in subjob for lcxt4
(edit) @549   12 years heinze bugfix: had to be added in if-queries
(edit) @547   12 years maronga updated .mrun.config.lcxt4
(edit) @546   12 years maronga optimized .mrun.config.lcxt4
(edit) @545   12 years maronga adjustments for lcxt4 / added .mrun.config.lcxt4
(edit) @544   12 years maronga adjustments for lcxt4
(edit) @540   13 years heinze changing IP-adresses to names hicegate0/bicegate0 for lcsgih/lcsgib
(edit) @537   13 years raasch updates of default .mrun.config file concerning netcdf version and …
(edit) @534   13 years heinze Bugfix in spectra.ncl concerning output in png and small changes in layout
(edit) @532   13 years heinze NCL scripts allow the output of png files
(edit) @530   13 years heinze Bugfix concerning the treatment of special character * in NCL …
(edit) @529   13 years heinze palmplot expects lists which are separated by blanks. The lists have …
(edit) @526   13 years heinze Adjustment of the NCL scripts and palmplot to allow for the use of …
(edit) @523   13 years heinze Bugfix in profiles.ncl concerning no_files>1
(edit) @518   13 years heinze Bugfix concerning variable time_stride
(edit) @517   13 years heinze Changing some default settings
(edit) @515   13 years raasch simple installation method documented and updated; bugfix for PGI …
(edit) @514   13 years heinze Bugfix concerning the plot of xy cross sections which have only one …
(edit) @513   13 years heinze Using the NCL scripts by means of the shell script palmplot
(edit) @508   13 years raasch bugfix in mbuild: remode_md was given a wrong value
(edit) @505   13 years raasch mrun modification for lckyoto
(edit) @503   13 years raasch New: --- Changed: ------- combine_plot_fields is now directly called …
(edit) @494   13 years raasch last commit documented; configuration example file for netcdf4 added
(edit) @493   13 years raasch New: --- Output in NetCDF4-format. New d3par-parameter …
(edit) @492   13 years maronga bugfix in the UTIL Makefile
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