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(edit) @3484   6 years hellstea Nesting interpolation made mass-conservative
(edit) @3483   6 years raasch bugfix: misplaced positions of cpp-directives for netCDF and MPI …
(edit) @3481   6 years raasch temporary variable cc introduced to circumvent a possible Intel18 …
(edit) @3479   6 years gronemeier reworked check for output quantities; assign new palm-error numbers, …
(edit) @3477   6 years maronga The PALM model version 6.0 created.
(edit) @3475   6 years kanani Add option for using MRT from RTM instead of simplified global value
(edit) @3474   6 years kanani Add netcdf input for uv exposure model (netcdf_data_input_mod, …
(edit) @3473   6 years suehring Bugfix for previous commit
(edit) @3472   6 years suehring module for virtual measurements added (in a preliminary state); new …
(edit) @3469   6 years kanani Implement indoor climate and energy demand model
(edit) @3467   6 years suehring Branch salsa @3446 re-integrated into trunk
(edit) @3465   6 years kanani Replace crayh config file, add cray debug config file
(edit) @3464   6 years kanani from branch resler@3462: add MRT shaping function …
(edit) @3461   6 years knoop Fixed and enabled test case warm_air_bubble_with_bcm
(edit) @3459   6 years gronemeier add longitude and latitude to output files; update run_control files …
(edit) @3458   6 years kanani Reintegrated fixes/changes from branch chemistry
(edit) @3457   6 years raasch options -d -h in palmtest script renamed too
(edit) @3456   6 years eckhard inifor: Removed surface forcing and internal arrays from netCDF output
(edit) @3455   6 years raasch options -h and -d renamed -c and -r, respectively, job_queue renamed …
(edit) @3454   6 years schwenkel Bugfix: Missing air_chemistry statement for profile check
(edit) @3452   6 years schwenkel Bugfix for profiles output
(edit) @3449   6 years suehring Branch resler -r 3439 re-integrated into current trunk: RTM 3.0, …
(edit) @3448   6 years kanani Implementation of human thermal indices (from branch biomet_p2 at r3444)
(edit) @3447   6 years eckhard inifor: Renamed source files for compatibilty with PALM build system
(edit) @3445   6 years schwenkel Minor bugfix and use of subroutine for supersaturation calculation in …
(edit) @3444   6 years schwenkel Bugfix in surface_wrd_local for cloud and rain water flux
(edit) @3436   6 years gronemeier bugfix: add dependencies to user_data_output_mask
(edit) @3435   6 years gronemeier new: terrain-following masked output; bugfixes: increase vertical …
(edit) @3430   6 years maronga added support for buildings with dynamic sgs model
(edit) @3429   6 years knoop Bugfix: allow surface type allocations even if only one of …
(edit) @3428   6 years gronemeier Rename td_XXX_lpt to td_XXX_thetal
(edit) @3425   6 years gronemeier bugfix: update test case test_oceanml
(edit) @3424   6 years gronemeier bugfix: add rad_lw_in, rad_lw_out, rad_sw_out to …
(edit) @3423   6 years gronemeier update test case test_ocean
(edit) @3422   6 years gronemeier bugfix:bugfix: increase number of blanks in output string
(edit) @3421   6 years gronemeier new surface-data output; renamed output variables (pt to theta, …
(edit) @3418   6 years kanani Add green facades, update building data base, fix for thin walls in spinup
(edit) @3417   6 years kanani add new test cases for palmtest
(edit) @3414   6 years raasch bugfix: envpar namelist adjusted to current PALM revision
(edit) @3413   6 years suehring svn keyword forgotten to set for nesting_offl_mod
(edit) @3405   6 years raasch bugfix: BIND attribute added to derived type particle_type, bugfix: …
(edit) @3404   6 years suehring Consider time-dependent geostrophic wind components in offline nesting
(edit) @3402   6 years knoop palmrun: added output filter for "1" in batch mode
(edit) @3401   6 years eckhard inifor: Re-compute geostrophic winds every time step
(edit) @3400   6 years sward Made agent_preprocessing fortran 2008 conform
(edit) @3398   6 years knoop Refactored production_e and production_e_ij (removed code redundancy)
(edit) @3396   6 years eckhard inifor: Re-add lost files
(edit) @3395   6 years eckhard inifor: Added computation of geostrophic winds from COSMO input
(edit) @3393   6 years knoop palmrun: added _stdout monitoring file and output filter for "STOP 1" …
(edit) @3386   6 years gronemeier renamed tcm_prognostic to tcm_prognostic_equations
(edit) @3385   6 years knoop Bugfix: replaced a wrong usage of "surf_lsm_h" with the correct …
(edit) @3383   6 years knoop renamed string "microphysics module" to "bulk cloud module"
(edit) @3382   6 years knoop Bugix: made array declaration in urban_surface_mod Fortran Standard conform
(edit) @3381   6 years raasch spin-up cooling for ocean surface implemented, see new parameter …
(edit) @3379   6 years knoop Added topography flags to subroutine init_pt_anomaly
(edit) @3378   6 years kanani merge fixes of radiation branch (r3362) to trunk
(edit) @3377   6 years knoop Removed check that prohibits use of bulk_cloud_model with topography
(edit) @3376   6 years suehring Additional checks for consistent building initialization; error …
(edit) @3373   6 years kanani Fix cpp directives and error messages
(edit) @3372   6 years raasch bugfix: kind type of 2nd argument of mpi_win_allocate changed, …
(edit) @3371   6 years knoop Bugfix: error in placements of CPP statement nopointer fixed
(edit) @3364   6 years suehring Set svn id for nesting_offl_mod
(edit) @3361   6 years knoop Introduced global constant rd_d_rv=0.622
(edit) @3359   6 years knoop Restructured loops and ifs in production_e to ease vectorization on GPUs
(edit) @3358   6 years knoop disabled warm_air_bubble_with_bcm test case for now, as it seems to be …
(edit) @3357   6 years knoop Added warm_air_bubble_with_bcm test case
(edit) @3356   6 years knoop made palmtest compatible to python 3.4.x
(edit) @3355   6 years knoop removed calc_radiation.f90 and related cloud_top_radiation namelist …
(edit) @3354   6 years knoop Improvements to palmtest and reduction of netcdf file check precission …
(edit) @3353   6 years knoop Implemented new palmtest including an extended initial set of test cases
(edit) @3352   6 years knoop Removed entire TESTS directory
(edit) @3351   6 years suehring Do not overwrite values of albedo in radiation_init in case albedo has …
(edit) @3349   6 years suehring Bugfix in initialization of soil properties from dynamic input file
(edit) @3348   6 years suehring Fix for format descriptor
(edit) @3347   6 years suehring Offline nesting revised and separated from large_scale_forcing_mod; …
(edit) @3346   6 years raasch job_id renamed run_id in configuration files, job_id is set for …
(edit) @3337   6 years kanani reintegrate branch resler to trunk
(edit) @3322   6 years kanani Minor formatting, clean-up
(edit) @3318   6 years sward Fixed faulty syntax in message string
(edit) @3313   6 years knoop Added test mode to palmrun
(edit) @3312   6 years knoop Added proper exit code to PALM and fixed exit code handling by …
(edit) @3311   6 years raasch Stokes drift is regarded in timestep calculation, check if ocean mode …
(edit) @3303   6 years raasch salinity allowed to be switched off, bugfix for swapping in case of …
(edit) @3302   6 years raasch Craik-Leibovich force and wave breaking effects added to ocean mode, …
(edit) @3301   6 years gronemeier corrected former revision section
(edit) @3300   6 years gronemeier bugfix: rename of variable
(edit) @3299   6 years gronemeier removed global array and call of function MAXLOC; updated include …
(edit) @3298   6 years kanani Merge chemistry branch at r3297 to trunk
(edit) @3295   6 years raasch bugfix for last commit: blank line added at end of NAMELIST file
(edit) @3294   6 years raasch modularization of the ocean code
(edit) @3291   6 years scharf corrected previous commit for 3D topography
(edit) @3289   6 years suehring last commit documented
(edit) @3288   6 years suehring Bugfix in allocation of mean_inflow_profiles in case of restarts
(edit) @3285   6 years scharf bugfix for shf_av and qsws_av output
(edit) @3275   6 years knoop improved formating of test_oceanml_p3d
(edit) @3274   6 years knoop Modularization of all bulk cloud physics code components
(edit) @3272   6 years suehring Merge with branch radition - improved representation of diffuse radiation
(edit) @3271   6 years suehring Several critical bugfixes: initialization of surface temperature at …
(edit) @3270   6 years raasch bugfix for r2502: wrong calculation of hyp(nzt) in second iterative step
(edit) @3268   6 years sward Fix in pointer assignment in MAS and MAS-Examples updated
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