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(edit) @2582   5 years hellstea pmc bugfix and gfortran workaround
(edit) @2579   5 years knoop palmtest now testing for multiple cpu-setups
(edit) @2576   5 years Giersch Bugfixes for restart runs
(edit) @2575   5 years maronga bugfix in radiation model and improvements in land surface scheme
(edit) @2574   5 years Giersch Bugfix: Increased length of the character string * end *
(edit) @2573   5 years scharf commit documented
(edit) @2572   5 years scharf bugfixes in lsm_last_actions
(edit) @2569   5 years kanani Removed redundant code in boundary_conds
(edit) @2566   5 years raasch palmrun adjusted for grid engine batch systems, informative messages …
(edit) @2564   5 years Giersch Bugfix: Variable wind_turbine changed to module control_parameters
(edit) @2563   5 years Giersch Restart runs with the usage of the wind turbine model are possible …
(edit) @2559   5 years gronemeier added netcdf output files to list of input files for restarts
(edit) @2556   5 years scharf updated ex_lsm_clearsky
(edit) @2554   5 years raasch in some configuration files have been removed from comment lines
(edit) @2553   5 years Giersch Changed programming style and bugfixes
(edit) @2551   5 years raasch TEMPDIR added as replacement string to be used in batch directives
(edit) @2550   5 years boeske enable simulations with complex terrain
(edit) @2549   5 years knoop enabled nesting file connection statements on default in .palm.oifiles
(edit) @2548   5 years schwenkel Bugfix for r2547
(edit) @2547   5 years schwenkel extended by cloud_droplets option
(edit) @2544   5 years maronga introduced new module date_and_time_mod
(edit) @2543   5 years scharf lsm test case calculated with 1 PE
(edit) @2542   5 years scharf added lsm example case
(edit) @2532   5 years scharf bugfixes in lsm_data_output_3d
(edit) @2523   5 years kanani Added .palm.config.idefix, and bugfix in combine_plot_fields
(edit) @2522   5 years schwenkel minor bugfix
(edit) @2516   5 years suehring document changes
(edit) @2515   5 years kanani Generalization of the palmtest script
(edit) @2514   5 years suehring Remove tabs from code, causing problems during merging
(edit) @2513   5 years kanani Bugfixes related to profile output of passive scalar
(edit) @2512   5 years raasch upper bounds of cross section and 3d output changed from nx+1,ny+1 to …
(edit) @2508   5 years suehring Bugfixes in SGS-TKE buoyancy production; revised initialization of …
(edit) @2507   5 years raasch bugfix for determining cycle numbers of NetCDF input files
(edit) @2506   5 years raasch new options -V and -W plus other small changes in PALM scripts
(edit) @2504   5 years maronga lsm now allows for moist soil and roots below paved surfaces
(edit) @2502   5 years gronemeier Bugfix: corrected reference state for rho_ocean
(edit) @2501   5 years raasch default value for number of cores (option -X) set to 1, bugfix for …
(edit) @2500   5 years raasch bugfix for r2492
(edit) @2499   5 years kanani minor bugfixes
(edit) @2497   5 years knoop Introducing palmtest
(edit) @2492   5 years raasch test parameter-set for ocean mixed layer added
(edit) @2490   5 years knoop Bugfix: yield to gfortran namelist syntax sensitivity in example_cbl_p3d
(edit) @2489   5 years raasch ask for compilation, if SOURCES_FOR_RUN_... exists
(edit) @2488   5 years knoop p3d style changes imposed onto example_cbl testcase
(edit) @2487   5 years raasch bugfix: abort in case of compiling/linking errors in silent mode
(edit) @2484   5 years maronga updates in palm_jm and palmrungui
(edit) @2481   5 years raasch default configuration file added, small adjustments in existing config …
(edit) @2480   5 years maronga added support for specifying project account in PBS
(edit) @2479   5 years raasch option -A for project account added to palmrun
(edit) @2478   5 years suehring Bugfixes concerning top fluxes and TKE production
(edit) @2477   5 years maronga bugfix in palmrungui
(edit) @2476   5 years maronga bugfix for last commit
(edit) @2475   5 years maronga bugfix in land surface model
(edit) @2429   5 years gronemeier minor changes to .palm.iofiles
(edit) @2422   5 years raasch new palm-scripts set to version number 1.0, further check for …
(edit) @2421   5 years maronga bugfix in watchdog
(edit) @2420   5 years raasch PALM_BIN setting removed from new scripts
(edit) @2418   5 years suehring remove comment
(edit) @2417   5 years suehring Major bugfix in modeling SGS particle speeds.
(edit) @2416   5 years maronga watchdog adapted for palmrun
(edit) @2415   5 years maronga bugfix in mainwindow.ui of palmrungui
(edit) @2414   5 years Giersch Redundant preprocessor directives removed
(edit) @2413   5 years maronga removed mrungui in favor of palmrungui
(edit) @2412   5 years raasch small bugfix in palmbuild
(edit) @2411   5 years raasch new config file for imuk added
(edit) @2410   5 years Giersch Revise error message PA0462 and change lclocal to lcmuk in testsuite
(edit) @2408   5 years gronemeier Changed default value of mg_cycles from -1 to 4
(edit) @2405   5 years raasch bugfix for palmrun, some default config files for new scripts added
(edit) @2404   5 years raasch further simplifications in palmrun and palmbuild
(edit) @2397   5 years suehring Enable initialization of 3d model by user in the child domain
(edit) @2396   5 years knoop Bugfix: in palmrun and palmbuild
(edit) @2393   5 years knoop syntax change in palmrun variable substitution
(edit) @2388   5 years raasch string loader replaced by linker
(edit) @2385   5 years raasch job-catalog changes in palmrun
(edit) @2384   5 years raasch small changes and bugfixes for new palm-scripts
(edit) @2381   5 years raasch # in file connection statements replaced by r for restart runs
(edit) @2380   5 years raasch initial versions for new scripts palmrun and palmbuild
(edit) @2378   5 years suehring Bugfix in write restart data
(edit) @2375   5 years schwenkel improved aerosol initialization for bulk microphysics
(edit) @2374   5 years kanani Added todo list for vertical_nesting_mod
(edit) @2372   5 years sward y_shift for periodic boundary conditions
(edit) @2371   5 years kanani Corrected dependencies for vertical_nesting_mod
(edit) @2370   5 years raasch dependency bugfix for synthetic_turbulence_generator
(edit) @2369   5 years suehring Bugfix, no masking of topography in eqn_seawater
(edit) @2365   5 years kanani Vertical nesting implemented (SadiqHuq?)
(edit) @2359   5 years hellstea Minor bugfix in nesting initialization
(edit) @2354   5 years schwenkel bugfix for lsm data output
(edit) @2351   5 years kanani removed check for nopointer version
(edit) @2350   5 years kanani bugfixes and workarounds for nopointer version
(edit) @2349   5 years Giersch Add parameter ptich_rate to namelist and revise/add error messages
(edit) @2348   5 years kanani Parameter check PA0347 added
(edit) @2347   5 years knoop Introducing a PALM testsuite
(edit) @2346   5 years suehring Determination of topography-top index corrected
(edit) @2345   5 years Giersch ! Remove error message PA0156 and the conserve_volume_flow_mode option
(edit) @2344   5 years raasch explicit setting of initial values for array domask required due to a …
(edit) @2343   5 years Giersch Unit correction in Doxygen comments
(edit) @2342   5 years boeske fixed check if surface forcing data is available until end of simulation
(edit) @2341   5 years Giersch Unit correction in Doxygen comments
(edit) @2340   5 years maronga revision of root fraction calculation in land surface model
(edit) @2339   5 years gronemeier corrected timestamp in header
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