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Large scale vertical motion (subsidence/ascent) can be applied to the prognostic equation for the potential temperature

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[407]3humidity=.T. is now usable for runs with topography. wall_humidityflux and
4wall_scalarflux are the corresponding new parin arrays.
5(check_parameters, init_3d_model, parin)
[411]7Large scale vertical motion (subsidence/ascent) can be applied to the
8prognostic equation for the potential temperature. (check_parameters, header,
9Makefile, modules, parin, prognostic_equations, read_var_list, subsidence,
[411]12check parameters, header, init_3d_model, Makefile, modules, parin prognostic equations, read_var_list, subsidence, write_var_list
[394]16var_ts is replaced by dots_max (modules,init_3d_model)
[405]18init_3d_model, modules
[398]23Bugfix: exchange of ghost points for prho included (time_integration)
[402]25Bugfix: calculation of time-averaged surface heatfluxes (sum_up_3d_data)
[403]27Bugfix: calculation of precipitation_rate (calc_precipitation)
[405]29Bugfix: initial data assignments to some dvrp arrays changed due to error
[407]30messages from gfortran compiler (modules)
[405]32calc_precipitation, modules, sum_up_3d_data, time_integration
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