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(edit) @3820   5 years forkel renaming of get_mechanismname, do_emiss and do_depo, sorting in …
(edit) @3818   5 years pavelkrc Update reference results of test urban_environment_restart Change of …
(edit) @3734   5 years suehring reduce number of significant digits in urban_environment_restart test case
(edit) @3733   5 years suehring update urban_environment test
(edit) @3732   5 years suehring update test cases for the urban environment
(edit) @3695   5 years knoop Added palmtest build setup and testcase for CUDA-aware-MPI.
(edit) @3690   5 years knoop Enabled OpenACC usage without using the cudaFFT library. Added …
(edit) @3683   5 years knoop Added OpenACC test and PGI build setups
(edit) @3669   6 years maronga fix for last commit
(edit) @3663   6 years suehring update further profiles and timeseries
(edit) @3662   6 years suehring update profiles and timeseries for urban_environment test cases -- …
(edit) @3653   6 years forkel parameter chem_mechanism added to &chemistry_parameters
(edit) @3633   6 years schwenkel your commit message
(edit) @3632   6 years kanani Fix for masked output, change default chemistry mechanism
(edit) @3581   6 years schwenkel Disable lcm test case
(edit) @3580   6 years schwenkel added test cases
(edit) @3559   6 years knoop removed example_cbl test case redundancy
(edit) @3558   6 years kanani Replace TESTS/cases/urban_environment/INPUT files by symbolic links
(edit) @3545   6 years gronemeier removed debug output; removed rans_mode from namelist; altered order …
(edit) @3541   6 years gronemeier add test case for RANS mode (TKE-e)
(edit) @3540   6 years gronemeier update test cases
(edit) @3485   6 years gronemeier Add information about reference point to output files; corrected …
(edit) @3461   6 years knoop Fixed and enabled test case warm_air_bubble_with_bcm
(edit) @3459   6 years gronemeier add longitude and latitude to output files; update run_control files …
(edit) @3449   6 years suehring Branch resler -r 3439 re-integrated into current trunk: RTM 3.0, …
(edit) @3425   6 years gronemeier bugfix: update test case test_oceanml
(edit) @3423   6 years gronemeier update test case test_ocean
(edit) @3421   6 years gronemeier new surface-data output; renamed output variables (pt to theta, …
(edit) @3417   6 years kanani add new test cases for palmtest
(edit) @3358   6 years knoop disabled warm_air_bubble_with_bcm test case for now, as it seems to be …
(edit) @3357   6 years knoop Added warm_air_bubble_with_bcm test case
(edit) @3354   6 years knoop Improvements to palmtest and reduction of netcdf file check precission …
(add) @3353   6 years knoop Implemented new palmtest including an extended initial set of test cases
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