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(edit) @1818   5 years maronga last commit documented / copyright update
(edit) @1809   5 years raasch last commit documented
(edit) @1808   5 years raasch preprocessor directives using machine dependent flags (lc, ibm, …
(edit) @1683   6 years knoop last commit documented
(edit) @1682   6 years knoop Code annotations made doxygen readable
(edit) @1354   7 years heinze last commit documented
(edit) @1353   7 years heinze REAL constants provided with KIND-attribute
(edit) @1323   7 years raasch last commit documented
(edit) @1322   7 years raasch REAL functions and a lot of REAL constants provided with …
(edit) @1321   7 years raasch last commit documented
(edit) @1320   7 years raasch ONLY-attribute added to USE-statements, kind-parameters added to all …
(edit) @1310   7 years raasch update of GPL copyright
(edit) @1037   9 years raasch last commit documented
(edit) @1036   9 years raasch code has been put under the GNU General Public License (v3)
(edit) @392   12 years raasch New: --- Adapted for machine lck (mrun, mbuild, subjob) bc_lr/bc_ns …
(edit) @284   12 years raasch further dvr updates
(edit) @279   12 years raasch dvr change for RIAMs NEC
(edit) @274   12 years heinze Indentation of the message calls corrected
(edit) @273   12 years raasch further small changes concerning dvr usage on necriam
(edit) @272   12 years raasch further small changes for using dvr software
(edit) @271   12 years raasch some bugfixes for the previous revison
(edit) @264   12 years raasch new dvrp features added
(edit) @260   12 years raasch automatic generation of dvrs/html file for combined dvr streams; …
(edit) @254   12 years heinze Output of messages replaced by message handling routine.
(edit) @242   12 years raasch further additions for clipping - still incomplete
(edit) @237   12 years raasch polygon reduction for topography and ground plate isosurface (dvr)
(edit) @226   12 years raasch preparations for the next release
(edit) @210   13 years raasch updates in dvr routines for new dvr version
(edit) @206   13 years raasch ocean-atmosphere coupling realized with MPI-1, adjustments in mrun, …
(edit) @198   13 years raasch file headers updated for the next release 3.5
(edit) @155   13 years letzel Introduce prefix_chr to ensure unique dvrp_file path.
(edit) @139   14 years raasch New: --- Plant canopy model of Watanabe (2004,BLM 112,307-341) added. …
(edit) @130   14 years letzel DVRP output modifications: - The user can now visualize user-defined …
(edit) @83   14 years raasch New: --- Changed: ------- PALM can be generally installed on any …
(edit) @82   14 years raasch vorlaeufige Standalone-Version fuer Linux-Cluster
(edit) @39   14 years raasch comments prepared for 3.1c
(edit) @17   14 years raasch setting neck defaults in .mrun.config.default, DVRP_OUTPUT_LOCAL …
(edit) @13   14 years raasch flush calls adjusted
(edit) @4   14 years raasch Id keyword set as property for all *.f90 files
(edit) @3   14 years raasch RCS Log replace by Id keyword, revision history cleaned up
(add) @1   14 years raasch Initial repository layout and content
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