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(edit) @4577   10 months raasch further re-formatting to follow the PALM coding standard
(edit) @4559   10 months raasch files re-formatted to follow the PALM coding standard
(edit) @4549   11 months raasch bugfix for r4539: values for min/max/rms stored in separate arrays
(edit) @4539   11 months raasch checks added, if index limits in header are exceeded …
(edit) @4536   11 months raasch messages and debug output converted to PALM routines …
(edit) @4429   14 months raasch serial (non-MPI) test case added, several bugfixes for the serial mode
(edit) @4378   15 months Giersch Format of rms output in cpu measurements changed to allow values >= 100
(edit) @4360   16 months suehring Bugfix in output of time-averaged plant-canopy quanities; Output of …
(edit) @4182   20 months scharf - corrected "Former revisions" section - minor formatting in "Former …
(edit) @4180   20 months scharf removed comments in 'Former revisions' section that are older than …
(edit) @4015   23 months raasch all reals changed to double precision in order to work with 32-bit …
(edit) @3885   2 years kanani restructure/add location/debug messages
(edit) @3655   2 years knoop Bugfix: made "unit" and "found" intend INOUT in module interface …
(edit) @3483   2 years raasch bugfix: misplaced positions of cpp-directives for netCDF and MPI …
(edit) @3229   3 years sward Bugfix: maximum time per log point now includes PE0
(edit) @3049   3 years Giersch Revision history corrected
(edit) @3046   3 years Giersch Remaining error messages revised, comments extended
(edit) @3045   3 years Giersch Code adjusted according to coding standards, renamed namelists, error …
(edit) @3028   3 years knoop added separate size specification for log_point and log_point_s
(edit) @2932   3 years maronga renamed all Fortran NAMELISTS
(edit) @2718   3 years maronga deleting of deprecated files; headers updated where needed
(edit) @2716   3 years kanani Correction of "Former revisions" section
(edit) @2696   3 years kanani Merge of branch palm4u into trunk
(edit) @2266   4 years raasch bugfix for calculating cpu-time per gridpoint, nech related parts …
(edit) @2119   4 years raasch last commit documented
(edit) @2118   4 years raasch all OpenACC directives and related parts removed from the code
(edit) @2101   4 years suehring last commit documented
(edit) @2001   5 years knoop last commit documented
(edit) @2000   5 years knoop Forced header and separation lines into 80 columns
(edit) @1932   5 years suehring last commit documented
(edit) @1931   5 years suehring Rename multigrid into multigrid_noopt and multigrid_fast into …
(edit) @1851   5 years maronga last commit documented
(copy) @1850   5 years maronga added _mod string to several filenames to meet the naming convection …
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(edit) @1818   5 years maronga last commit documented / copyright update
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