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(edit) @735   13 years raasch options updated for configuration file
(edit) @503   14 years raasch New: --- Changed: ------- combine_plot_fields is now directly called …
(edit) @410   15 years letzel - reintegrate branch letzel/masked_output into trunk; new …
(edit) @272   15 years raasch further small changes for using dvr software
(edit) @260   15 years raasch automatic generation of dvrs/html file for combined dvr streams; …
(edit) @255   15 years raasch in default configuration files, TOPOGRAPHY_DATA is also copied in case d3f
(edit) @246   15 years raasch further changes for dvrp clipping
(edit) @206   16 years raasch ocean-atmosphere coupling realized with MPI-1, adjustments in mrun, …
(edit) @182   16 years raasch further mpi-version adjustments for sgi-ice
(edit) @181   16 years raasch bugfixes + adjustments for SGI ICE system
(edit) @170   16 years raasch bugfix in read_var_list, default mrun_config changed
(edit) @131   17 years letzel Corrections to .mrun.config.default
(edit) @129   17 years letzel prognostic_equations include the respective wall_*flux in the …
(edit) @100   17 years raasch update of the default .mrun.config file
(edit) @86   17 years raasch small bugfixes
(edit) @83   17 years raasch New: --- Changed: ------- PALM can be generally installed on any …
(edit) @63   17 years raasch preliminary changes concerning update of BC-scheme
(edit) @40   17 years raasch documentation update for the new svn-based version and for 3.1c, …
(edit) @36   17 years raasch default config file adjusted to new mbuild version
(edit) @18   17 years raasch garbage remove from .mrun.config.default
(edit) @17   17 years raasch setting neck defaults in .mrun.config.default, DVRP_OUTPUT_LOCAL …
(add) @1   17 years raasch Initial repository layout and content
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