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(edit) @4062   2 years knoop Bugfix: Updated palm_installer_components to renamed example_cbl test
(edit) @3851   3 years knoop Bufgix in palm_installer get-started message
(edit) @3807   3 years knoop Diasabed automati FFTW detection
(edit) @3721   3 years knoop Bugfix: Added CMake variable substitution for PALM_EXECUTE_COMMAND to …
(edit) @3631   3 years knoop removed testcases from INSTALL dir and modified …
(edit) @3628   3 years knoop Added RRTMG installation capability to automatic installer
(edit) @3506   3 years knoop updated palm_installer_components to match new palmbuild and palmrun …
(edit) @3500   3 years gronemeier bugfix: renamed pt to theta for runs in installation directory
(edit) @3295   3 years raasch bugfix for last commit: blank line added at end of NAMELIST file
(edit) @3294   3 years raasch modularization of the ocean code
(edit) @3275   3 years knoop improved formating of test_oceanml_p3d
(edit) @3145   3 years gronemeier Use MOST for km only in RANS mode
(edit) @3131   3 years gronemeier update run control of test case
(edit) @3121   3 years gronemeier consider wall function for Km within production_e_init
(edit) @3084   3 years gronemeier bugfix: limit increase of dt_3d only in case of RANS mode
(edit) @3083   3 years gronemeier merge with branch rans
(edit) @3068   3 years Giersch Warning message related to vertical grid stretching has been added, …
(edit) @3065   3 years Giersch New vertical stretching procedure has been introduced
(edit) @3045   4 years Giersch Code adjusted according to coding standards, renamed namelists, error …
(edit) @2876   4 years knoop Added gfortran.nonetcdf configuration for simple installer
(edit) @2852   4 years knoop Added simple build setup for gfortran
(edit) @2850   4 years knoop Refactoring of the palm_simple_ build and run scripts
(edit) @2774   4 years knoop Added trunk components for the automatic installer script (temporary …
(edit) @2751   4 years knoop Temporally removed ex_lsm_clearsky testcase due to unresolved NetCDF Error
(edit) @2729   4 years maronga input of deep soil temperature separated from prognostic soil temperature
(edit) @2725   4 years kanani Updated ex_lsm_clearsky_rc
(edit) @2696   4 years kanani Merge of branch palm4u into trunk
(edit) @2608   4 years schwenkel Inital revision of diagnostic_quantities_mod allows unified …
(edit) @2575   4 years maronga bugfix in radiation model and improvements in land surface scheme
(edit) @2556   4 years scharf updated ex_lsm_clearsky
(edit) @2543   4 years scharf lsm test case calculated with 1 PE
(edit) @2542   4 years scharf added lsm example case
(edit) @2508   4 years suehring Bugfixes in SGS-TKE buoyancy production; revised initialization of …
(edit) @2492   4 years raasch test parameter-set for ocean mixed layer added
(edit) @2490   4 years knoop Bugfix: yield to gfortran namelist syntax sensitivity in example_cbl_p3d
(edit) @2488   4 years knoop p3d style changes imposed onto example_cbl testcase
(edit) @2331   4 years knoop Updated reference example_cbl_rc file for tests
(edit) @2254   4 years knoop Bugfix: updated example_cbl_rc again to reflect changes from last commit
(edit) @2253   4 years knoop updated example_cbl_rc to reflect changes from last commit
(edit) @2234   5 years suehring update example_cbl_rc
(edit) @2176   5 years knoop Bugfix: update example_cbl_rc for installation reference
(edit) @2166   5 years knoop Default random generator switched to random-parallel
(edit) @2106   5 years suehring re-update example_cbl_rc
(edit) @2093   5 years suehring update example_cbl_rc
(edit) @2058   5 years knoop Updated default example_cbl_rc to fix automatic testing
(edit) @1924   6 years knoop Updated example_cbl_rc to reflect output changes made in r1918
(edit) @1698   6 years raasch last commit documented example_cbl_rc updated
(edit) @1691   6 years maronga various bugfixes and modifications of the …
(edit) @1663   6 years raasch small change in the run control file (r1661)
(edit) @1661   6 years raasch example run control file updated to current revison
(edit) @1595   7 years raasch missing cpp-switch added
(edit) @1589   7 years raasch simple installation options for running multiple GPUs added
(edit) @1437   7 years raasch example run control file adjusted to current revision
(edit) @1257   8 years raasch New: --- openACC porting of timestep calculation (modules, timestep, …
(edit) @1221   8 years raasch New: ----- openACC porting of reduction operations additional 3D-flag …
(edit) @1182   8 years raasch last commit documented, rc-file for example run updated
(edit) @1171   9 years raasch New: --- use_reference-case activated in accelerator version. …
(edit) @1106   9 years raasch New: --- Porting of FFT-solver for serial runs to GPU using CUDA FFT, …
(edit) @1097   9 years raasch update of run_control file for the example_cbl case; configuration …
(edit) @966   9 years raasch parameter file adjusted
(edit) @883   10 years suehring example_cbl_rc file updated
(edit) @755   10 years witha adapted for lcflow (ForWind? cluster in Oldenburg)
(edit) @742   10 years raasch example_cbl_rc file updated for release 3.8
(edit) @677   11 years suehring update example_cbl_rc file
(edit) @548   11 years raasch update of example_cbl_rc file, which has not been updated for 3.7a so far
(edit) @515   12 years raasch simple installation method documented and updated; bugfix for PGI …
(edit) @424   12 years raasch updates for simple install process
(edit) @421   12 years raasch a simple method for installing and running palm has been added
(edit) @392   12 years raasch New: --- Adapted for machine lck (mrun, mbuild, subjob) bc_lr/bc_ns …
(edit) @346   12 years raasch small updates
(edit) @243   13 years letzel - trunk/INSTALL: 'example' renamed to 'example_cbl' - trunk/EXAMPLES: …
(edit) @234   13 years raasch updating version number and rc-file
(edit) @202   13 years raasch New: --- The plant canopy model has been extended to the prognostic …
(edit) @111   14 years raasch Update of version number and small changes before creating the next release
(edit) @98   14 years raasch updating comments and rc-file
(edit) @97   14 years raasch New: --- ocean version including prognostic equation for salinity and …
(edit) @91   15 years raasch Updating the example_rc file
(edit) @86   15 years raasch small bugfixes
(edit) @83   15 years raasch New: --- Changed: ------- PALM can be generally installed on any …
(edit) @80   15 years raasch update of example_rc file for 3.2
(edit) @42   15 years raasch example files updated
(edit) @38   15 years raasch new default example_rc because former ibm result did not used -qfloat=nomaf
(edit) @10   15 years raasch update of example_rc
(add) @6   15 years raasch some more installation and utility files added
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