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Apr 2, 2009 3:08:36 PM (15 years ago)
  • update of /trunk/SCRIPTS/.mrun.config.imuk : adjusted to .mrun.config.default, -openmp omitted from %fopts and %lopts, %mpilib mvapich2/1.2.0-intel added for lcshih, block 'lcmuk parallel' now contains settings for gallego instead of bora.
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  • palm/trunk/SCRIPTS/.mrun.config.imuk

    r246 r281  
    1212# Enter your own host below by adding another line containing in the second
    1313# column your hostname (as provided by the unix command "hostname") and in the
    14 # third column the host identifier. Depending on your system, the first
    15 # characters of the host identifier should be "lc" (Linux cluster), "ibm"
     14# third column the host identifier. Depending on your operating system, the
     15# first characters of the host identifier should be "lc" (Linux cluster), "ibm"
    1616# (IBM-AIX), or "nec" (NEC-SX), respectively.
    1717%host_identifier   service100  lcsgih
    2020%host_identifier   r2*         lcsgib
    2121%host_identifier   b01*        lcsgib
    22 %host_identifier   bora        lcmuk
     22%host_identifier   gallego     lcmuk
    2323%host_identifier   cs*         nech
    2424%host_identifier   hreg*-en0   ibmh
    2727%host_identifier   berni*-en0  ibmb
    2828%host_identifier   tgg*        lctit
     30# The following blocks contain all information for compiling the PALM code
     31# and for generating and running the PALM executable using MPI. Replace all
     32# required paths (given in <>) by the respective paths valid on your host.
     33# Please adjust compilernames, cpp-options, compiler-options etc.
     34# appropriately for your own system(s), and please delete or comment out
     35# blocks for unused systems.
     37# The following 'lcmuk parallel' block assumes PALM compilation and execution
     38# on host gallego. Please note that other hosts within the IMUK linux cluster,
     39# e.g. maestro or bora, may have require different settings.
    3041#%remote_username   <replace by your linux cluster username>     lcmuk parallel
    3546%netcdf_inc        -I:/muksoft_64/packages/netcdf/3.6.2/include            lcmuk parallel
    3647%netcdf_lib        -L/muksoft_64/packages/netcdf/3.6.2/lib:-lnetcdf        lcmuk parallel
    37 %fopts             -axW:-cpp:-openmp:-r8:-nbs:-convert:little_endian:-I:/muksoft/packages/mpich2/     lcmuk parallel
    38 %lopts             -axW:-cpp:-openmp:-r8:-nbs:-Vaxlib:-L:/muksoft/packages/mpich2/                    lcmuk parallel
     48%fopts             -axW:-cpp:-r8:-nbs:-convert:little_endian:-I:/muksoft_64/packages/mpich2/     lcmuk parallel
     49%lopts             -axW:-cpp:-r8:-nbs:-Vaxlib:-L:/muksoft_64/packages/mpich2/                    lcmuk parallel
    3950#%hostfile          $base_directory/.hostfile                    lcmuk parallel
    5364%sgi_feature       ice                                        lcsgih parallel
    54 #%remote_username   <replace by your HLRN username>            lcsgih parallel
    55 %compiler_name     ifort                                      lcsgih parallel
     65#%remote_username  <replace by your HLRN username>            lcsgih parallel
     66%compiler_name     mpif90                                     lcsgih parallel
    5667%compiler_name_ser ifort                                      lcsgih parallel
     68%mpilib            mvapich2/1.2.0-intel                       lcsgih parallel
    5769%cpp_options       -DMPI_REAL=MPI_DOUBLE_PRECISION:-DMPI_2REAL=MPI_2DOUBLE_PRECISION:-D__netcdf:-D__netcdf_64bit   lcsgih parallel
    58 %netcdf_inc        -I:/sw/dataformats/netcdf/3.6.2/include          lcsgih parallel
     70%netcdf_inc        -I:/sw/dataformats/netcdf/3.6.2/include    lcsgih parallel
    5971%netcdf_lib        -L/sw/dataformats/netcdf/3.6.2/lib:-lnetcdf:-lnetcdff      lcsgih parallel
    60 %fopts             -g:-w:-xT:-O3:-cpp:-openmp:-r8:-ftz:-fno-alias:-no-prec-div:-no-prec-sqrt:-ip:-nbs:-convert:little_endian  lcsgih parallel
    61 %lopts             -g:-w:-xT:-O3:-cpp:-openmp:-r8:-ftz:-fno-alias:-no-prec-div:-no-prec-sqrt:-ip:-nbs:-Vaxlib:-i-dynamic:-lmpi   lcsgih parallel
     72%fopts             -g:-w:-xT:-O3:-cpp:-r8:-ftz:-fno-alias:-no-prec-div:-no-prec-sqrt:-ip:-nbs:-convert:little_endian  lcsgih parallel
     73%lopts             -g:-w:-xT:-O3:-cpp:-r8:-ftz:-fno-alias:-no-prec-div:-no-prec-sqrt:-ip:-nbs:-Vaxlib   lcsgih parallel
    6274#%tmp_data_catalog  /gfs1/work/<replace by your HLRN username>/palm_restart_data      lcsgih parallel
    6375#%tmp_user_catalog  /gfs1/tmp/<replace by your HLRN username>                         lcsgih parallel
    6577%sgi_feature       ice                                        lcsgih parallel debug
    66 #%remote_username   <replace by your HLRN username>            lcsgih parallel debug
    67 %compiler_name     ifort                                      lcsgih parallel debug
     78%totalview         true                                       lcsgih parallel debug
     79#%remote_username  <replace by your HLRN username>            lcsgih parallel debug
     80%compiler_name     mpif90                                     lcsgih parallel debug
    6881%compiler_name_ser ifort                                      lcsgih parallel debug
     82%mpilib            mvapich2/1.2.0-intel                       lcsgih parallel debug
    6983%cpp_options       -DMPI_REAL=MPI_DOUBLE_PRECISION:-DMPI_2REAL=MPI_2DOUBLE_PRECISION:-D__netcdf:-D__netcdf_64bit   lcsgih parallel debug
    70 %netcdf_inc        -I:/sw/dataformats/netcdf/3.6.2/include          lcsgih parallel debug
     84%netcdf_inc        -I:/sw/dataformats/netcdf/3.6.2/include    lcsgih parallel debug
    7185%netcdf_lib        -L/sw/dataformats/netcdf/3.6.2/lib:-lnetcdf:-lnetcdff      lcsgih parallel debug
    7286%fopts             -C:-fpe0:-debug:-traceback:-g:-w:-xT:-O0:-cpp:-r8:-ftz:-fno-alias:-no-prec-div:-no-prec-sqrt:-ip:-nbs:-convert:little_endian  lcsgih parallel debug
    73 %lopts             -C:-fpe0:-debug:-traceback:-g:-w:-xT:-O0:-cpp:-r8:-ftz:-fno-alias:-no-prec-div:-no-prec-sqrt:-ip:-nbs:-Vaxlib:-lmpi           lcsgih parallel debug
     87%lopts             -C:-fpe0:-debug:-traceback:-g:-w:-xT:-O0:-cpp:-r8:-ftz:-fno-alias:-no-prec-div:-no-prec-sqrt:-ip:-nbs:-Vaxlib           lcsgih parallel debug
    7488#%tmp_data_catalog  /gfs1/work/<replace by your HLRN username>/palm_restart_data      lcsgih parallel debug
    7589#%tmp_user_catalog  /gfs1/tmp/<replace by your HLRN username>                         lcsgih parallel debug
    189203# INPUT-commands, executed before running PALM - lines must start with "IC:"
    191 #IC:[[ \$( echo \$localhost | cut -c1-3 ) = t3e ]]  &&  assign -F cachea:512:1:1 f:BININ
    194208# ERROR-commands - executed when program terminates abnormally
    196 EC:[[ \$locat = compile && ( \$( echo \$localhost | cut -c1-3 ) = t3e ) ]]  &&  cat  cflist.out
    197210EC:[[ \$locat = execution ]]  &&  cat  RUN_CONTROL
    198 EC:[[ \$locat = execution ]]  &&  cat  PARTICLE_INFOS/*
    199 EC:[[ \$( echo \$localhost | cut -c1-3 ) = t3e ]]  &&  ls -al
    200 EC:[[ \$( echo \$localhost | cut -c1-3 ) = ibm ]]  &&  ls -al
     211EC:pwd; ls -al
    206 OC:[[ -f CPU_MEASURES/_0000 ]]  &&  cat  CPU_MEASURES/* >> CPU_MEASURE_ALL
    207217# Combine 1D- and 3D-profile output (these files are not usable for plotting)
    208218OC:[[ -f LIST_PROFIL_1D     ]]  &&  cat  LIST_PROFIL_1D  >>  LIST_PROFILE
    212222OC:[[ -f PARTICLE_INFOS/_0000 ]]  &&  cat  PARTICLE_INFOS/* >> PARTICLE_INFO
    214 # Extend number of files to be opened simultaneously (sometimes necessary
    215 # for combine_plot_fields
    216 #OC:[[ \$( echo \$localhost | cut -c1-3 ) = t3e ]]  &&  limit -v -f 255 -p 0
    217 #
    218 # Combine the 2D- and 3D-plot-data of the subdomains (one file per PE) to
    219 # one file respectively
    220 OC:[[ \$( echo \$localhost | cut -c1-3 ) = t3e ]]  &&  combine_plot_fields.x
    221 OC:[[ \$( echo \$localhost | cut -c1-3 ) = ibm ]]  &&  combine_plot_fields.x
    222 OC:[[ \$( echo \$localhost | cut -c1-3 ) = nec ]]  &&  combine_plot_fields.x
    223 OC:[[ \$( echo \$localhost | cut -c1-3 ) = dec ]]  &&  combine_plot_fields.x
    224 OC:[[ \$( echo \$localhost | cut -c1-2 ) = lc  ]]  &&  combine_plot_fields.x
    225 #
    226 # Combine parameter files necessary for plot software (iso2d + AVS)
    227 OC:[[ -f PLOT2D_XY_GLOBAL   ]]  &&  cat  PLOT2D_XY_LOCAL >> PLOT2D_XY_GLOBAL
    228 OC:[[ -f PLOT2D_XZ_GLOBAL   ]]  &&  cat  PLOT2D_XZ_LOCAL >> PLOT2D_XZ_GLOBAL
    229 OC:[[ -f PLOT2D_YZ_GLOBAL   ]]  &&  cat  PLOT2D_YZ_LOCAL >> PLOT2D_YZ_GLOBAL
    230 OC:[[ -f PLOT3D_FLD         ]]  &&  cat  PLOT3D_FLD_COOR >> PLOT3D_FLD
    231 #
    232 # tar all 3D-plot-data files in case that compressed output is switched on
    233 OC:[[ -f PLOT3D_COMPRESSED  ]]  &&  tar cf  PLOT3D_DATA  PLOT3D_DATA_*
     224# Collect plot data (2d/3d) into one file
    236228# List of input-files
    238 PARIN                    in:job        d3#   $base_data/$fname/INPUT    _p3d
    239 PARIN                    in:job        d3f   $base_data/$fname/INPUT    _p3df
    240 TOPOGRAPHY_DATA          in:locopt     d3#   $base_data/$fname/INPUT    _topo
    241 BININ                    in:loc:flpe   d3f   $base_data/$fname/RESTART  _d3d
    242 PARTICLE_RESTART_DATA_IN in:loc:flpe   prtf  $base_data/$fname/RESTART  _rprt
    243 DATA_1D_PR_NETCDF        in:locopt     prf   $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT   _pr     nc
    244 DATA_1D_SP_NETCDF        in:locopt     spf   $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT   _sp     nc
    245 DATA_1D_TS_NETCDF        in:locopt     tsf   $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT   _ts     nc
    246 DATA_1D_PTS_NETCDF       in:locopt     ptsf  $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT   _pts    nc
    247 DATA_2D_XY_NETCDF        in:locopt     xyf   $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT   _xy     nc
    248 DATA_2D_XY_AV_NETCDF     in:locopt     xyf   $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT   _xy_av  nc
    249 DATA_2D_XZ_NETCDF        in:locopt     xzf   $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT   _xz     nc
    250 DATA_2D_YZ_NETCDF        in:locopt     yzf   $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT   _yz     nc
    251 DATA_3D_NETCDF           in:locopt     3df   $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT   _3d     nc
    252 DATA_PRT_NETCDF          in:locopt:pe  prtf  $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT   _prt
     230PARIN                    in:job        d3#      $base_data/$fname/INPUT    _p3d
     231PARIN                    in:job        d3f      $base_data/$fname/INPUT    _p3df
     232TOPOGRAPHY_DATA          in:locopt     d3#:d3f  $base_data/$fname/INPUT    _topo
     233BININ                    in:loc:flpe   d3f      $base_data/$fname/RESTART  _d3d
     234PARTICLE_RESTART_DATA_IN in:loc:flpe   prtf     $base_data/$fname/RESTART  _rprt
     235DATA_1D_PR_NETCDF        in:locopt     prf      $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT   _pr     nc
     236DATA_1D_SP_NETCDF        in:locopt     spf      $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT   _sp     nc
     237DATA_1D_TS_NETCDF        in:locopt     tsf      $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT   _ts     nc
     238DATA_1D_PTS_NETCDF       in:locopt     ptsf     $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT   _pts    nc
     239DATA_2D_XY_NETCDF        in:locopt     xyf      $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT   _xy     nc
     240DATA_2D_XY_AV_NETCDF     in:locopt     xyf      $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT   _xy_av  nc
     241DATA_2D_XZ_NETCDF        in:locopt     xzf      $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT   _xz     nc
     242DATA_2D_YZ_NETCDF        in:locopt     yzf      $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT   _yz     nc
     243DATA_3D_NETCDF           in:locopt     3df      $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT   _3d     nc
     244DATA_PRT_NETCDF          in:locopt:pe  prtf     $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT   _prt
    264256CPU_MEASURES      out:loc:tr   d3#     $base_data/$fname/MONITORING  _cpu
    265257CPU_MEASURES      out:loc:tra  d3f     $base_data/$fname/MONITORING  _cpu
    266 DVRP_LOG          out:loc:tr   dv#     $base_data/$fname/MONITORING  _dvrp_log
    267 DVRP_LOG          out:loc:tra  dvf     $base_data/$fname/MONITORING  _dvrp_log
    268 PARTICLE_INFO     out:loc:tr   pt#     $base_data/$fname/MONITORING  _prt_info
    269 PARTICLE_INFO     out:loc:tra  ptf     $base_data/$fname/MONITORING  _prt_info
    271259DATA_1D_PR_NETCDF    out:loc:tr   pr#:prf   $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT  _pr     nc
    272 #DATA_1D_PR_NETCDF    out:loc      pr#:prf   $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT  _pr     nc
    273260DATA_1D_SP_NETCDF    out:loc:tr   sp#:spf   $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT  _sp     nc
    274261DATA_1D_TS_NETCDF    out:loc:tr   ts#:tsf   $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT  _ts     nc
    284271DATA_PRT_NETCDF      out:loc:pe   prt#:prtf $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT  _prt    nc
    285272DATA_PRT_NETCDF      out:loc:trpe prt#:prtf $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT  _prt    nc
    286 #
    287 PLOT3D_FLD        out:loc:tr   avs     $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT      _fld  fld
    288 PLOT3D_COOR       out:loc:tr   avs     $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT      _avscor
    289 PLOT3D_DATA       out:loc:tr   avs     $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT      _avs
    290 PARTICLE_DATA     out:loc:flpe prt#:prtf $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT    _prt_dat
     273DATA_DVR             out:loc:trpe dvr       $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT  _dvr
     275DVRP_LOG          out:loc:tr   dv#       $base_data/$fname/MONITORING  _dvrp_log
     276DVRP_LOG          out:loc:tra  dvf       $base_data/$fname/MONITORING  _dvrp_log
     277PARTICLE_INFO     out:loc:tr   pt#       $base_data/$fname/MONITORING  _prt_info
     278PARTICLE_INFO     out:loc:tra  ptf       $base_data/$fname/MONITORING  _prt_info
     279PARTICLE_DATA     out:loc:flpe prt#:prtf $base_data/$fname/OUTPUT      _prt_dat
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