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Adapted for machine lck
(mrun, mbuild, subjob)

bc_lr/bc_ns in most subroutines replaced by LOGICAL variables bc_lr_cyc,
bc_ns_cyc for speed optimization
(check_parameters, diffusion_u, diffusion_v, diffusion_w, modules)

Additional timestep criterion in case of simulations with plant canopy (timestep)

Check for illegal entries in section_xy|xz|yz that exceed nz+1|ny+1|nx+1

Clipping of dvrp output implemented. Default colourtable for particles
implemented, particle attributes (color, dvrp_size) can be set with new
parameters particle_color, particle_dvrpsize, color_interval,
dvrpsize_interval (init_dvrp, data_output_dvrp, modules, user_data_output_dvrp).
Slicer attributes (dvrp) are set with new routine set_slicer_attributes_dvrp
and are controlled with existing parameters slicer_range_limits.

Ocean atmosphere coupling allows to use independent precursor runs in order
to account for different spin-up times. The time when coupling has to be
started is given by new inipar parameter coupling_start_time. The precursor
ocean run has to be started using new mrun option "-y" in order to add
appendix "_O" to all output files.
(check_for_restart, check_parameters, data_output_2d, data_output_3d,
data_output_profiles, data_output_ptseries, data_output_spectra,
data_output_tseries, header, init_coupling, modules, mrun,
parin, read_var_list, surface_coupler, time_integration, write_var_list)

Polygon reduction for topography and ground plate isosurface. Reduction level
for buildings can be chosen with parameter cluster_size. (init_dvrp)

External pressure gradient (check_parameters, header, init_3d_model, modules,
parin, prognostic_equations, read_var_list, write_var_list)

New topography case 'single_street_canyon' (header, init_grid, modules, parin,
read_var_list, user_check_parameters, user_header, user_init_grid, write_var_list)

Option to predefine a target bulk velocity for conserve_volume_flow
(check_parameters, header, init_3d_model, modules, parin, read_var_list,

Option for user defined 2D data output in xy cross sections at z=nzb+1
(data_output_2d, user_data_output_2d)

xy cross section output of surface heatfluxes (latent, sensible)
(average_3d_data, check_parameters, data_output_2d, modules, read_3d_binary,
sum_up_3d_data, write_3d_binary)

average_3d_data, check_for_restart, check_parameters, data_output_2d, data_output_3d, data_output_dvrp, data_output_profiles, data_output_ptseries, data_output_spectra, data_output_tseries, init_coupling, init_dvrp, init_grid, init_3d_model, header, mbuild, modules, mrun, package_parin, parin, prognostic_equations, read_3d_binary, read_var_list, subjob, surface_coupler, timestep, time_integration, user_check_parameters, user_data_output_2d, user_data_output_dvrp, user_header, user_init_grid, write_3d_binary, write_var_list

New: set_particle_attributes, set_slicer_attributes_dvrp


lcmuk changed to lc to avoid problems with Intel compiler on sgi-ice

For extended NetCDF files, the updated title attribute includes an update of
time_average_text where appropriate. (netcdf)

In case of restart runs without extension, initial profiles are not written
to NetCDF-file anymore. (data_output_profiles, modules, read_var_list, write_var_list)

Small change in formatting of the message handling routine concering the output in the
job protocoll. (message)

initializing_actions='read_data_for_recycling' renamed to 'cyclic_fill', now
independent of turbulent_inflow (check_parameters, header, init_3d_model)

2 NetCDF error numbers changed. (data_output_3d)

A Link to the website appendix_a.html is printed for further information
about the possible errors. (message)

Temperature gradient criterion for estimating the boundary layer height
replaced by the gradient criterion of Sullivan et al. (1998). (flow_statistics)

NetCDF unit attribute in timeseries output in case of statistic regions added

Output of NetCDF messages with aid of message handling routine.
(check_open, close_file, data_output_2d, data_output_3d,
data_output_profiles, data_output_ptseries, data_output_spectra,
data_output_tseries, netcdf, output_particles_netcdf)

Output of messages replaced by message handling routine.
(advec_particles, advec_s_bc, buoyancy, calc_spectra, check_for_restart,
check_open, coriolis, cpu_log, data_output_2d, data_output_3d, data_output_dvrp,
data_output_profiles, data_output_spectra, fft_xy, flow_statistics, header,
init_1d_model, init_3d_model, init_dvrp, init_grid, init_particles, init_pegrid,
netcdf, parin, plant_canopy_model, poisfft_hybrid, poismg, read_3d_binary,
read_var_list, surface_coupler, temperton_fft, timestep, user_actions,
user_data_output_dvrp, user_dvrp_coltab, user_init_grid, user_init_plant_canopy,
user_parin, user_read_restart_data, user_spectra )

Maximum number of tails is calculated from maximum number of particles and
skip_particles_for_tail (init_particles)

Value of vertical_particle_advection may differ for each particle group
(advec_particles, header, modules)

First constant in array den also defined as type double. (eqn_state_seawater)

Parameter dvrp_psize moved from particles_par to dvrp_graphics_par. (package_parin)

topography_grid_convention moved from userpar to inipar (check_parameters,
header, parin, read_var_list, user_check_parameters, user_header,
user_init_grid, user_parin, write_var_list)

Default value of grid_matching changed to strict.

Adjustments for runs on lcxt4 (necessary due to an software update on CRAY) and
for coupled runs on ibmy (mrun, subjob)

advec_particles, advec_s_bc, buoyancy, calc_spectra, check_for_restart, check_open, check_parameters, close_file, coriolis, cpu_log, data_output_2d, data_output_3d, data_output_dvrp, data_output_profiles, data_output_ptseries, data_output_spectra, data_output_tseries, eqn_state_seawater, fft_xy, flow_statistics, header, init_1d_model, init_3d_model, init_dvrp, init_grid, init_particles, init_pegrid, message, mrun, netcdf, output_particles_netcdf, package_parin, parin, plant_canopy_model, poisfft, poisfft_hybrid, poismg, read_3d_binary, read_var_list, sort_particles, subjob, user_check_parameters, user_header, user_init_grid, user_parin, surface_coupler, temperton_fft, timestep, user_actions, user_data_output_dvrp, user_dvrp_coltab, user_init_grid, user_init_plant_canopy, user_parin, user_read_restart_data, user_spectra, write_var_list


Bugfix: Initial hydrostatic pressure profile in case of ocean runs is now
calculated in 5 iteration steps. (init_ocean)

Bugfix: wrong sign in buoyancy production of ocean part in case of not using
the reference density (only in 3D routine production_e) (production_e)

Bugfix: output of averaged 2d/3d quantities requires that an avaraging
interval has been set, respective error message is included (check_parameters)

Bugfix: Output on unit 14 only if requested by write_binary.

Bugfix to avoid zero division by km_neutral (production_e)

Bugfix for extended NetCDF files: In order to avoid 'data mode' errors if
updated attributes are larger than their original size, NF90_PUT_ATT is called
in 'define mode' enclosed by NF90_REDEF and NF90_ENDDEF calls. This implies a
possible performance loss; an alternative strategy would be to ensure equal
attribute size in a job chain. (netcdf)

Bugfix: correction of initial volume flow for non-flat topography (init_3d_model)
Bugfix: zero initialization of arrays within buildings for 'cyclic_fill' (init_3d_model)

Bugfix: to_be_resorted => s_av for time-averaged scalars (data_output_2d, data_output_3d)

Bugfix: error in formatting the output (message)

Bugfix: avoid that ngp_2dh_s_inner becomes zero (init_3_model)

Typographical error: unit of wpt in dots_unit (modules)

Bugfix: error in check, if particles moved further than one subdomain length.
This check must not be applied for newly released particles. (advec_particles)

Bugfix: several tail counters are initialized, particle_tail_coordinates is
only written to file if its third index is > 0, arrays for tails are allocated
with a minimum size of 10 tails if there is no tail initially (init_particles,

Bugfix: pressure included for profile output (check_parameters)

Bugfix: Type of count and count_rate changed to default INTEGER on NEC machines

Bugfix: output if particle time series only if particle advection is switched
on. (time_integration)

Bugfix: qsws was calculated in case of constant heatflux = .FALSE. (prandtl_fluxes)

Bugfix: averaging along z is not allowed for 2d quantities (e.g. u* and z0) (data_output_2d)

Typographical errors (netcdf)

If the inversion height calculated by the prerun is zero, inflow_damping_height
must be explicitly specified (init_3d_model)

Small bugfix concerning 3d 64bit netcdf output format (header)

Bugfix: dt_fixed removed from the restart file, because otherwise, no change
from a fixed to a variable timestep would be possible in restart runs.
(read_var_list, write_var_list)

Bugfix: initial setting of time_coupling in coupled restart runs (time_integration)

advec_particles, check_parameters, cpu_log, data_output_2d, data_output_3d, header, init_3d_model, init_particles, init_ocean, modules, netcdf, prandtl_fluxes, production_e, read_var_list, time_integration, user_last_actions, write_var_list

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1 SUBROUTINE init_ocean
4! Actual revisions:
5! -----------------
8! Former revisions:
9! ------------------
10! $Id: init_ocean.f90 392 2009-09-24 10:39:14Z raasch $
12! 388 2009-09-23 09:40:33Z raasch
13! Bugfix: Initial profiles of hydrostatic pressure and density are calculated
14! iteratively. First calculation of hyp(0) changed.
16! 124 2007-10-19 15:47:46Z raasch
17! Bugfix: Initial density rho is calculated
19! 97 2007-06-21 08:23:15Z raasch
20! Initial revision
22! Description:
23! ------------
24! Initialization of quantities needed for the ocean version
27    USE arrays_3d
28    USE control_parameters
29    USE eqn_state_seawater_mod
30    USE pegrid
31    USE grid_variables
32    USE indices
36    INTEGER ::  k, n
38    REAL    ::  sa_l, pt_l
40    REAL, DIMENSION(nzb:nzt+1) ::  rho_init
42    ALLOCATE( hyp(nzb:nzt+1) )
45!-- Set water density near the ocean surface
46    rho_surface = 1027.62
49!-- Calculate initial vertical profile of hydrostatic pressure (in Pa)
50!-- and the reference density (used later in buoyancy term)
51!-- First step: Calculate pressure using reference density
52    hyp(nzt+1) = surface_pressure * 100.0
54    hyp(nzt)      = hyp(nzt+1) + rho_surface * g * 0.5 * dzu(nzt+1)
55    rho_init(nzt) = rho_surface
57    DO  k = nzt-1, 1, -1
58       hyp(k) = hyp(k+1) + rho_surface * g * dzu(k)
59    ENDDO
60    hyp(0) = hyp(1) + rho_surface * g * dzu(1)
63!-- Second step: Iteratively calculate in situ density (based on presssure)
64!-- and pressure (based on in situ density)
65    DO  n = 1, 5
67       rho_reference = rho_surface * 0.5 * dzu(nzt+1)
69       DO  k = nzt-1, 0, -1
71          sa_l = 0.5 * ( sa_init(k) + sa_init(k+1) )
72          pt_l = 0.5 * ( pt_init(k) + pt_init(k+1) )
74          rho_init(k) = eqn_state_seawater_func( hyp(k), pt_l, sa_l )
76          rho_reference = rho_reference + rho_init(k) * dzu(k+1)
78       ENDDO
80       rho_reference = rho_reference / ( zw(nzt) - zu(nzb) )
82       DO  k = nzt-1, 0, -1
83          hyp(k) = hyp(k+1) + g * 0.5 * ( rho_init(k) + rho_init(k+1 ) ) * &
84                              dzu(k+1)
85       ENDDO
87    ENDDO
90!-- Calculate the reference potential density
91    prho_reference = 0.0
92    DO  k = 0, nzt
94       sa_l = 0.5 * ( sa_init(k) + sa_init(k+1) )
95       pt_l = 0.5 * ( pt_init(k) + pt_init(k+1) )
97       prho_reference = prho_reference + dzu(k+1) * &
98                        eqn_state_seawater_func( 0.0, pt_l, sa_l )
100    ENDDO
102    prho_reference = prho_reference / ( zu(nzt) - zu(nzb) )
105!-- Calculate the 3d array of initial in situ and potential density,
106!-- based on the initial temperature and salinity profile
107    CALL eqn_state_seawater
110 END SUBROUTINE init_ocean
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