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Last change on this file since 77 was 77, checked in by raasch, 16 years ago


particle reflection from vertical walls implemented, particle SGS model adjusted to walls

Wall functions for vertical walls now include diabatic conditions. New subroutines wall_fluxes, wall_fluxes_e. New 4D-array rif_wall.

new d3par-parameter netcdf_64bit_3d to switch on 64bit offset only for 3D files

new d3par-parameter dt_max to define the maximum value for the allowed timestep

new inipar-parameter loop_optimization to control the loop optimization method

new inipar-parameter pt_refrence. If given, this value is used as the reference that in buoyancy terms (otherwise, the instantaneous horizontally averaged temperature is used).

new user interface user_advec_particles

new initializing action "by_user" calls user_init_3d_model and allows the initial setting of all 3d arrays

topography height informations are stored on arrays zu_s_inner and zw_w_inner and output to the 2d/3d NetCDF files

samples added to the user interface which show how to add user-define time series quantities.

calculation/output of precipitation amount, precipitation rate and z0 (by setting "pra*", "prr*", "z0*" with data_output). The time interval on which the precipitation amount is defined is set by new d3par-parameter precipitation_amount_interval

unit 9 opened for debug output (file DEBUG_<pe#>)

Makefile, advec_particles, average_3d_data, buoyancy, calc_precipitation, check_open, check_parameters, data_output_2d, diffusion_e, diffusion_u, diffusion_v, diffusion_w, diffusivities, header, impact_of_latent_heat, init_particles, init_3d_model, modules, netcdf, parin, production_e, read_var_list, read_3d_binary, sum_up_3d_data, user_interface, write_var_list, write_3d_binary

New: wall_fluxes


General revision of non-cyclic horizontal boundary conditions: radiation boundary conditions are now used instead of Neumann conditions at the outflow (calculation needs velocity values for t-dt, which are stored on new arrays u_m_l, u_m_r, etc.), calculation of mean outflow is not needed any more, volume flow control is added for the outflow boundary (currently only for the north boundary!!), additional gridpoints along x and y (uxrp, vynp) are not needed any more, routine "boundary_conds" now operates on timelevel t+dt and is not split in two parts (main, uvw_outflow) any more, Neumann boundary conditions at inflow/outflow in case of non-cyclic boundary conditions for all 2d-arrays that are handled by exchange_horiz_2d

The FFT-method for solving the Poisson-equation is now working with Neumann boundary conditions both at the bottom and the top. This requires adjustments of the tridiagonal coefficients and subtracting the horizontally averaged mean from the vertical velocity field.

+age_m in particle_type

Particles-package is now part of the default code ("-p particles" is not needed any more).

Move call of user_actions( 'after_integration' ) below increment of times
and counters. user_actions is now called for each statistic region and has as an argument the number of the respective region (sr)

d3par-parameter data_output_ts removed. Timeseries output for "profil" removed. Timeseries are now switched on by dt_dots. Timeseries data is collected in flow_statistics.

Initial velocities at nzb+1 are regarded for volume flow control in case they have been set zero before (to avoid small timesteps); see new internal parameters u/v_nzb_p1_for_vfc.

q is not allowed to become negative (prognostic_equations).

poisfft_init is only called if fft-solver is switched on (init_pegrid).

d3par-parameter moisture renamed to humidity.

Subversion global revision number is read from mrun and added to the run description header and to the run control (_rc) file.

vtk directives removed from main program.

The uitility routine interpret_config reads PALM environment variables from NAMELIST instead using the system call GETENV.

advec_u_pw, advec_u_up, advec_v_pw, advec_v_up, asselin_filter, check_parameters, coriolis, data_output_dvrp, data_output_ptseries, data_output_ts, data_output_2d, data_output_3d, diffusion_u, diffusion_v, exchange_horiz, exchange_horiz_2d, flow_statistics, header, init_grid, init_particles, init_pegrid, init_rankine, init_pt_anomaly, init_1d_model, init_3d_model, modules, palm, package_parin, parin, poisfft, poismg, prandtl_fluxes, pres, production_e, prognostic_equations, read_var_list, read_3d_binary, sor, swap_timelevel, time_integration, write_var_list, write_3d_binary


Bugfix: preset of tendencies te_em, te_um, te_vm in init_1d_model

Bugfix in sample for reading user defined data from restart file (user_init)

Bugfix in setting diffusivities for cases with the outflow damping layer extending over more than one subdomain (init_3d_model)

Check for possible negative humidities in the initial humidity profile.

in Makefile, default suffixes removed from the suffix list to avoid calling of m2c in
# case of .mod files

check_parameters, init_1d_model, init_3d_model, user_interface

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2# WARNING: don't write filenames with extension .f90 in this header!!!!
4# Actual revisions:
5# -----------------
8# Former revisions:
9# -----------------
10# $Id: Makefile 77 2007-03-29 04:26:56Z raasch $
12# 58 2007-03-09 14:27:38Z raasch
13# default suffixes removed from the suffix list to avoid calling of m2c in
14# case of .mod files
15# +wall_fluxes, +particle_boundary_conds
17# RCS Log replace by Id keyword, revision history cleaned up
19# Revision 1.13  2006/08/04 14:45:31  raasch
20# +data_output_ptseries
22# Revision 1.1  2002/06/11 13:42:20  raasch
23# Initial revision
26# Description:
27# ------------
28# Makefile for the parallelized LES model (PALM) to be used by the
29# shellscript "mrun"
32PROG =  palm
34RCS = advec_particles.f90 advec_s_bc.f90 advec_s_pw.f90 advec_s_up.f90 \
35        advec_s_ups.f90 advec_u_pw.f90 advec_u_up.f90 advec_u_ups.f90 \
36        advec_v_pw.f90 advec_v_up.f90 advec_v_ups.f90 advec_w_pw.f90 \
37        advec_w_up.f90 advec_w_ups.f90 asselin_filter.f90 average_3d_data.f90 \
38        boundary_conds.f90 buoyancy.f90 calc_liquid_water_content.f90 \
39        calc_precipitation.f90 calc_radiation.f90 calc_spectra.f90 \
40        check_for_restart.f90 check_open.f90 check_parameters.f90 \
41        close_file.f90 compute_vpt.f90 coriolis.f90 cpu_log.f90 \
42        cpu_statistics.f90 data_log.f90 data_output_dvrp.f90 \
43        data_output_profiles.f90 data_output_ptseries.f90 \
44        data_output_spectra.f90 data_output_tseries.f90 data_output_2d.f90 \
45        data_output_3d.f90 diffusion_e.f90 diffusion_s.f90 diffusion_u.f90 \
46        diffusion_v.f90 diffusion_w.f90 diffusivities.f90 disturb_field.f90 \
47        disturb_heatflux.f90 \exchange_horiz.f90 exchange_horiz_2d.f90 \
48        fft_xy.f90 flow_statistics.f90 global_min_max.f90 header.f90 \
49        impact_of_latent_heat.f90 init_1d_model.f90 init_3d_model.f90 \
50        init_advec.f90 init_cloud_physics.f90 init_dvrp.f90 init_grid.f90 \
51        init_particles.f90 init_pegrid.f90 init_pt_anomaly.f90 \
52        init_rankine.f90 init_slope.f90 interaction_droplets_ptq.f90 \
53        local_getenv.f90 local_stop.f90 local_system.f90 local_tremain.f90 \
54        local_tremain_ini.f90 modules.f90 netcdf.f90 package_parin.f90 \
55        palm.f90 parin.f90 particle_boundary_conds.f90 poisfft.f90 \
56        poisfft_hybrid.f90 poismg.f90 prandtl_fluxes.f90 pres.f90 print_1d.f90 \
57        production_e.f90 prognostic_equations.f90 random_function.f90 \
58        random_gauss.f90 read_3d_binary.f90 read_var_list.f90 run_control.f90 \
59        singleton.f90 sor.f90 spline_x.f90 spline_y.f90 spline_z.f90 \
60        sum_up_3d_data.f90 swap_timelevel.f90 temperton_fft.f90 \
61        time_integration.f90 time_to_string.f90 timestep.f90 \
62        timestep_scheme_steering.f90 transpose.f90 user_interface.f90 \
63        wall_fluxes.f90 write_3d_binary.f90 write_compressed.f90 \
64        write_var_list.f90
66OBJS =  advec_particles.o advec_s_bc.o advec_s_pw.o advec_s_up.o \
67        advec_s_ups.o advec_u_pw.o advec_u_up.o advec_u_ups.o \
68        advec_v_pw.o advec_v_up.o advec_v_ups.o advec_w_pw.o \
69        advec_w_up.o advec_w_ups.o asselin_filter.o average_3d_data.o \
70        boundary_conds.o buoyancy.o calc_liquid_water_content.o \
71        calc_precipitation.o calc_radiation.o calc_spectra.o \
72        check_for_restart.o check_open.o check_parameters.o close_file.o \
73        compute_vpt.o coriolis.o cpu_log.o cpu_statistics.o data_log.o \
74        data_output_dvrp.o data_output_profiles.o data_output_ptseries.o \
75        data_output_spectra.o data_output_tseries.o data_output_2d.o \
76        data_output_3d.o diffusion_e.o diffusion_s.o diffusion_u.o \
77        diffusion_v.o diffusion_w.o diffusivities.o disturb_field.o \
78        disturb_heatflux.o exchange_horiz.o exchange_horiz_2d.o fft_xy.o \
79        flow_statistics.o global_min_max.o header.o impact_of_latent_heat.o \
80        init_1d_model.o init_3d_model.o init_advec.o init_cloud_physics.o \
81        init_dvrp.o init_grid.o init_particles.o init_pegrid.o \
82        init_pt_anomaly.o init_rankine.o init_slope.o \
83        interaction_droplets_ptq.o local_getenv.o local_stop.o \
84        local_system.o local_tremain.o local_tremain_ini.o modules.o netcdf.o \
85        package_parin.o palm.o parin.o particle_boundary_conds.o poisfft.o \
86        poisfft_hybrid.o poismg.o prandtl_fluxes.o pres.o print_1d.o \
87        production_e.o prognostic_equations.o random_function.o random_gauss.o \
88        read_3d_binary.o read_var_list.o run_control.o singleton.o sor.o \
89        spline_x.o spline_y.o spline_z.o sum_up_3d_data.o swap_timelevel.o \
90        temperton_fft.o time_integration.o time_to_string.o timestep.o \
91        timestep_scheme_steering.o transpose.o user_interface.o \
92        wall_fluxes.o write_3d_binary.o write_compressed.o write_var_list.o
94CC = cc
97F90 =
98COPT =
99F90FLAGS =
104.SUFFIXES: .o .f90
107all: $(PROG)
109$(PROG): $(OBJS)
110        $(F90) -o $(PROG) $(OBJS) $(LDFLAGS)
113        rm -f $(PROG) $(OBJS) *.mod *.i *.lst
116        $(F90) $(F90FLAGS) $(COPT) -c $<
120advec_particles.o: modules.o random_function.o
121advec_s_bc.o: modules.o
122advec_s_pw.o: modules.o
123advec_s_up.o: modules.o
124advec_s_ups.o: modules.o
125advec_u_pw.o: modules.o
126advec_u_up.o: modules.o
127advec_u_ups.o: modules.o
128advec_v_pw.o: modules.o
129advec_v_up.o: modules.o
130advec_v_ups.o: modules.o
131advec_w_pw.o: modules.o
132advec_w_up.o: modules.o
133advec_w_ups.o: modules.o
134asselin_filter.o: modules.o
135average_3d_data.o: modules.o
136boundary_conds.o: modules.o
137buoyancy.o: modules.o
138calc_liquid_water_content.o: modules.o
139calc_precipitation.o: modules.o
140calc_radiation.o: modules.o
141calc_spectra.o: modules.o fft_xy.o
142check_for_restart.o: modules.o
143check_open.o: modules.o
144check_parameters.o: modules.o
145close_file.o: modules.o
146compute_vpt.o: modules.o
147coriolis.o: modules.o
148cpu_log.o: modules.o
149cpu_statistics.o: modules.o
150data_log.o: modules.o
151data_output_dvrp.o: modules.o
152data_output_profiles.o: modules.o
153data_output_ptseries.o: modules.o
154data_output_spectra.o: modules.o
155data_output_tseries.o: modules.o
156data_output_2d.o: modules.o
157data_output_3d.o: modules.o
158diffusion_e.o: modules.o
159diffusion_s.o: modules.o
160diffusion_u.o: modules.o wall_fluxes.o
161diffusion_v.o: modules.o wall_fluxes.o
162diffusion_w.o: modules.o wall_fluxes.o
163diffusivities.o: modules.o
164disturb_field.o: modules.o random_function.o
165disturb_heatflux.o: modules.o
166exchange_horiz.o: modules.o
167exchange_horiz_2d.o: modules.o
168fft_xy.o: modules.o singleton.o temperton_fft.o
169flow_statistics.o: modules.o
170global_min_max.o: modules.o
171header.o: modules.o
172impact_of_latent_heat.o: modules.o
173init_1d_model.o: modules.o
174init_3d_model.o: modules.o random_function.o
175init_advec.o: modules.o
176init_cloud_physics.o: modules.o
177init_dvrp.o: modules.o
178init_grid.o: modules.o
179init_particles.o: modules.o random_function.o
180init_pegrid.o: modules.o fft_xy.o poisfft.o poisfft_hybrid.o
181init_pt_anomaly.o: modules.o
182init_rankine.o: modules.o
183init_slope.o: modules.o
184interaction_droplets_ptq.o: modules.o
185local_getenv.o: modules.o
186local_stop.o: modules.o
187local_tremain.o: modules.o
188local_tremain_ini.o: modules.o
189modules.o: modules.f90
190netcdf.o: modules.o
191package_parin.o: modules.o
192palm.o: modules.o
193parin.o: modules.o
194particle_boundary_conds.o: modules.o
195poisfft.o: modules.o fft_xy.o
196poisfft_hybrid.o: modules.o fft_xy.o
197poismg.o: modules.o
198prandtl_fluxes.o: modules.o
199pres.o: modules.o poisfft.o poisfft_hybrid.o
200print_1d.o: modules.o
201production_e.o: modules.o wall_fluxes.o
202prognostic_equations.o: modules.o advec_s_pw.o advec_s_up.o advec_u_pw.o \
203        advec_u_up.o advec_v_pw.o advec_v_up.o advec_w_pw.o advec_w_up.o  \
204        buoyancy.o calc_precipitation.o calc_radiation.o coriolis.o \
205        diffusion_e.o diffusion_s.o diffusion_u.o diffusion_v.o diffusion_w.o \
206        impact_of_latent_heat.o production_e.o user_interface.o
207random_gauss.o: random_function.o
208read_3d_binary.o: modules.o random_function.o
209read_var_list.o: modules.o
210run_control.o: modules.o
211singleton.o: singleton.f90
212sor.o: modules.o
213spline_x.o: modules.o
214spline_y.o: modules.o
215spline_z.o: modules.o
216sum_up_3d_data.o: modules.o
217swap_timelevel.o: modules.o
218temperton_fft.o: modules.o
219time_integration.o: modules.o prognostic_equations.o user_interface.o \
220        interaction_droplets_ptq.o
221timestep.o: modules.o
222timestep_scheme_steering.o: modules.o
223transpose.o: modules.o
224user_interface.o: modules.o user_interface.f90
225wall_fluxes.o: modules.o
226write_3d_binary.o: modules.o random_function.o
227write_compressed.o: modules.o
228write_var_list.o: modules.o
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