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preliminary adjustments for HLRN-2 system

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3The plant canopy model has been extended to the prognostic equation for   
4the potential temperature and the prognostic equation for the concentration
5of a passive scalar, as proposed by Watanabe (2004) and Shaw and Schumann
6(1992). (prognostic_equations, plant_canopy_model) 
8Within a job chain, the number of processors or the virtual processor grid
9is now allowed to be changed. This modifies the domain decomposition and
10requires that the PEs within a restart job have to know from which file(s) they
11have to read their restart data (up to now there is a one to one relation
12between the restart files and the PEs, i.e. processor 4 only reads data
13from file "_0004"). Informations about the subdomain index limits of all
14restart files are now written by PE0 (to file "_0000"). Also, all variables
15containing global values which do not depend on the subdomain are written
16to file "_0000" only. In a restart run, this file is opened by all PEs to
17read these global values and the informations about the subdomain index
18limits. Depending on these index limit information it is decided which
19restart file(s) has/have to be opened in order to read the complete data
20necessary for the current subdomain.
22The turbulence recycling method of Kataoka and Mizuno (2002) has been
23implemented. A pre-run with smaller model domain can be used to initialize
24the real run, in order to spare the CPU time needed to get the turbulence
25into a quasi-stationary state (see initializing_actions =
28Particle advection adjusted for ocean runs.
30User-defined spectra.
32Argument -c introduced to most of the subjob calls, which allows the user to
33choose his own job catalog by setting job_catalog in the configuration file
34(default is ~/job_queue). Workaround for mpixec with -env option.
35Adjustments for lcxt4 (Bergen Center for Computational Science) (mrun, subjob)
37advec_particles, calc_spectra, check_open, check_parameters, data_output_spectra, header, init_particles, init_pegrid, init_3d_model, modules, netcdf, parin, particle_boundary_conds, plant_canopy_model, prognostic_equations, read_var_list, read_3d_binary, time_integration, user_interface, write_var_list, write_3d_binary
39New: inflow_turbulence
44Sharp lateral edges of the plant canopy introduced. Before smaller
45values of the leaf area density than those applied in the prognostic
46equation for the vertical velocity were used in the prognostic equations
47for u and v at the boundaries of the plant_canopy. (init_3d_model) 
49-cross_ts_* (read_var_list, write_var_list)
50-dopr_time_count, old profil parameters (cross_..., dopr_crossindex,
51 profile_***) removed (read_3d_binary, write_3d_binary)
53hom_sum moved, volume_flow_area, volume_flow_initial moved from ..._3d_binary
54to ..._var_list, hom_sum is now allocated in parin instead of init_3d_model
56npex, npey moved from inipar- to d3par-namelist (parin)
58myid_char14 removed. This was used since on IBM machines the process rank may
59be changed when the final communicator is defined, in order to save the
60preliminary processor-id for opening the binary output file for restarts
61(unit 14), because otherwise a mismatch occured when reading this file in a
62restart job. This mechanism is not needed any more since the subdomain
63informations are now contained in file _0000. (parin, check_open)
65Transpositions for the 2D domain decomposition have been optimized by using
66f_inv as an automatic array instead of providing the memory by a dummy argument.
67This spares one copy loop per transposition. Order of indices in the 3D loops
68in some of the transpose routines have been rearranged for better cache utilization.
69Both have been suggested by Roland Richter (SGI) as part of the
70HLRN-II benchmark process. (transpose)
72Workaround for getting information about the coupling mode. (palm)
74advec_s_ups, advec_u_ups, advec_v_ups, advec_w_ups, calc_spectra, check_open, init_3d_model, modules, palm, parin, poisfft, read_var_list, read_3d_binary, transpose, write_var_list, write_3d_binary
79Bugfix: Construction of vertical profiles when 10 gradients have been
80specified in the parameter list (ug, vg, pt, q, sa, lad). (check_parameters)
82Bugfix: Determination of the number of vertical levels for which spectra
83shall be output - 100 replaced by 10. (netcdf)
85Bugfix: Lengths of those characters that are needed for the output of the
86characteristic levels of potential temperature, the geostrophic wind,
87scalar concentration, humidity and leaf area density to the header file
88has been increased. (header)
90Bugfix: add ')' in user_read_restart_data.
92The leaf area density is explicitly set to its surface value at k=0. (check_parameters)
94Introduce prefix_chr to ensure unique dvrp_file path.
95small bugfixes for user_interface sample code (comments):
96- initialize ustvst with 0.0 as it is now computed only until nxr and nyn
97- two ALLOCATE statements moved from user_read_restart_data back to user_init
98- remove 'READ (13) u2_av' statement in user_read_restart_data
99Bugfix: remove IF statement in plant_canopy_model_ij (plant_canopy_model)
100Bugfix: divide sums(k,8) (e) and sums(k,34) (e*) by ngp_2dh_s_inner(k,sr)
101(like other scalars) (flow_statistics)
102Bugfix: dopr_time_count was written on the binary file, which caused that
103NetCDF files newly created by restart files (no append of existing files!)
104contained uneccessary time levels. (read_3d_binary, write_3d_binary)
105Bugfix: extra '*' removed in user_statistics sample code (user_interface)
106Bugfix: a stop command was missing in some cases of the parallel branch (local_stop)
107Bugfix in volume flow control for non-cyclic boundary conditions (pres)
108Bugfix: misplaced #endif directives (combine_plot_fields)
111check_parameters, flow_statistics, init_dvrp, local_stop, plant_canopy_model, pres, read_3d_binary, user_interface, write_3d_binary
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