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1Usage of PALM NCL script crosssections.ncl
3Last change: $Id: crosssections.usage.txt 127 2007-10-23 11:05:25Z raasch $
4Marcus Letzel, 17 July 2007
6Command-line syntax
8ncl crosssections.ncl [parameters]
10The parameter syntax depends on their data type:
11A) numeric data    : parameter=value      (for example t=0)
12B) character string: 'parameter="string"' (for example 'var="u_xy"')
14Alphabetical parameter list
16Name    Default value           Meaning
18cm      "ncview_default"        colormap
19di      ""                      input directory (with final /)
20d       =di                     output directory (with final /)
21fi      "example_xy"            base name of input file (without suffix)
22fo      ""                      base name of output files (without suffix)
23fill_mode "AreaFill"            fill mode for mode="Fill":
24                                "AreaFill", "RasterFill" or "CellFill"
25mode    "Fill"                  output mode ("Fill" or "Line")
26t       0                       output time step
27var     "u_xy"                  variable to be output
28xs      -1e+38                  output x-coordinate range start (in m)
29xe      +1e+38                  output x-coordinate range end   (in m)
30ys      -1e+38                  output y-coordinate range start (in m)
31ye      +1e+38                  output y-coordinate range end   (in m)
32zs      -1e+38                  output z-coordinate range start (in m)
33ze      +1e+38                  output z-coordinate range end   (in m)
37This script draws NCL contour plots from two-dimensional cross-sections of
38NetCDF data produced by PALM. Instantaneous or time-averaged xy-, xz-, yz- or
393D-data can be used with this script.
41The sectional plane has neither a default orientation nor a default position.
42Both must be specified together using the coordinate range parameters:
43- For xy cross-sections specify zs and ze (with zs=za).
44- For xz cross-sections specify ys and ye (with ys=ya).
45- For yz cross-sections specify xs and xe (with xs=xa).
47The remaining coordinate range parameters can optionally be used to restrict
48the output coordinate range.
50By default, only screen output is produced. Additional file output is optional
51and requires to specify the parameter fo. This will create three files: fo.pdf,
52fo.eps and
54Input and output files can optionally be preceeded by an input and output
55directory di and d, respectively. If not specified, this scripts expects the
56input file to reside in the current directory.
58The contours can be drawn either in "Fill" (default) or "Line" mode.
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