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adjustments for ibmkisti (pres, batch_scp, mbuild, mrun, subjob)

new default configuration files .mrun.config.yonsei2011 and .config_block_for_ibmkisti



bugfix: weighting coefficient added to ibm branch (pres)

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1# Settings in this block are valid for the IBM-Regatta-Power6 system at KISTI
2# Don't forget to replace "<replace by your KISTI username>" by your valid
3# username for the KISTI system!
4%compiler_name     mpxlf95_r                                  ibmkisti parallel
5%compiler_name_ser xlf95                                      ibmkisti parallel
6%cpp_options       -qsuffix=cpp=f90:-WF,-DMPI_REAL=MPI_DOUBLE_PRECISION,-D__netcdf=__netcdf,-D__netcdf_64bit=__netcdf_64bit  ibmkisti parallel
7%netcdf_inc        -I:/applic/local/64BIT/NETCDF/V363/include       ibmkisti parallel
8%netcdf_lib        -L/applic/local/64BIT/NETCDF/V363/lib:-lnetcdf   ibmkisti parallel
9%fopts             -O3:-g:-qfloat=nomaf:-qrealsize=8:-Q:-q64:-qmaxmem=-1:-qtune=pwr6:-qarch=pwr6:-qnosave:-qnoescape    ibmkisti parallel
10%lopts             -O3:-g:-qfloat=nomaf:-qrealsize=8:-Q:-q64:-qmaxmem=-1:-qtune=pwr6:-qarch=pwr6:-qnosave:-qnoescape:-lesslsmp   ibmkisti parallel
11%memory            2000                                       ibmkisti parallel
12%cpumax            1000                                       ibmkisti parallel
13%numprocs          4                                          ibmkisti parallel
14%remote_username   <replace by your KISTI username>           ibmkisti parallel
15%tmp_data_catalog  /gpfs1/<replace by your KISTI username>/palm_restart_data  ibmkisti parallel
16%tmp_user_catalog  /gpfs1/<replace by your KISTI username>    ibmkisti parallel
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