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Refactoring of the palm_simple_ build and run scripts

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[2850]1#!/usr/bin/env bash
2# The content of this file is included in the palm_simple_run
3# Please adjust execution parameters as required for your system.
4# PALM needs to be called as: ./palm  < runfile_atmos
5# The following environment variables can be used:
6# ${mpi_ranks} is the total number of mpi ranks (option -p)
7# ${mpi_ranks_per_node} is the total number of mpi ranks per node (option -n)
8# ${openmp_threads} is the number of OpenMP threads (option -t)
10export OMP_NUM_THREADS=${openmp_threads}
11mpirun -n ${mpi_ranks}  ./palm  < runfile_atmos
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