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31. Purpose
4   This example shows the flow around a single 3d idealized
5   mountain. The mountain shape is Gaussian. The inversion height lies
6   below the mountain top so that a part of the topography resides in
7   stable stratification.
92. PALM-Version / SVN Revision
[4228]10   PALM 6.0 / SVN Revision 4227
123. Required user code
13   No user code is required.
154. Input: example_mountain_p3d
16   Cyclic lateral boundary conditions are used. The 3d-model is initialized with
17   the solution of the 1d-model. Rayleigh damping is switched on.
195. Preprocessing
20   The topography file has to be prepared according to the topography conventions
21   used in PALM. The topography file is created with aid of a 2d Gauss function.
[4228]236. Program start - palmrun call
24   palmrun -r mountain -a "d3#" -c default -T 4 -X 4
267. Monitoring: example_mountain_rc
288. Postprocessing
29   No postprocessing of the data is required.
319. List of attachments
32   example_mountain _p3d
33   example_mountain_rc
34   example_mountain_topo
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