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19<h4 style="line-height: 100%;"><font size="4">4.5.4 Plots of 2d cross
20sections with iso2d</font></h4>
21<p style="line-height: 100%;">PALM permits simultaneous output xy, xz
23yz cross sections. Since the output of all three cross section plots is
24steered in the same way, only the creation of xy plots is described.</p>
25<p style="line-height: 100%;">Output of xy cross
26sections requires to set at least two parameters: first, the temporal
27interval of the output time (run parameter <a
28 href="chapter_4.2.html#dt_do2d_xy"><u>dt_do2d_xy)</u></a><span
29 style="text-decoration: none;">
30and second<span style="text-decoration: none;"></span>
31the names of the quantities for which cross section output is wanted</span><span
32 style="text-decoration: none;"><span style="text-decoration: none;"> (<a
33 href="chapter_4.2.html#data_output">data_output</a></span></span>).
34The string <span style="font-style: italic;">'_xy'</span>
35must be appended to these name strings in either case. Output times
36cannot be defined
37directly but only via the output time interval, starting from the
38beginning of the initial 3d run (t=0, but no cross sections are
39written at the time t=0; exceptions see <a
40 href="chapter_4.2.html#do2d_at_begin">do2d_at_begin</a>).
41The exact location (height level) of the cross
42section(s) can be defined with run parameter <a
43 href="chapter_4.2.html#section_xy">section_xy</a>.
44If no values have been assigned to <b>data_output</b> and <b>section_xy</b> or
45if the value given for <b>dt_do2d_xy </b>is
46larger than the simulated time (see <a href="chapter_4.1.html#end_time">end_time</a>),
47<b>then there will be no output!</b><br>
49<p style="line-height: 100%;">Data is output in binary format
50into the
51local file <a href="chapter_3.4.html#PLOT2D_XY">PLOT2D_XY</a>.
52This file must be linked with a permanent file by
53using a file connection statement in the <b>mrun</b> configuration
54file (see e.g. <a href="chapter_3.2.html">chapter
553.2</a>). At the end of the run the local file is copied to this
56file. Such a statement can look like this: </p>
58  <pre style="margin-bottom: 0.5cm; line-height: 100%;"><font
59 style="font-size: 10pt;" size="2">PLOT2D_XY out:loc:tr  pxy  ~/PLOT/$fname  _pxy_in.</font></pre>
61<p style="line-height: 100%;">If the respective <b>mrun</b> call is
62like </p>
64  <pre style="margin-bottom: 0.5cm; line-height: 100%;"><font
65 style="font-size: 10pt;" size="2">mrun -d  test -r “pxy”…</font></pre>
67<p style="line-height: 100%;">then the local file <tt><font
68 style="font-size: 10pt;" size="2">PLOT2D_XY</font></tt>
69is copied to the permanent file <tt><font style="font-size: 10pt;"
70 size="2">~/PLOT/test/test_pxy_in</font>
71</tt>. However, the character string <font style="font-size: 10pt;"
72 size="2">“</font><tt><font style="font-size: 10pt;" size="2">pxy</font></tt><font
73 style="font-size: 10pt;" size="2">”</font>
74activating the file connection statement (see third column of the
75statement) must be given in the <b>mrun</b> call as argument of the
76option -r (and/or -o)<b>.</b> <span style="text-decoration: none;">If
77t</span>his is forgotten by mistake, the model outputs the data to
78the local file, but this is not copied to the permanent file and thus
79the data are not available for the user after the run has finished.</p>
80<p style="line-height: 100%;">The created data file can be
81directly used as input file for the plot software <b>iso2d</b>.
82However, this requires the user to assign <a
83 href="chapter_4.2.html#data_output_2d_on_each_pe">data_output_2d_on_each_pe</a>
84= <i>.FALSE. </i>(see also at the end of this chapter) . <b>iso2d</b>
85needs another file, the so-called parameter file, which specifies the
87layout. This file contains a
88so-called global parameter set which applies to all plots as well as
89a local parameter set which is valid for each individual plot. These
90global and
91local parameter sets are also created by PALM and output into two
92different local files named <a href="chapter_3.4.html#PLOT2D_XY_GLOBAL">PLOT2D_XY_GLOBAL</a>
93and <a href="chapter_3.4.html#PLOT2D_XY_LOCAL">PLOT2D_XY_LOCAL</a>.
94These must be combined to one file via a so-called <a
95 href="">output
96command</a> in the configuration file. The resulting file also needs a
97file connection statement: </p>
99  <pre style="line-height: 100%;"><font style="font-size: 10pt;"
100 size="2">OC: [[ -f PLOT2D_XY_GLOBAL]] &amp;&amp; cat PLOT2D_XY_LOCAL &gt;&gt; PLOT2D_XY_GLOBAL</font><br><br><font
101 style="font-size: 10pt;" size="2">PLOT2D_XY_GLOBAL out:loc:tr  pxy  ~/PLOT/$fname  _pxy_par.</font></pre>
103<p style="line-height: 100%;">The output command (corn shell syntax)
104tests whether the file <tt><font style="font-size: 10pt;" size="2">PLOT2D_XY_GLOBAL</font></tt>
105exists and if so the file <tt><font style="font-size: 10pt;" size="2">PLOT2D_XY_LOCAL</font></tt>
106is appended via the "cat" command to the file <tt><font
107 style="font-size: 10pt;" size="2">PLOT2D_XY_GLOBAL</font></tt>
108which then contains all parameters needed by <b>iso2d</b>.&nbsp; This
109relatively pedantic proceeding is due to the fact that PALM
110can produce the file PLOT2D_XY_GLOBAL only at the end of the simulation
111(when the final value of the global <span style="font-weight: bold;">iso2d</span>-parameter
113 href="">planz</a>
114is known), while the local parameter sets are written continuously
115to the file PLOT2D_XY_LOCAL during the run. A consequence is, that in
116case of aborts of a run the file <tt><font style="font-size: 10pt;"
117 size="2">PLOT2D_XY_GLOBAL</font></tt>
118has possibly not been created and thus a visualization of the data -
119although they may be available - is
120not possible (in such a case, the user may create the parameter file
121manually). </p>
122<p style="line-height: 100%;">If you are in the directory <tt><font
123 style="font-size: 10pt;" size="2">~/PLOT/test</font></tt>, the data
124can be plotted by entering
127  <pre style="margin-bottom: 0.5cm; line-height: 100%;"><font
128 style="font-size: 10pt;" size="2">iso2d -d test  _pxy_in  -p test_pxy_par</font></pre>
130<p style="line-height: 100%;">By default plot layout as specified in
131the parameter file is as follows: for each cross section of each
132individual quantity a seperate plot is created using isolines. Isolines
133with negative values are displayed in
134red color. The axes do not have labels and the units are [m]. For
135identification, each plot is
136provided with a title, which contains the model version number, the
137run identifier (base file name + number of the restart run), the name
138of the host where the run was executed, and the date and time of the
140of the run. Furthermore each plot carries a
141caption where the name of the displayed quantity, the output time
142(starting from
143beginning of the 3d simulation, t=0) and the location of the cross
144sections (as height level and grid point number) is noted. </p>
145<p style="line-height: 100%;">The layout of the plots can be
146varied by editing the parameter file (according to the
147various features of <b>iso2d</b>: color shading,
148vector plots, streamlines, etc.). For a detailed description of the <span
149 style="font-weight: bold;">iso2d</span> parameters see the
151 href="">iso2d</a>
152manual (only in German). </p>
153<p style="line-height: 100%;">With parallel runs and choice of <a
154 href="chapter_4.2.html#data_output_2d_on_each_pe">data_output_2d_on_each_pe</a>
155= <i>.T.</i> each PE outputs the data of its subdomain
156to a separate file with the name PLOT2D_XY_&lt;processor-Id&gt;,
157whereby &lt;processor-Id&gt; is a four digit number (e.g.
158PLOT2D_XY_0000). These files are not suitable for <span
159 style="font-weight: bold;">iso2d</span>, but after the
161of a run they can be combined to one file readable by <span
162 style="font-weight: bold;">iso2d</span>. This is done via a
163further output command in the configuration file: </p>
165  <pre style="margin-bottom: 0.5cm; line-height: 100%;"><font
166 style="font-size: 10pt;" size="2">OC:[[$ ( echo $localhost | cut -c1-3 ) = imbh ]] &amp;&amp; combine_plot_fields.x</font></pre>
168<p style="line-height: 100%;">The program <tt><font
169 style="font-size: 10pt;" size="2">combine_plot_fields.x</font></tt>
170collects the data from the individual processor files and outputs it
171into the local file <tt><font style="font-size: 10pt;" size="2">PLOT2D_XY</font></tt>
172which can be processed by <span style="font-weight: bold;">iso2d</span>.
173Using this call, possibly existing
174files of the other cross sections (xz, yz) and of 3d volume data are
175also combined.&nbsp;The tool writes
176informative messages about the actions accomplished into the job
177protocol, even if no files were found (i.e. the output command
178may remain in the configuration file, even if no appropriate files
179are created during the simulation). <br>
181Note:</b> due to internal
182restrictions of <b>iso2d </b>the file <tt><font
183 style="font-size: 10pt;" size="2">PLOT2D_XY</font></tt>
184may not contain more than 99 cross sections. This restriction does not
186for the production of video clips via <b>iso2d</b>. &nbsp; </p>
188<p style="line-height: 100%;"><br>
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