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openACC porting of reduction operations
additional 3D-flag arrays for replacing the 2D-index arrays nzb_s_inner and nzb_diff_s_inner
(flow_statistics, init_grid, init_3d_model, modules, palm, pres, time_integration)


for PGI/openACC performance reasons set default compile options for openACC to "-ta=nocache",
and set environment variable PGI_ACC_SYNCHRONOUS=1
(, palm_simple_run)

wall_flags_0 changed to 32bit INTEGER, additional array wall_flags_00 introduced to hold
bits 32-63
(advec_ws, init_grid, modules, palm)


dummy argument tri in 1d-routines replaced by tri_for_1d because of name
conflict with arry tri in module arrays_3d

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1# Contents of this file are included in palm's makefile if the simple install
2# process (palm_simple_install) is used.
3# Please adjust compiling parameters as required for your system.
7COPT= -Mpreprocess -D__nopointer -D__openacc -D__cuda_fft -D__lc
8F90FLAGS= -acc -ta=nvidia,5.0,nocache,time -Minfo=acc -Mcray=pointer -fastsse -r8 -Mcuda=cuda5.0
9LDFLAGS= -acc -ta=nvidia,5.0,nocache,time -Minfo=acc -Mcray=pointer -fastsse -r8 -Mcuda=cuda5.0 -L/muksoft/packages/pgi/2013-133/linux86-64/2013/cuda/5.0/lib64 -lcufft
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