The PALM Gallery

This gallery is divided into three sections:

The first section contains two Image Galleries. The 2D Image Gallery with selected images from simulations with PALM, and the 3D Image Gallery, which contains anaglyph 3D stereo images. You need red/cyan glasses to view these images.

The second section is the Movie Gallery, which provides a couple of animations of PALM simulations for viewing and downloading.

The third section serves as a Playground for a variation of images and movies that do not necessarily have a direct scientific value. The playground is designed to show our capabilities of visualizing PALM data. This section is part science and part art.

The PALM group at IMUK employs the NCAR Command Language (NCL) and Distributed Virtual Reality Software (DSVR) as well as the (Visualization and Analysis Platform for Ocean, Atmosphere, and Solar Researchers VAPOR) to generate the visualizations in this gallery.

Please visit us on our new Youtube Channel.

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