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(edit) @3298   5 years kanani Merge chemistry branch at r3297 to trunk
(edit) @3294   5 years raasch modularization of the ocean code
(edit) @3274   5 years knoop Modularization of all bulk cloud physics code components
(edit) @3254   5 years suehring Additional checks for surface_fractions and building_id; Remove …
(edit) @3253   5 years suehring Bugfix, missing deallocation of q_surface in case of restarts
(edit) @3241   5 years raasch various changes to avoid compiler warnings (mainly removal of unused …
(edit) @3222   5 years suehring Introduction of addtional surface variables indicating type and name …
(edit) @3176   5 years suehring Major bugfix in calculation of ol and ts at building roofs; bugfix in …
(edit) @3152   5 years suehring Further adjustments for surface structure
(edit) @3147   5 years maronga last commit documented
(edit) @3146   5 years maronga major bugfix in calculation of Obukhov length and subsequent handling …
(edit) @3055   5 years suehring Bugfix, initialization of surface elements also in case of restart …
(edit) @3026   5 years schwenkel Changed the name specific humidity to mixing ratio
(edit) @2977   5 years kanani Fixes for radiative transfer model
(edit) @2970   5 years suehring Bugfix in large-scale forcing
(edit) @2963   5 years suehring Minor revision of static input file checks, bugfix in initialization …
(edit) @2942   5 years suehring Bugfix in assigning surface element data after restart.
(edit) @2940   5 years suehring Bugfix in reading restart data of vertical surface elements
(edit) @2920   5 years kanani Optimize SVF calculation, clean-up, bugfixes
(edit) @2894   5 years Giersch Reading/Writing? data in case of restart runs revised
(edit) @2813   5 years suehring Further bugfixes concering restart runs
(edit) @2812   5 years hellstea Bugfixes in computation of the interpolation loglaw-correction parameters
(edit) @2805   5 years suehring Bugfix in re-mapping surface-element data in case of restarts; bugfix …
(edit) @2766   5 years kanani Removal of chem directive, plus minor changes
(edit) @2759   5 years suehring Major bugfix in horizontal diffusion of all scalar quantities at …
(edit) @2753   5 years suehring Tile approach for spectral albedo implemented.
(edit) @2735   5 years suehring Output of resistance also urban-type surfaces
(edit) @2718   5 years maronga deleting of deprecated files; headers updated where needed
(edit) @2716   5 years kanani Correction of "Former revisions" section
(edit) @2707   5 years suehring changes documented
(edit) @2706   5 years suehring Bugfixes in radiation and restarts in LSM
(edit) @2698   5 years suehring Particle reflections at downward-facing walls; revision of particle …
(edit) @2696   5 years kanani Merge of branch palm4u into trunk
(edit) @2688   5 years Giersch Error message PA0476 added. Bugfix in case of coupled runs.
(edit) @2638   6 years raasch bugfix for cases with constant top momentumflux
(edit) @2575   6 years maronga bugfix in radiation model and improvements in land surface scheme
(edit) @2547   6 years schwenkel extended by cloud_droplets option
(edit) @2508   6 years suehring Bugfixes in SGS-TKE buoyancy production; revised initialization of …
(edit) @2478   6 years suehring Bugfixes concerning top fluxes and TKE production
(edit) @2378   6 years suehring Bugfix in write restart data
(edit) @2339   6 years gronemeier corrected timestamp in header
(edit) @2338   6 years gronemeier modularized 1d model
(edit) @2318   6 years suehring get topograpyhy top index via function call
(edit) @2317   6 years suehring get topograpyh top index via function call
(edit) @2292   6 years schwenkel implementation of new bulk microphysics scheme
(edit) @2270   6 years maronga major revisions in land surface model
(edit) @2269   6 years suehring Enable restarts with USM with different number of PEs; some bugfixes …
(edit) @2256   6 years suehring change default value of zeta_min; enable scalar/heat/water-fluxes at …
(edit) @2233   6 years suehring last commit documented
(add) @2232   6 years suehring Adjustments according new topography and surface-modelling concept …
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