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(edit) @3767   4 years raasch unused variables removed from rrd-subroutines parameter list
(edit) @3715   4 years suehring Revise check for saturation moisture
(edit) @3710   4 years suehring Check if building-, water-, pavement-, vegetation- and soil types are …
(edit) @3692   4 years suehring Add check for soil moisture higher than its saturation value
(edit) @3685   4 years knoop Some interface calls moved to module_interface + cleanup
(edit) @3677   4 years moh.hefny update rad_lw_out according to radiation model used
(edit) @3668   4 years maronga removed most_methods circular and lookup. added improved version of …
(edit) @3655   4 years knoop Bugfix: made "unit" and "found" intend INOUT in module interface …
(edit) @3636   4 years raasch nopointer option removed
(edit) @3620   4 years moh.hefny fix date and time and update 3d rad_lw_out
(edit) @3597   4 years maronga revised calculation of near surface air potential temperature
(edit) @3486   4 years maronga bugfix in land surface model for the case case of excessive …
(edit) @3361   4 years knoop Introduced global constant rd_d_rv=0.622
(edit) @3349   4 years suehring Bugfix in initialization of soil properties from dynamic input file
(edit) @3347   4 years suehring Offline nesting revised and separated from large_scale_forcing_mod; …
(edit) @3274   4 years knoop Modularization of all bulk cloud physics code components
(edit) @3271   4 years suehring Several critical bugfixes: initialization of surface temperature at …
(edit) @3256   4 years suehring Enable initialization of z0q for vegetation, pavement and water …
(edit) @3248   4 years sward Minor format changes
(edit) @3246   4 years sward Added error handling for wrong input parameters
(edit) @3241   4 years raasch various changes to avoid compiler warnings (mainly removal of unused …
(edit) @3233   4 years schwenkel Adapted for the use of cloud_droplets
(edit) @3222   4 years suehring Introduction of addtional surface variables indicating type and name …
(edit) @3215   4 years suehring changes for commit 3209 documented
(edit) @3209   4 years suehring Additional namelist parameter to switch on/off the nesting of chemical …
(edit) @3196   4 years maronga set maximum value for aerodynamic resistance over horiztonal surfaces
(edit) @3161   4 years maronga increased roughness lengths for asphalt
(edit) @3152   4 years suehring Further adjustments for surface structure
(edit) @3147   4 years maronga last commit documented
(edit) @3146   4 years maronga major bugfix in calculation of Obukhov length and subsequent handling …
(edit) @3143   4 years maronga modified calculation of surface resistance in land surface scheme
(edit) @3142   4 years suehring Bugfix in referencing buildings on orography top; minor bugfix for …
(edit) @3138   4 years maronga bugfix for sea surfaces with constant_roughness = .F.
(edit) @3136   4 years suehring Limit roughness for heat and moisture in case it exceeds the …
(edit) @3133   4 years maronga bugfix for last commit
(edit) @3127   4 years maronga bugfix for high vegetation surface temperatures
(edit) @3091   4 years suehring Limit aerodynamic resistance at vertial building walls; check for …
(edit) @3051   4 years suehring Speed-up NetCDF input; Revise NetCDF-input routines and remove input …
(edit) @3049   4 years Giersch Revision history corrected
(edit) @3046   4 years Giersch Remaining error messages revised, comments extended
(edit) @3045   4 years Giersch Code adjusted according to coding standards, renamed namelists, error …
(edit) @3026   4 years schwenkel Changed the name specific humidity to mixing ratio
(edit) @3014   4 years maronga series of bugfixes
(edit) @3004   4 years Giersch precipitation_rate removed, further allocation checks for data output …
(edit) @2968   4 years suehring Bugfixes in initalization of land-surface model as well as timeseries …
(edit) @2963   4 years suehring Minor revision of static input file checks, bugfix in initialization …
(edit) @2938   5 years suehring Nesting in RANS-LES and RANS-RANS mode enabled; synthetic turbulence …
(edit) @2932   5 years maronga renamed all Fortran NAMELISTS
(edit) @2921   5 years Giersch further inipar parameter has been added to restart data, bugfix in …
(edit) @2894   5 years Giersch Reading/Writing? data in case of restart runs revised
(edit) @2881   5 years maronga bugfix in land surface model and new option in spinup
(edit) @2805   5 years suehring Bugfix in re-mapping surface-element data in case of restarts; bugfix …
(edit) @2798   5 years suehring Bugfix initialization of %pt_surface array; Output of surface …
(edit) @2797   5 years suehring Output of ground-heat flux at natural- and urban-type surfaces in one …
(edit) @2765   5 years maronga major bugfix in calculation of aerodynamic resistance for vertical …
(edit) @2735   5 years suehring Output of resistance also urban-type surfaces
(edit) @2729   5 years maronga input of deep soil temperature separated from prognostic soil temperature
(edit) @2724   5 years maronga some changes in spinup mechanism and additional check in land surface model
(edit) @2723   5 years maronga bugfixes for spinup mechanism to work with lsm+usm+radiation
(edit) @2718   5 years maronga deleting of deprecated files; headers updated where needed
(edit) @2716   5 years kanani Correction of "Former revisions" section
(edit) @2707   5 years suehring changes documented
(edit) @2706   5 years suehring Bugfixes in radiation and restarts in LSM
(edit) @2705   5 years maronga minor bugfix for restarts
(edit) @2696   5 years kanani Merge of branch palm4u into trunk
(edit) @2608   5 years schwenkel Inital revision of diagnostic_quantities_mod allows unified …
(edit) @2575   5 years maronga bugfix in radiation model and improvements in land surface scheme
(edit) @2573   5 years scharf commit documented
(edit) @2572   5 years scharf bugfixes in lsm_last_actions
(edit) @2548   5 years schwenkel Bugfix for r2547
(edit) @2547   5 years schwenkel extended by cloud_droplets option
(edit) @2532   5 years scharf bugfixes in lsm_data_output_3d
(edit) @2516   5 years suehring document changes
(edit) @2514   5 years suehring Remove tabs from code, causing problems during merging
(edit) @2512   5 years raasch upper bounds of cross section and 3d output changed from nx+1,ny+1 to …
(edit) @2504   5 years maronga lsm now allows for moist soil and roots below paved surfaces
(edit) @2476   5 years maronga bugfix for last commit
(edit) @2475   5 years maronga bugfix in land surface model
(edit) @2354   5 years schwenkel bugfix for lsm data output
(edit) @2340   5 years maronga revision of root fraction calculation in land surface model
(edit) @2333   5 years maronga minor bugfixes in land surface model
(edit) @2332   5 years maronga bugfix for previous revision
(edit) @2328   5 years maronga some improvements in land surface model
(edit) @2307   5 years suehring Bugfix,
(edit) @2299   5 years maronga improvements for spinup mechanism
(edit) @2298   5 years raasch write_binary is of type LOGICAL now, MPI2-related code removed, …
(edit) @2296   5 years maronga added new spinup mechanism for surface/radiation models
(edit) @2282   5 years schwenkel Bugfix check saturation moisture
(edit) @2273   5 years sward error number updated
(edit) @2270   5 years maronga major revisions in land surface model
(edit) @2249   5 years sward last commit documented
(edit) @2248   5 years sward Error messages changed
(edit) @2247   5 years sward last commit documented
(edit) @2246   5 years sward Error number changed
(edit) @2242   5 years maronga revised number of soil layers. added support for RRTMG runs with dry …
(edit) @2237   5 years suehring Bugfixes in Makefile and land_surface_model_mod
(edit) @2233   5 years suehring last commit documented
(edit) @2232   5 years suehring Adjustments according new topography and surface-modelling concept …
(edit) @2150   6 years scharf last commit documented
(edit) @2149   6 years scharf added header documentation for last commit
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